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Take Two Rumoured To Be Announcing Next-Gen GTA V Next Month


A rumour has begun circulating the internet which suggests that Take Two will be announcing Grand Theft Auto V for next generation consoles next month. The announcement is supposed to be coming during an upcoming investor event on May 16th. Whether this means that a Wii U version of the game will be announced remains to be seen, as the next generation consoles mentioned in the report are presumably the next Xbox and the PlayStation 4.

90 thoughts on “Take Two Rumoured To Be Announcing Next-Gen GTA V Next Month”

        1. i highly doubt they will use gfwl. it’s been a while since i’ve seen a game that uses it. if they’re smart, they’ll add steam workshop support. if they end up releasing it on wii u and pc, and the pc version supports steam workshop, i’ll get both versions.

        1. how about reserving judgement until actually PLAYING the damn game and stop being so close minded, already dead set that it’ll suck.

      1. For you fanboys if it’s not Mario and Zelda is boring and stupid for me always Mario was boring and stupid when i was 8 years old i was preferring Sonic it was much better game than that boring Mario and Sega had so much fun games but Sonic could not washing brains like Mario that’s why now they making only games

    1. I find it funny to read this on a blog based on Nintendo… Nintendo, the home of Super Mario, if you get what I mean.
      Just because you don’t like GTA and fail to see its appeal, doesn’t mean this goes for everyone else too. There are millions of fans of the franchise, after all. And Nintendo will be missing out on oke of the biggest games of 2013 if they miss out on GTA V.
      Your opinion is not a fact, you have to learn that.

      1. There’s millions of COD fans.

        Doesnt mean it never changes or is just ” opinionated”.
        Dumb people will buy dumb shit.
        I’ve playing games since i was born, i play games of all genres, all difficulties, everything, long as its good i’ll play it.
        GTA is not a good game. It’s mindless borefest, in the most boring setting ever, real life.
        It’s unimaginative, it has no depth, and it never changes.
        There is no creativity, or a good story, or even anything interesting to look at.
        The sales of GTA are shameful, that people would spend their money on a boring game that takes no skill to produce, rather than something that has had heart and soul put into it, and the effort to create a game world, that’s unique, and full of interesting characters and locations, with fun gameplay that is always kept fresh and excited.
        GTA is a pile of shit, and is a casual game. Yeah, just like COD and Halo, GTA is a casual game.

        Nuff fucking said, keep your butthurt and lack of knowledge and good taste for video games away.

        1. Eh, I’ve been playing video games since I can remember as well. And the only butthurt person I can see here is you, you seem to be really mad, man. And I have no idea how anything you just said has to do with knowledge in any way either. All I saw when reading your rageful comment was “My opinion is a fact my opinion is a fact my opinion is a fact my opinion is a fact”. You need to calm your tits, mate, you seem insanely mad, which is quite amusing, I must admit. And I can put my taste whereever I want to, especially on a blog where comments are allowed. :)

        2. So you’re pretty much saying anyone who likes a video game series that you don’t like is dumb and people are stupid for buying it.

          GTA, Halo and COD sell well because people like them, just because you don’t doesn’t make anyone who buys them dumb in any way, if you can’t respect anyone elses opinion, don’t expect anyone to respect yours.

          You need to get over yourself. Gamers like you are what give gamers a bad name.

          1. There is ALOT of people here who think just like him, that their opinions are facts and It is annoying as hell.

    2. I’ve been a Nintendo fan all my life, but GTA is the shit! Then again, I’m a pretty hardcore gamer, playing on all consoles and PC.

        1. Well it seems to be the case now a days for Wii U games, we get a more graphically advanced version with better gameplay for some reason

  1. It would be nice for a Nintendo home console to get a GTA game for the first time. We’ll see.

    I don’t think there is much basis for this rumor, but time will tell.

    1. Actually, the Nintendo DS was actually the first system by Nintendo to have a GTA game, remember Grand Theft Auto: China Town Wars?

  2. Whether its at launch or a few months later the Wii U will get GTA5. Personally I don’t care for the GTA games.

  3. I don’t see why they would put it on consoles with 0 install bases when the Wii U will have an OK base when the game comes out.

    1. It’ll still be on the PS3 and 360. I guess maybe because the new systems isn’t backwards compatible it’ll make sense to get the game up and running on the newer consoles.

    2. If that is the case then why are we getting Assassin’s Creed 4, Watch_Dogs, Splinter Cell: Blacklist and so on coming to the Wii U?

        1. EA put FIFA, Mass Effect, Need for Speed, and some other games on the Wii U. They’re supporting it.

          They don’t have to put every single thing on it right away.

      1. That’s mainly because Ubisoft supports all systems, even at launch. (Note: All three of those games you listed are Ubisoft games)

        A lot of other companies are still afraid to take the dive. It’s a little ridiculous, but that’s how it is for now.

        1. I will laugh at those people that not supported the wiiu early cause by the time they realise there mistake it will be too late. First they could have cut earnings to make a wiiu version easily. Ubisoft knows that the 360 and ps3 will sale great so what they need is to lower the income spectation and wala wiiu version paid by xbox360 and ps3 owners.

      1. But you know you secretly agree…

        Also, Wow was it uncomfortable driving around a place with seemingly less life and colour than the mud in MH3.

    1. I played it for about 2 hours then sold it for a $20 loss, just to get that crap out of my sight. Haven’t wanted to see or play another GTA since then and still don’t want to. We gotta draw a moral line somewhere don’t we?

  4. I think it could be coming to Wii U as well as the PS4 but the Xbox 720, since a lot of people are starting to jump ship away from that system less and less developers might shy away from the Xbox 720

  5. It would he nice to have it on a Nintendo home console but i will not hold my breath after all there is already a must have wiiu game i want already.

    1. No, it was never announced that it wasn’t coming to the Wii U…. Thats just a rumor Nintendo haters spread and people like you believe them. 💋

  6. I been interna other sites and even haters jurnalist are saying big wiiu news will come if there sources confirms it.

  7. Damn, I hope this game doesn’t come to the Wii U! The GTA games haven’t been fun since 3. Now that’s just my opinion, so don’t jump down my GTA hatin’ throat all you hooker raping and murdering fans! These games have been progressively more vile since 3. Each new iteration seems to only want to out do the previous versions disgusting nature. They take a disgusting protagonist(and I use this word very loosely when referring to anything related to GTA) and place them in a foul city that is only filled with disgusting and distasteful characters who perpetrate reprehensible behavior… and we put these games on video game machines that are meant for children?!?! Am I the only person that’s not going completely insane here?!?!

  8. Even haters game site are saying that mind changing games are coming to wiiu but they cant said it whit out confirmation first.

    1. Not trying to be an upity ass, but could you tell me which of these sites you would be referring to? I just want to go read the articles or posts that would make you say something like this.

  9. If its coming to the Wii U .. I will have the right to laugh in the face of a lot of retard for the next 3-4 years. Specially some retards here posting here on this website.

  10. I’m sorry to say but this game is not coming to the wii u. as much as I want it to, it’s just no going to happen

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