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Nintendo Germany Lists Wonderful 101 With June 6th Release Date


Nintendo of Germany has listed The Wonderful 101 with a June 6th release date on its official website. Nintendo made no mention of the game, or a release date, during the Nintendo Direct yesterday, so it will be interesting indeed if this is the release date for the highly anticipated Wii U exclusive.

89 thoughts on “Nintendo Germany Lists Wonderful 101 With June 6th Release Date”

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    1. This will be awesome. Hopefully anywhere in June for W101 . It’s a perfect month for it. The perfect warm up for E3. You just know Wonderfull 101 is gunna be a 9/10 . I mean, look at it….

      1. Yeah without a doubt! just watched a boss battle on you tube, looks epic. One of the game I got my wii u for.

    2. Of course it isn’t right. No games come to the Wii U. Even this exclusive will probably end up skipping it.

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  1. I will not be surprised if Nintendo anounce another direct in march to get a few unecesary wiiu anouncements out before e3.

      1. We still should get that Wii U 3rd Party Nintendo Direct. Wont get anymore news from NINTENDO about their games. Besides maybe the W101 release date.

        1. Pitfall near your door

          Oh i was just replying to him because he said if Nintendo does a direct in March but we passed march so i though he meant may as in the Nintendo Direct. :3

    1. They will have a Mild Wiiu direct talking about Release dates , third party games , Updates , Virtual console , And other minor things. But everything big will be saved for E3. We will get things such as Wonderfull 101 Video , release date. Pikmin 3 gameplay , Deus EX gameplay , release date ,Indie game , etc.

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  2. A new metal gear collection has been leaked by the korean rate board and i think this 1 is coming to wiiu.

        1. But that was at the beginning of the Wii U’s life last year when devs were “interested and developing for the Wii U”, so some of those miiverse title leaks could have been canned by now and probably already were… but we will see. I might actually play another metal Gear game if it came back to a Nintendo console. Haven’t played one since the 1st one on the PS1.

          1. So far of the titles leaked 60% have been confirmed and if konami had any problem whit money Nintendo could easily fanancial the development or at least scare them to keep working on it.

      1. 1 korea is not a big of a market to have his own metal gear
        2 this is a collection that includes metal gear 4
        3 others console have already have collections except Nintendo and Microsoft never got metal gear 4 so is logical that it may release for those 2
        4 logical? Damn this internet that word has no meaning here xD.

        1. I like your Logic! The Internet has no logic, but you my good man, have logic in spades! I might play the collection, but MGS4 was a 40 hour cutscene… I’m not gonna trudge through that muck to find some slight elements of gameplay in there. If the collection somes out I’ll buy it, just to show the company that Wii U games can prosper.

      1. There been also a twett by kojima that though he likes sony the games will be multy plat and im sure Nintendo will not be left behind after all the publishers monetary problems where caused by sony and Microsoft consoles. They cant blame Nintendo on that one.

  3. I think they’ll promote it at E3 for a release in August or September.
    Last time we heard about this game was 6 months ago, and it was not featured at last E3. This game needs more publicity before release.

  4. If this turns out to be the real release date then that would be awesome! I gotta go finish paying off my preorder! Can’t wait for this game, I would like to see Platinum make another MadWorld for the Wii U… Now that would be one hell of an announcement!!

  5. Oh dont you be teasing me. If it comes out June 6th…wait a second? Thats like Nintendos E3 day? E3 will be going on cause its from June 5th – June 7th.

  6. Oh yeah, well I bet that this game will release before 2014. . .I’m pretty sure i’ll be right with this guess lol.

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  8. Well, that would make up for Pikmin, I mean…AUGUST WTF. So, it would be: Deus Ex next month, W101 in June, a few Indie games and VC….Its acceptable, but not perfect…I really hope all those E3 games will all come out until 2014, then we could all be VERY happy WiiU owners. But until E3, meh…

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