EA Announces Date For Its E3 2013 Press Conference


EA has announced via a press release that its E3 2013 press conference will take place on Monday, June 10th. The event will start at 1pm PT and promises plenty of surprises. Ubisoft confirmed earlier this month that its press conference will take place on the same day, but a time has yet to be announced.


  1. I´m going to se the Ubisoft conference, it will be the one that will have some Wii U game suport.

      1. No, I wouldn’t. Don’t put words in my mouth you illiterate fuck. A certain oil company I believe should be given it.

      2. The people who voted for EA were oviously butthurt. I agree, there are for more worse companies then EA like Comcast or Bank of America.

      1. Well that explains why i dont see it i dont care for most of there games.

  2. I can predict. No announcements for Wii U and they’ll announce that Battlefield 4 will contain… wait for it… guns. Oh yeah, and Fifa 14 will be identical to Fifa 13.

      1. Let’s wait until E3 and see how on-the-ball I was. I’m guessing 90-95% accuracy.

    1. They already said that 3D Mario, Mario Kart, and Smash Bros. will all be revealed at e3.

  3. Not interested in the direction EA wants to take gaming. Sure they publish some great games but they are very greedy and are prejudice.

    Purchasing an EA product supports:

    – Day 1 DLC
    – Incomplete games(chopped games)
    – Always online gaming
    – Efforts to remove used game sales
    – Pay to Win gaming
    – Etc

    If you like these ideas or not, you are supporting them by choosing EA.

    EA have sold out now, but they used to be a respectable company!

    1. This and the fact they mostly acquire smaller studios who make a hit game just to kill them off along with their franchises…

  4. EA’s never impres. It’s always about their yearly franchises and their current shooter.
    But it does exite me that E3 is getting closer with each company that announces their schedules :D

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