Injustice: Gods Among Us Supports Off-TV Gameplay On Wii U


With Injustice: Gods Among Us releasing on Wii U across North America and Europe next week, there’s been some extra tidbits of information about the upcoming fighting game. Developer NetherRealm Studios have incorporated off-TV gameplay, where you can take the fight from the larger screen and into your hands on the Wii U GamePad. Also included is the ability to use an optional quick moves list from the GamePad, allowing a swift and smooth motion that doesn’t disrupt your fight. Are you looking forward to the release?


    1. If I were in your shoes I’d cancel thr ps3 and get it on the wii U. Wii U needs all the sales it can get! Also wii U boxes are nice IMO :D

      1. @David Time…The other day I was looking at video games, and I said the exact same thing. Wii U boxes look better than PS3/Xbox. Xbox game boxes are really ugly to me.

    2. Off tv play is certainly great! Unfortunately, the Wii U version won’t include the preorder bonus (red sun pack). I got a PS3 also, but I’ll get this on Wii U. Wanna support 3rd party content on Wii U.

      1. what do you mean? i pre ordered and they said that i would get the DLC for wiiU

  1. Heh, sounds like a solid fighter, and the quick moves option will be a neat little addition.
    I’m a smash bros guy, myself, though. Most of the traditional fighting games out there have left me bored silly. The only one that didn’t, off-hand, was Soul Calibur.

    1. Eh, I get a kick out of Dissidia once in a while. But yeah, Smash basically ruined fighting games for me (although I’m not complaining about that).

  2. Well well well, I have no idea about how good this game is gonna be, thats a call addition at least something different for the Wii U version

  3. Mortal Kombat was my favorite fighting game this generation besides Brawl, so yeah, I’m interested. A friend of mine (MK-tard) is getting it on PS3, so I’ll play it at his place before deciding to get it or not.

      1. is this 60 fps only exclusive to PC’s and Wii U? Or did they figure out how to make those vastly inferior gpu’s in the PS360 to suddenly perform?

      2. lol. I think all versions will be 60FPS. Resolution and graphical fidelity may vary though .

    1. Timed with the others (April 16). It’s made by the studio that revived Mortal Kombat, so I would give it a chance.

  4. I would get it, but Pandora’s Tower was called my name that day. Does look good though.

    1. same here, getting that game that day too, noa why dont you publish any games? they need to publish more things really with next gen too

  5. The Weak U can’t keep up. NO WAY IN HELL the Weak U can run it at 1080p@60FPS

    1. It will if people buy the game. Mine will be delivered on the 16th. Haven’t played a good fighting game in while so I hope this one is good.

      Anyone know if it will allow online play?

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