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Latest Nintendo 3DS Update Making Games Run Smoother?


Diggeh from the Neogaf forums is reporting that the latest Nintendo 3DS system update is making a number of his existing games run a lot smoother. Diggeh says that Rayman Origins has been transformed from a sluggish game into a very smooth platformer. He has also tested out a number of other Nintendo 3DS games including Ridge Racer and Sonic Generations, both of which he says have been improved. Have you noticed any improvements to the games after downloading the latest system update?

40 thoughts on “Latest Nintendo 3DS Update Making Games Run Smoother?”

    1. Wait, now that I think about it. The Chaos Emeralds levels were a tad bit smoother. Online matches might have also improved, but that could be a matter of how good eachother’s internet connection is.

    1. Monster Hunter on 3ds feels like it’s doing 60FPS. It’s quite impressive.
      I noticed a major bump with Monster Hunter . All of a sudden one day I though ”huh …. why is this game runnins so beatuifully ?”

      maybe the Update has freed up some RAM or something ?

      1. Most likely explanation. On the other hand I hope this doesn’t mess with games that already ran smoothly, as in having stuff load or react before it was supposed to.

      1. The article says Rayman Origins, but the poster on NeoGAF is talking about Rayman 3D, which is the crappy port of Rayman 2 that launched with the 3DS.

  1. I actually did notice, even though I only played about an hour on it while I let my brother have a go at Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

  2. Haven’t noticed. But I did notice the “friend online indicator” is a little different than it used to be, it now looks more like a tab on a web browser than 2 separate images.

  3. I noticed a difference! I downloaded bit trip saga and before the update bit trip runner felt a little slow. Kinda like if i was playing online, but after the update it feels perfect

  4. Never felt Origins 3D ”Sluggish”… I’m Playing it, and don’t see any difference, i’m not really sure.

  5. The framerates have definately improved. Through me for a loop because i thought my vision was getting better. Fire Emblem looks smooth when you zoom in and the text boxes are crisp and transition smoothly. Luigis mansion as well

  6. I haven’t played any games lately, but I have been using colors! 3D and TAT update is awesome. But otherwise, the system update made my3DS really slow. I mean even slower than it used to be which just annoys me. I hope this gets fixed. It still takes about 3 minutes for my camera to load whih just sucks.

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    1. Really? It always ran fine for me… I’ll have to check that out. Did you download it or get a game card?

  8. While I can’t really confirm it, I’ll just say that this is actually true since I’ve noticed this in certain 3DS apps.

    In the StreetPass Mii Plaza, when getting a puzzle piece and fastforwarding it, there’s no more drop in performance. Swapnote is also faster when launching everything, but that’s probably because of the latest update.

    idk why but the snow boss battle in sticker star was really really slow i mean like in slow motion.

    I’ve felt that slow motion too, but it’s not really a framerate drop, lol.

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