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Capcom To Cancel Several Overseas Projects As End Of Year Profits Halved


Capcom has announced that it’s set to cancel several undisclosed overseas projects as its end of year profits are said to be half of what investors expected. Capcom has deemed these projects “no longer compatible with the current business strategy.” The company added in a statement, “In view of the sudden and significant changes in the operating environment of the digital contents business, Capcom reviewed its business expansion strategy for the sector and restructured its game development organization.”

49 thoughts on “Capcom To Cancel Several Overseas Projects As End Of Year Profits Halved”

    1. Not likely. they make tons of money off the ace attorney franchise. That one’s here to stay and they did just announce a special edition for it.

    1. Ha yeah ok Re6 sucked Re5 sucked the only good one was the original. games Re4. and the remakes on the game cube’ Re6 was a lett down and ceo even said himself we need to get back to our Roots.

      1. Revelations was a great game! Re5 and 6 both were terrible in my opinion! They were just 3rd person shooters akin to gears of war, nothing that innovative or new brought to the franchise.

      2. i actually really enjoy resident evil 6. once you get used to all of the mechanics in the game like rolling, evading, countering, and quickly turing your herbs into tablets, it’s a blast. they really did make a great game with re6, it’s just people where expecting a scary game, and what they got was an awesome action game.

    1. That’s because monster hunter 3 Ultimate is printing money. Capcom needs to reestablish their dominance by supporting nintendo with their major releases. They should do a cross development plan such as Namco Bandai is doing with nintendo.

    1. Wrong, DD was a huge success for Capcom! They said so themselves a few months after it’s release. LP, RE, DD, MH, and AA are Capcom’s big franchises, you can count on those game’s series continuing. Maybe they will just get back to making their games more fun to play. I’d really like to play LP3 on my Wii U, but doubt that’s gonna happen… unless that’s what the delay was about?? I can dream can’t I?

      1. LP3? I have a feeling then we might get a dragons dogma 2 Ultimate with one added on plus all DLC on Wii U. Remember I was given a glimpse of monster hunter 3 ultimate by a great and good higher power. Wala we have it now playing on not only our Wii Us but 3DSs, with cross region play. Need to meet my European buddies online today. Nintedward and gang, who is gamer hunting with lads?

        1. Lost Planet 3. And it would be great if they released DD2 Ultimate on the Wii U! I loved the first one and would love to dive into the second one via Wii U and Off Screen play!

    1. Or, “not” at it, AGAIN…

      I think they are willingly being fucking retarded, maybe they’re about to go bankrupt, and this is their way of getting in one last troll on all their loyal fans, because fuck us, right?!?

  1. I hope they did not cancel Monster Hunter 4…

    That would be utterly foolish of them considering the success MH3U has in the west right now…

    1. Nintendo commander, with the 3DS selling like it was an Argos sale in autumn of the 1980s, the will localize it and sell big. Who know nintendo might buy Capcom like they have monolith. Would that not cause drones and xbot short circuits ?

      1. Indeed it would…

        I really hope High Command takes over and makes their games exclusive to us only…

        It was very amusingbreading the last part of your statement by the way…

  2. Ah.. “so called” core gamers have failed again. First, Dead Space 3, Hitman, and Tomb Raider sells sucked, now this! Xbox /PS3 fanboy are failing!

  3. At first, the DLC, and cancellation of 4 Mega Man titles so far, you’d think they were completely fucking insane, but no, they just need to cancel ALL THE THINGS!

    Yeah, that’s great for business, dump loads of money into various projects, and then cancel them, there’s all kinds of profit in that!

    I’m just waiting for RARE, to quit making avatar props, and switch places with Capcom, I’d like to see some new Banjo Kazooi games!

    Or, Banjo Kazooi X MegaMan, oh, I can dream…

  4. Ugh I think that Deep Down game for ps4 is getting the axe. From what they showed, looks like this will be one expensive game to develop and without an assured install base and name recognition, this is a very high risk project.

    1. Good point! Also, with Sony’s recent financial troubles, they probably couldn’t afford to publish Deep Down for Capcom!

      1. And people still say Nintendo is in trouble. I think the reason Nintendo is not promoting the console is that they are waiting for the crash and the hit it whit all they got.

  5. Ah, that’s the Capcom we all know, and sometimes tolerate, until they do stupid shit that turns that toleration into annoyance.

  6. oh no… oh nooooo, yeah uuughhh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh, that in rap ton yeah uughh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh… who cares

  7. I’m starting to think that the reason why Capcom screws their fans over with DLC fiascos is to compensate for how much money they waste by cancelling projects.

  8. Capcom really needs to stop doing that, it probably might make the company even worse.. And not as popular during the times when Capcom used to be better.

    I hope one of them isn’t Mega Man Star Force.

  9. I think you guys are jumping the gun and didn’t correctly interpret what the article is saying.
    Capcom To Cancel Several *Overseas* Projects
    I also found another source saying that they want to focus more on in-house development
    This is probably a sign that Capcom wants to stop out sourcing projects and start actually working on games themselves again.
    For me that is good news as they get the job done better when they do it themselves

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