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Wii U System Update Rumoured For Release On Thursday

wii_u_console_whiteAccording to Emily Rogers the Wii U System Update is rumoured to be releasing this Thursday April 25. Following the update, the virtual console line-up – previously thought to arrive today – is scheduled for release on Friday, along with Miiverse paving the ground on Mobiles and PC sometime this week. The maintenance report will give you some detail as to when and if this update is happening, but it looks like we’ll just have to wait for confirmation from Nintendo.

Thanks, Andys93

40 thoughts on “Wii U System Update Rumoured For Release On Thursday”

  1. thekidnintendowiiman

    I’m gonna go out on a limb and say the uppdate will be out tomorrow, it’s a safe bet in my opinion.

    1. automatic software installs in the background, software updates in the background and when the system is in standby, improved loading times.

    1. I’ve worked out what Makes Miiverse freeze… The strength of your internet connection.

      When I use miiverse whilst connected to Broadband it NEVER freezes. When i use Miiverse connected to my phone (acting as a portable Wifi hotspot) it freezes.

      I can pretty much confirm that slow internet speed causes Miiverse on Wiiu to freeze for some strange reason.
      In game Miiverse integration like In NSMBU does not work when connected to my phone also…

      1. I believe your right. My signal fluxuates because my router is down stairs on the other side of the house. But its still not fair. My laptop doesnt freeze just because the signal goes up and down.

      2. I must disagree. At launch my Wii U froze on Miiverse fairly frequently then the December update fixed that. Then the January miiverse update brought the freezing back. Yet my internet has remained the same. So it cannot be that. Its the OS having a hiccup with part of the Miiverse programming.

      3. I have had the same thing happen in online multiplayer matches and internet browser. I think the Wii U System Software’s network stack is not yet stable enough interruptions in the network signal. Thus, it crashes which causes the entire system to crash with it.

  2. I love how Emily Rogers is such a fake. She picks the most likely dates, and then claims she has “inside sources”. Nintendo schedules most of it’s updates for online content on Thursdays. The fans have more “inside sources” than Rogers does.

    Oooooooh what a prediction!

  3. Noooooooo000000000000ooooooooo0000000000ooooooooo00000000000!!!!!!
    Please don’t come on Friday 11:59 p.m. or the VC on Saturday 11:59 p.m.!!!
    I can’t stand the current loading times now that I’ve seen the update video.

  4. Take her information woth a grain of salt. She doesn’t have an exceptional track record with this kind of information.

  5. can’t wait for miiverse on iphone. i wonder if ill be able to use push notifications whenever i get replys and stuff like that.

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