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Earthbound Finally Coming To Wii U Virtual Console


Nintendo of America has confirmed that the highly respected Earthbound will be coming to the Wii U Virtual Console sometime this year.

51 thoughts on “Earthbound Finally Coming To Wii U Virtual Console”

  1. And so god answered the prayers of his people and ethernal peace and harmony was restored in Nintendo Land.

    1. Yes, it is legit. I saw the announcement myself and I was like “FUCKYEAH!!”.

      This Nintendo Direct was really good :) Alot of great news.

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  3. Yet more money I will have to spend towards Nintendo… WHY SO MANY GAMES RIGHT NOW!?!?! ihave no money 💋


  5. I wonder how much of the game they had to change in order to get past the copyright issues they were having (or whatever you call the issues)?

  6. This is the one and only game that I plan to download (well, whenever I get a Wii U). I MUST show my support for this game.

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