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Miyamoto Spotted At The Louvre


Legendary video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto was spotted by a Reddit user snapping photos at The Louvre museum in Paris, France. Nintendo has previously said that they are working with The Louvre and are providing them with Nintendo 3DS systems that will house an exclusive audio guide.

64 thoughts on “Miyamoto Spotted At The Louvre”


        1. It looks so horrible,can I provide you a custom theme,with an actual logo and game characters?

          On topic: This is why when I’m rich I’ll keep it to a minimum ammount,I hate public attention everywhere.

        1. You guys are whining that the site had changed “themes”.

          You do know that it’s human nature to complain about when stuff changes (like this site’s theme).

  1. ☠Nintendo is Dead!☠

    Shitty camera and shitty MP3 player. The audio quality is horrible. Goddamn cheap bastards.

      1. beemothelittleboy

        Well your missing out on a lot, free apps on play store, on restriction on wat you watch, more feature, better screen, I could go on forever, android blows apple away, in matter of fact I’m on HTC one xl rite now

          1. Crap game by crap company. Apple is for the old, and the dumb. There’s always better alternatives, stubborn people just find reasons to stick with Apple. Old people like it because it makes them feel young, and it’s dumb downed enough for them to use it. Stupid people like it because….well, read your last comment.

  2. ☠Nintendo is Dead!☠

    Miyamoto can afford to buy state of the art cameras with a shitload of mega pixels lol goddamn miyamoto is one cheap bastard.

    1. Its about taking 3D pictures. While I have a high quality Camera that I spent like $500 on plus fancy lenses I enjoy talking pics with my 3DS there not bad quality the 3D makes up for it.

  3. in recent news

  4. i want the new 3DS to to be costermiserble so i can change the system color back ground so i can have group chat with my friend so i can have a decent messaging system and a great audio player!!!! but nnnoooo!!!! nintendo will never do this!!!!

    1. Well instead of bitching about it in forums, why not send Nintendo a message to their Twitter, Facebook, and get their attention and ask them to implement a color scheme, I’m sure they would listen, as it seems their PR dept is the best on in the gaming world right now, they listen to their customers, so over any other game company you have the best chance of getting in touch with Nintendo.

      1. hey Nintendo my name is angel regarding to the nintendo system and the wii U console i would love you the team to put a color sheame on the system os americans love to change the color of there in software in the home menu and it can go right were the brightness is at in the nintendo 3DS software if i have form a team to make this happen i will as me as a lonley consumer would love this to happen i would allso love group chat if possible ad many of my friends cant cummnicate with me i know the company is going through financial issues but this were possible you can target the cusaul audience thank you, your truly angel rabell.

  5. That’s cool how they have an audio guide set up, and I would totally pay $19.99 for an exclusive Louvre museum 3DS guide to be able to use at home.

  6. FLASH FLASH FLASH! Finally, the paparazzi has spotted the earths biggest celebrity!
    And btw, he is not taking picture with 3ds for private use, he is probably working.
    And I like the new design, Sickr, but the last one was little better though.

  7. Gee, the people treat him like some rockstar i mean who cares if they saw him at the louvre.. Shigeru is a very important and wise life icon but he is no rockstar.

  8. A guy like Miyamoto takes a picture of a piece of art with the 3ds camera in 3d because it will inspire him with ideas for it. It’s half private and half professional use. He’s a genius to be fair, there’s always ideas floating around in his head.

  9. Reading the pointless, hateful comments here actually made me feel dumber.
    You people are really stupid… Please, remove yourselves from the genepool.

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  11. The camera is a piece of shit. I cant believe Miyamoto takes it around for pictures. The next gen DS better be high end ( good camera) or else Im abandoning nintendo forever.

  12. 3DS is not a phone.You already have a smart phone,so why complain.The camera is meant for games and chats,not to take pictures,but without an app it’s like,wtf!

    The sound app is just a stupid tool.

    The better the camera the more money you have to pay,that’s unnecessary for games.

    I have it to play games,why the fuck would you want multimedia apps when you already have a phone in your other pocket?

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