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Capcom Lets Slip Ace Attorney 5 3DS Release Date

ace_attorney_5Capcom have allegedly let slip the release date for Ace Attorney 5 according to a sneaky screenshot captured today. The adventure game is said to be released on July 25 for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan, but Capcom have since deleted this from their website.

The original series protagonist Phoenix Wright will return for Ace Attorney 5, where the game will take place, approximately, a year after Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. Accompanying Phoenix is his new assistant Kokone Kizuki, a psychologist turned rookie defense attorney. The adventure game will also feature a new device, aptly named the Heart Scope, which gives Phoenix an ability to gauge people’s emotions. As of yet, a North American release date has yet to be announced (or let slip) in future.

24 thoughts on “Capcom Lets Slip Ace Attorney 5 3DS Release Date”

    1. Capcom is kinda infamous for being cryptic on their western release, so probably by the end of 2013 we should have it in NA

  1. “As of yet, a North American release date has yet to be announced (or let slip) in future.”

    As always, Europe and Australia don’t seem to exist.

    1. if its going to release in NA chances are it will release in Europe, and Europe doesn’t have 1 dominant language so it takes more time because they have to adjust the game for every country and I don’t know why Australia always get the cold shoulder.

      1. The European release is also the Australian release since its the PAL format for both territories. You can pretty much group the two together.

      1. Good one Kewlan. Some people think FPS are the only gaming genre. Reason why I say Microsoft should move over so as only nintendo and Sony remain in the gaming realm. Xbox only has third party multiplats, which will now be found on the Wii U, the essential good ports that is, such as AC4, Watchdogs, Splinter cell, batman Arkham origins, Deux EX AI PC enhanced U edition, Res revelations; calling it now FIFA 14 with Wii U upgrades cause we all know EA now needs help.

        1. As much as I dislike MIcrosoft, if I had to choose between an Xbox 360 and a PS3, I’d pick the 360. If anyone should move over, it’s Sony.

          Anyway, plenty of people with good taste will be interested in this game. I think Phoenix Wright has risen in popularity over the years since its release, and by now it has amassed enough fans that a new game should be a commercial success. Fingers crossed. Also can’t wait for the Professor Layton crossover, that’s even more exciting to me!

  2. What were the two major updates the Wii U is getting this spring then summer? Now as for ace attorney, wonderful game series this one is.

    1. Nothing that will redeem it. Only good games (or a firmware update that enables virtual reality) will do that.

  3. awwww phoenix wright who could forget that tricky sick sob who tricked all of us. hes returning even after not pleading guilty in the other games for all his horrible crimes. now he returns to stalk the judges daughter. maybe he will get her pants off this time or maybe hes going to take her fathers pants off again… oh boy. i remember even after raping the judge at the trial he still managed to trick everybody even the judge in saying that the judge raped him!!!!!! the judge sends himself to life in prison and phoenix gets away….. and now he has the heart scope to see people naked and to tell if there scared happy or even crazy. will phoenix get away yet again. will he get to fuck the judges daughter. find out in this wonderful tale about a lovable typical story…. and his life being a sick twisted demented non human person. can you stamach the adventure, rated e for everyone

            1. Yeah, what you’re doing isn’t even worth calling trolling…it’s just drivel.
              That’s not Ace Attorney and you know it just as much as everyone else does. :P

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  5. Not surprised, since it needs localising and they probably haven’t given got a timeframe for just when this project will be ready for western audiences at this point in time.

    It’s confirmed coming out for the west, and THAT to me is good enough right now!
    I SERIOUSLY love this series…I hope this one continues the excellent standard!

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