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The Pokémon Company: The New Mewtwo-Like Pokémon Has A “Mysterious Connection” With Mewtwo

The Pokémon Company has revealed that the newly discovered Mewtwo-like Pokémon has a “mysterious connection with the Legendary Mewtwo.” Watch the above video to witness Mewtwo transform into the new Pokémon. The new form will be featured in upcoming Nintendo 3DS-exclusives Pokémon X and Pokémon Y.

58 thoughts on “The Pokémon Company: The New Mewtwo-Like Pokémon Has A “Mysterious Connection” With Mewtwo”

          1. There’s so many other IP’s That Nintendo has that appeal to me. I personally dont find pokemon that interesting. I’m more of a Metroid, Zelda and Starfox kind of guy :)

  1. Aura taken to the next level. I hope they leave Lucario the way he is. Riolu and Lucario are just right, the way they are. Just saying. I wish they could have went in depth with the process of Mewtwo transforming instead of just giving us a flashy aura show. I was hoping Genesect or Team Rocket zapped him with something, or did a mutation of MewTwo.

    1. I hate when people say this as if the creators are bound to this rule… Would they be arrested if they decided to make a legendary evolve… Would god be extra angry?.. There a box that you need toget out of… But I love ya :3

  2. Edit: They deleted the post I was responding to right before I hit the post button. Ninja’d, though it’s good to see the mods on top of the trolls for once.

      1. Eso que dicen es verdad… De mis 3 poke9mon faotoivrs entran Shaymin Umbreon y Manectric shiny.Lo han ocultado tanto que ni se ve.Si el “nuevo” y no digo nueva por la tendencia de Eevee a ser macho.Af1ado algo me1s: podreda evolucionar siendo hembra me1s nivel. Si es ased creare1n su Eevee-contrapartede tipo macho me1s nivel.

    1. It’s like Frieza, or Buu’s final form in Dragonball Z, just ends up as a little dude, but he just annihilates everyone.

    1. No one ever said anything about him evolving yet. I would think that because the games are called X and Y, they would have to do something with Pokemon genetics and chromosomes. So, I don’t necessarily think what this thing is supposed to be, whether if its an evolution or something else. I thought that this new Mewtwo was probably going to be a genetic mutation of the original. But, we really don’t have a lot of info on this Pokemon.

  3. 3DS Smash Bros- This new Mewthing
    Wii U Smash Bros- Mewtwo (with optional Giovanni-Gear color/costume)

    This Mewtwo more loving? I like the halo, hate the purple toe-nubs.

  4. get a grip sony and ms casual fans

    The wind ups I had with my kids with mewtwo they were obsessed with his pooowwwer I would say get lost gigglypuff would hsve him big time sing him to sleep then fall on him gameover no one can face the might of giggly puff he is the daddy my kifs used to froth at the mouth with anger at dads ignorence lol

    I would go on about gigglypuff all day long winding them up sarly the grew up to become piss head chavs and I havenothing to do with them I here they went FULL COUNCIL ESTATE AND HAVE PS3S

    1. Thats really rare to hear… many pokefans dislike this forme and say “FUCK THE NEW GENS!!GEN 1 FTW” or something along those lines.

      1. Yeah, Pokefans get butthurt too easily. I on the otherhand am usually excited to see where the Pokemon company is taking the franchise. We can’t live in the past you know! 💋

        1. 100% agreed. Pokemon Yellow was the first game I’ve ever played, but I’m always excited to see improvements, and new additions to the series.

  5. I’m an absolute genwunner (look it up on urban dictionary, its a thung ;) ) but I not really a fan of formes per say, I like to see new pokemon more than seeing an old pokemon I grew up with but with a new look and a move or two. I am actually very curious as to how it handles in battle because in Red, mewtwo did not have smart A.I in the sense that it was far too easy to defeat.
    I embrace X and Y with open arms flaws and all.
    one more thing, for the lolz, I SWEAR IF FENNEKIN IS A FIRE/FIGHTING I WILL BOMB GAMEFREAK!!!!!!!! (credit to memebase pokememes)

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