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Wii U And 3DS Japanese Nintendo Direct Announced


Nintendo president Satoru Iwata will be hosting a Japanese Nintendo Direct which will focus on both the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. The presentation will include a look at the ‘Year of Luigi’ titles and will also include new information on 3DS titles and more information on Wii U titles. Iwata will also provide more information regarding the Wii U System Update scheduled for next week.

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187 thoughts on “Wii U And 3DS Japanese Nintendo Direct Announced”

    1. err… Actually, correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t they say it would be more focused toward the 3DS?

        1. I know, but earlier when they announced the Nintendo Direct, I though they said that it would be a “3DS Direct”. Or does that just mean it will be view-able on the 3DS?

              1. I would be totally fine if they did all 3ds stuff and then at the end, “O yeah. and here’s the release date for Pikmin.”

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    1. I concur. And possibly a release date, If a date is given for Japan, then it would give us an idea for N.America and Europe.

  1. For some reason, I just don’t care anymore. I hope I eventually come out of this “not caring” attitude.

    1. Well aren’t you the pretentious one. Let me fixed that comment for you:

      “Oh I hope I come out being disappointed so that I continue hating Nintendo.”

      Much better, now go sit with the rest of the bile-spewing troglodytes, would you kindly. =)

      1. Hey, he’s got a point. Outside of the January 23rd Nintendo Direct Nintendo has been pretty stingy with Wii U news. It’s been mostly 3DS news and Wii U news about stuff we already know about. The fact that they even mentioned the whole “Year Of Luigi” thing makes me feel it will just be much ado about nothing.

        At this point I’ll just wait until E3.

        1. I’m really disappointed with Nintendo right now, they haven’t released anything that’s interested me since Xenoblade.

          1. thats the only thing in the last 5 years and they hardly even brought it over, really in america, if that game didnt come over, fuck nintendo i would be gone they wont even bring fatal frame.

  2. I loved how earlier in news about Nintendo 3DS NA direct. People were complaining about no WiiU direct. Well there you go cry babies.

  3. Nintedward, N-Dub nation, jtz, Sellers, Nintendo commander are going to be happy. Nintendo! eat your heart out.

          1. Hello Adarazz, no am not. Schizophrenic Sony fans that are busy promoting the vita on a mynintendonews are the weird ones. lol. You know a few of them lol.

    1. Meh to be honest. I bet it’s gunna be some minimal details about Pokemon Rumble U and some Updates. What I want is Wonderfull 101 and Pikmin 3 info and release date blowout.

      I’m looking forward to seeing what Ninty has in store for the western 3DS directs. Hopefully Majoras mask 3D!

      1. Lol. You know you’re desperate when you consider release dates that should have been announced months ago big news.

        1. I aint desperate for anything. I have more than enough Wiiu games. But man , I really WANT Pikmin 3 and Wonderfull 101. I feel they will be the first 2 killer Wiiu games.

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                  1. Yeah it does. He said, “Society does not reject me, I reject society.” That could work: “In Soviet, Russia, you reject society!” Well, I guess it could be better.

            1. That guy was fun to have around, come on. At least he wasn’t a troll, he just made Joke comments that weren’t offensive…

  4. yes precame while reading this if it’s only japan only hope i won’t be let down because i could have safe this nut for my boo tonight

    1. It is world wide Nintendo direct, so i think we also get the wiiu things.i hope it, new games for 3ds i wonder what that will be?

  5. Oh god Japan is getting Pikmin 3 first. And they will be also getting more info for Pikim 3. Lucky Japan. Not luck us:(

  6. 1) Pikmin release date for Japan
    2) Pikmin release date US
    3) Pikmin release date for europe 1 month after the other two regions.

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            1. In all seriousness, I honestly do believe he has some sort of psychiatric issue. I’ve never seen a 39 year old act that childish in all my life.

                1. Aeolus exposed Tony. To be honest, I’m glad he did. I’m sick of the Internet being a hiding place for creeps, perverts and social rejects.

                    1. jellybean and adarazz, you’re both married now or something? each time one makes a comment the other helps and vice versa. What.

              1. Something definitely wrong. He dedicates his life to defendind a piece of plastic and electronic parts. No wonder many people don’t take the video game community seriously.

                  1. All fanboys are awful. It’s really pathetic some people are so dedicated to a certain brand of video games.

                  2. We know about Game FAQs and Microsoft discussions. Doesn’t change the fact N-Dub is dragging the video game communities reputation down.

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    1. Either way I’m excited. I’ll try to watch the one tomorrow and the Japanese one. It’ll be interesting to see what they have to show off about Wii U.

      1. So, do bloggers have to reply to a blog saying that they’ve re blogged something when they have re blogged something? Is that some sort of blogger rule?

        1. but i dont get the point of revealing 3rd party stuff at E3, its a waste of time … we want to see NINTENDOS CONTENT not content that i can get on other systems… nintendo spill out the 3rd party anouncements now.

    2. they have a wii u direct and we dont, oh get ready for some good games that wont be coming to us, seriously nintendo can only go so far of not releasing any of the good games, ps4 will destroy the wii u to dust if they pull this shit again

      1. No!!! The Wii U will have the “definitive version” of all third-party games because of off-screen play!!!

    3. It’s going to be interesting to see what gets revealed tomorrow, even if none of it comes to the states anytime soon.

      BTW, does anyone remember what the next update for the Wii U is supposed to do?

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    8. Although I am aware that this Nintendo Direct will take place in Japan, I am also sure that it will be translated in English afterwards. I really can’t wait to hear what the next Wii U System Update will have in store for us besides the super-improved loading times.

    9. This site is like a story. Everyone’s name is remembered, and everyone keeps track of what everyone has done ever. And yet no retcons. Epic chronology shit right here yo.

    10. I really wish that America got another Wii U Direct. The 3DS is already a powerhouse, I’m sure announcing more games for it can wait another month.
      People here are impatient and cannot wait for E3 for all the major announcements, so maybe a little more stuff, like upcoming third party releases can help stop the complaints, if only for a little bit.

    11. Wait, actually news on WiiU?
      Get outta town.
      I bet it’s jus some shit like “now we have Dokuro Dokura Fun Time coming soon”, and all the fanboys will be like “yo dat game looks siiiick” while all the compitant people are facepalming themselves to death.

      Stop fucking around Nintendo.

    12. Excellent, Almighty Commander Iwata will talk to us about reinforcements and how to increase our fun level…

      I hope there are some new games in there…

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