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The Legend Of Zelda Fan-Made Documentary Takes To Kickstarter

its-dangerous-to-go-alone-take-thisEver wondered if somebody from somewhere would make a documentary about how The Legend of Zelda became the legend in so many people’s hearts? Well, it’s en route to Hyrule and potential victory, but it needs fans of the game to help it along the way, and you can do that on its official Kickstarter page.

The fan documentary aptly titled, ‘It’s Dangerous To Go Alone: The Movie’ is hoping to reach a $50,000 goal before June 1, and will follow a narrative-based story exploring the depth of the games’ influence. To give backers a little incentive, if you pledge between $5 and $5,000 you will receive a generous Hyrule ‘care package’ equal to the amount you’ve donated, getting better and more exclusive the larger the amount given. The filmmakers have already started production for the documentary and are expecting it to have a December release.

30 thoughts on “The Legend Of Zelda Fan-Made Documentary Takes To Kickstarter”

  1. All jokes aside, what countries/cities are you guys from? I want to know what gamers I’m communicating with around the globe.

  2. Hey Emily Rogers on twitter said that the Wii u update is coming this Thursday and virtual console Friday and also mii verse for PC/phones will be out this week!

  3. I’m sorry, but that is a metric fuck-ton of money. I smell someone taking advantage of Nintendo/Zelda fans.

    I love Zelda, but I’ll take my copy of “Hyrule Historia” – which pretty much does a good chunk of the legwork for them.

    I’m not backing this. Someone’s trying to make a buck on Zelda fans, and it pisses me the fuck off.

    I do light-weight filming, and have state-of-the-art video and visual effects software ($1,200) and unless they are planning a trip to New Zealand to film An independant Zelda movie, this is bullshit.

    1. Go buy the hardcover, “Hyrule Hostoria for $30 -$60. It’s a real journey through the epic, without throwing your money away on con-artists.

      I’m sure they will deliver SOMETHING, it may even be nice. But they could do it for half that, minimum.

      Fucking manipulative assholes.
      (I can’t call them “thieves,” as they ade not forcing people to throw their money at them)

      1. It’s just the next Anita Sarkeesian asking for unneeded money to spend on shady stuff.
        Many have made documentaries and retrospectives on this and many other series without asking for any money. Technically speaking anyone with an internet connection can make a very good and complete documentary on this, unless they’re planning to go all hollywood with interviews and whatshit, which is unnecessary anyway.
        I’m even feeling motivated to do an underground version of this documentary and see how different it really turns out, I bet that other than lacking shiny bullshit effects it would pretty much cover the same information.

  4. This sounds like the most pointless project ever. Zelda fans would watch this. And they already know everything Zelda if they are fans.

    1. Kinda smells of another Anita Sarkeesian.
      Why do they need money when everything you need to understand this series is on the net?
      Videos, let’s plays, wikis, text files, if you know how to research you don’t need anything more than a computer, a mic and perhaps a camera (If you want to appear as a host or something) to make this kind of projects.

  5. Tip for those playing the browser game: If you click enter you are launched into a boss battle. Whatever you do, DON’T defeat the boss! It breaks the game, and you have to restart the page which means you lose all your progress.

    1. Just finished the site game. Had fun, despite that game-breaking bug.

      Looking at the first clip from this film, I actually would have preferred a Symphony of the Goddesses Tour documentary. Since the current goal is “capture everyone’s Zelda memories and their fan output,” it’s a much broader goal that wouldn’t accumulate the kind of funding a more focused tour documentary would. I’d love to see a combination of rehearsals, live performance segments and the reactions from different audiences across the USA. They could even take a moment to highlight a few cosplayers.

  6. Hey guys! Thanks for sounding off on the project. I know there are a lot of questions about the budget, and rightfully so. As a generally cynical person myself, I’d be skeptical too. The budget is almost 100% a travel budget. This film will not be a fan service collection of YouTube clips, but face to face, one on one interviews with and profiles of relevant people, such as the guys at Rainfall, who did that awesome IGN April Fools Zelda trailer a few years back, the programmers who started Zelda Classic, the creators of Symphony of the Goddesses…etc. It is intended to be a very personal project capturing some unique perspectives from people whose entire art or livelihoods have resulted from the game franchise. It is not a talking head info dump spouting generalities about things that anyone can find online, but instead a deeper look into these things, their impetus, and a commentary on the franchises influence through what I hope is an entertaining narrative that will weave it all together.

    That being said – travel costs alone for just me and a DSLR are considerable enough, not to mention, I either have to bring crew with me or hire crew at all of these various locations. In most cases, I need to rent equipment while in these locations, as it’s difficult to board multiple cameras, lenses, laptop, hard drives, lighting kit, and sound gear.

    Add to that the cost of fulfillment of kickstarter rewards (and general distribution considerations…DVDs, Blu-Ray discs, etc), the fact that I will be attempting a limited theatrical release of the project if the budget allows and there is an interest for it, cost associated with promotion for the project…you get the idea. The money, as ambitious as it seems on the surface, dissipates quickly. Anyone who has ever worked on a film will attest to it. Chances are even if I reach that goal, I’ll be spending my own money on the project as well to see it finished. Everything shot so far (as evidenced by the trailer) came out of my own pocket…but the well has run dry.

    That being said, I absolutely understand everyone’s cynicism and truly appreciate the feedback, as my goal is to make the best film I can within my means. I encourage those of you who are skeptical to contact me, and your input is much more valuable to me than the rabid fanboys. It will really help me make something that IS a great tribute, and NOT just fan service. So please, anyone who has reservations, let me know!

    As for the website – it truly was meant to be a novelty (and a way of gauging the response for something that will be coming later), but people are getting very into it and quickly. More so than we anticipated. We are working on the bugs for the next update, which will be a whole different quest with different information about the film, etc. We are also taking things into account we didn’t consider (key mapping, as different country’s keyboards are layed out differently, for instance). The “Enter” bug is shameful! I apologize to anyone who experienced it and it WILL be fixed for the next release (about a week and a half away).

    Again, thanks so much for taking the time to chime in on this project…whether you fully support it, are skeptical about it, or militantly hate the idea…the fact that you had a reaction is inspiring, and I look forward to hearing from you!

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