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Swapnote Update Available For North America On Nintendo 3DS

nikki_swapnoteGood news for the US, Nintendo have released an update for the 3DS Swapnote software on the eShop which boasts a host of new features. Unfortunately, Europe will have to wait longer than initially planned as the new update for Swapnote – known as Letter Box in the EU – didn’t arrive in the eShop last week as scheduled. Nintendo have yet to confirm a new release date for Europe.

Meanwhile, here are the new features Utah3DS has listed that you can expect:

  • At first start-up, the app will ask if it can send anonymous data about how you use the application to improve future products. Option to enable or opt out available.
  • You can now use a different color on each page of a message
  • Take photos and record audio while writing, no longer required to import from SD card
  • You can now filter your notes by who sent them, to quickly find a note from a certain sender.
  • Delete multiple notes at once
  • Pressing the ‘B’ button now has an undo/redo function
  • After writing a message, press the ‘A’ button to see how it will be played back
  • A bubble beside each message will indicate how many replies it has received
  • Slide the Circle pad left to slow down writing/drawing animations from notes, or slide the circle pad right to speed up the animation

Thanks, Joseph

33 thoughts on “Swapnote Update Available For North America On Nintendo 3DS”

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  2. I was going to call Nintendo about Swapnote being a fucking bear to maintain, however this update addresses every last one of my complaints.

    This is epic. Thanks Ninty!!!!

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  4. • Slide the Circle pad left to slow down writing/drawing animations from notes, or slide the circle pad right to speed up the animation

    You could already do this in the beginning, lol.

    1. Yeah, that’s an insignificant feature anyway. Being able to sort and organize? (and delete large chunks?)
      That. Is going to be great for those of is msg several friends.

    1. Go to the app listing in the eShop and there will be an option to go to the update page. It’s a really out-of-the-way approach to updates, and it really should be accompanied by advertising at the opening eShop menu. There’s plenty more hours in Thursday, though, so that could change.

      1. As I said above, I go to updates within the eSHOP and see nothing. Maybe they’re rolling it out to not flood the servers?

        1. It could be under the “my downloads” menu rather than the updates. I have found some things that did it that way, instead of the updates.

  5. I hate to say it, but the correct grammar is “Nintendo HAS”, not “Nintendo have”. Although Nintendo is comprised of many employees, it’s treated as a single entity grammatically.

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