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Nintendo Stock Jumps By 11 Percent


After the yen reached a three-year low against the euro, Japanese video game company Nintendo’s stock jumped more than 10 percent. Nintendo depends on Europe for a third of its sales, and due, in part, to the weakening of the yen, the company has seen an 11 percent increase in stock value, which currently stands at 11,850 yen – the biggest gain since 2008.

86 thoughts on “Nintendo Stock Jumps By 11 Percent”

    1. All we do at nintendo is win :).

      1) The Wii U moving units has excited investors confidence, that coupled with the 3DS dominating even iOS when dealing with real games not $0.99 shovelware has stirred Nintendo’s upswing stock.

      2) The Wii U shall have next gen ports plus PC level mechanics mechanical energy last gen ports :).

      1. As Miyamoto continues to say, give it time. Look at the DS. In it’s first year, I’m pretty sure it only managed to sell around 9 million. The following year it sold about 20 million and in it’s third year, it sold about 27 million, I’ve said to almost all of my friends that complain about the lack of support to give it a few months.

        Devs are beginning to realise that they their games will sell on Nintendo consoles for the first time since the SNES/N64, meaning that people are getting more and more involved with the Wii U and 3DS.

      1. Yet when Sony fan boys bring that the PS4 is more powerful than Wii U, then it matters Just another reason to prove how biased Wii U haters are.

    1. Combination of both. Sony’s stock also went up because of the weakening Yen. It’s still more good news for Nintendo.

        1. …..And actually their stock still went up. Right now their market cap is around 16 billion. Around September last year it was as low as 9 billion. The reason for the increase was because of the weakening Japanese Yen.

    2. Both really. People saying Nintendo is done for really hasn’t seen the business side of Nintendo so really the only ones that are doomed is Microsoft.

    3. Its not only because of the yen’s drop because it haven’t dropped of 11%. I suppose that the 3ds ‘s incredible mood and the wiiu’s dark clouds vanishing are responsible.

      1. Lets not be hasty and be sincere. The true date will be in 100,000 years if north korea stop being butthurt over the fact that the south has more money than them.

      2. Idiot. You do know that’s how Emo’s are born ? The ones who say things like what you just said.

        Normal people just accept death as part of the package.

  1. Virus pulled this from his archives on

    PACHTER: “When Yamauchi no longer is a shareholder [and] Iwata is no longer there, maybe, but I’d say they’re gonna keep fumbling around and keep trying to make money in hardware. Don’t think it’s going to work. I’m not particularly optimistic about an investment in Nintendo stock and I am a stock market guy so I’ve been pretty good about stock market investments.
    “If you don’t like that answer, Nintendo fans, deal with it.”

      1. Hm, I would’ve thought PS360 fans loved him…
        I’m glad to be able to show how he’s wrong.
        Once those exclusives start pouring in, the stock should increase even more…

        1. Nah, he’s mostly hated equally. But it’s always fun to hear people hop on his band wagon when he says something dumb about Nintendo.

  2. Everyone on this site is a bunch of fags. I like Nintendo but reading some of your lame ass comments make me wonder if u ever go out or ever get laid. Get off nintendos nutts and let them do what they do, u don’t need to defend them, your word in defending doesn’t do shit to bettter or hinder them.

    1. You heard the Anonymous one! Let’s stop commenting!/s

      You’re on a Nintendo site. Are we not supposed to say anything about good news?
      If you’re bored, take your own advice and go out.

      1. He never said you couldn’t. He said people need to basically stop being such white knights and get a life.

        1. “Everyone on this site is a bunch of fags” Any chance of his comment being resonable died with that remark.

          And what’s wrong with the way people on this site are acting on this article? Nintendo hasnt been doing too good this year, so I think Nintendo fans have every right to be happy at some good news for once, does that mean they don’t have a life?

          1. Well considering a large majority of people on this site are a bunch of perverted losers who think nothing exists bar Nintendo and tell people who aren’t fanboys to die of cancer. Yes, they have no life.

    1. In the month of January when the Wii U had no games releasing due to Ubisoft bumbling and gearbox embezzling aliens colonial marines towards their borderlands; nintendo stock went up twice. When the PS4 was announced and nintendo stock went up again, trolls were bewildered hahahahahahaha.

      1. Just like the Atarians, Segans and all the other forces throughout the many wars, the Xbots and Sony Units will too be defeated…

    2. Why is it easier to find more bad on Wii U but you have to do serious digging to find Nintendo stock increasing and sales too? Nintendo has more haters than Sony and shitbox combined.

  3. This isn’t fabulous news, I imagine almost every single Japanese stock rose, in fact, globally everything rose. It’s all on a scale

    1. Ignoring that in Japan, the Wii U is the best selling console now. Yet if the PS4 WAS the best selling console in Japan, you wouldn’t have said, “This isn’t fabulous news” you would have shouted. But because Nintendo is not Sony, you ignore that the Wii U is finally starting to see increases in sales and Nintendo’s stock is increaseing.

    1. I disagree, I love everything about the PS4 that ive heard so far (Except the way they are handling backwards compatibility), but the Xbox 720 sounds worse and worse with every rumour I hear, but that’s all they are, just rumors, ill wait until the unveil to start judging it. But I doubt any “rumour” would be the reason for Nintendos stock jump.

  4. It’s not just the exchange rate, although that does help.

    Recent game announcements have made the release schedule look just a little bit less barren. There’s been a few more announcements of crossplatform games arriving with exclusive content, although still none of the big titles of the year. Probably most importantly 3rd parties that make family friendly games continue to see Nintendo’s machines as the platform of choice for their target market.

  5. Sony’s stock loss is reported in this link

    to sum it up. Basically if PS4 doesn’t do well then Sony is screwed. To all the people who prise Sony most people who bought the system are not gamers but parents who bought it for there kids. People are assuming they will have 30 plus games in that first year and fly off shelves I think that’s greatly exaggerated. But when those units aren’t moving and Sony is taking a huge loss on every system sold then what?

    1. As I stated earlier, Sony’s market cap has risen overall since last year from 9.77 billion to 16 billion. Basically due to the weakening Japanese Yen. Same reason Nintendo’s stock rose.

      It’s not helping the cause of the Wii U by posting incomplete information about Sony’s money woes. Yeah, they have lost 90 billion in market-cap room since 2000. However Nintendo has lost 70 billion in market-cap room since 2008 (85 billion.) The recession hit companies hard. Because of the success of the Wii and DS Nintendo lost a lot of stock but not a lot of money in the bank. Sony has made bad decisions in every division and doesn’t have a lot of profit coming in. So the PS4 is basically their last grasp and if it is not successful it could be their death rattle.

      It’s not all doom and gloom for Sony either. It has been said that Sony already ate the financial -loss from the PS4 and accounted for that in their fiscal report. So the 2% drop in stock they had after the conference was actually not too bad all things considered.

      Also, the PS4 is going to be on the market for a LOOOOOOOONG time. The PS2 just wrapped up last year. The PS3 will be on the market for at least another 3 years and it is profitable. That will be where most of their profit comes from. The PS4 is more of a long-term investment where as the Wii U is for this generation alone. Nintendo stays true to their console cycle so in years expect to start hearing about the successor to the Wii U which is probably in the planning stages right now.

      Gotta keep things in there proper perspective and post all the facts rather than the ones that fit your opinion. Otherwise it makes you as back as the clowns that come in here and troll Nintendo.

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