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Analyst: Nintendo Bailing On E3 Press Conference Because It Can’t Compete With Microsoft & Sony


Games Industry International has gathered together a group of industry analysts to find out whether Nintendo is making the right call by not participating in a press conference at this year’s E3 event in June. Industry analyst Brendan Sinclair says that the company isn’t having a press event this year simply because it knows it can’t compete against the next Xbox from Microsoft and the PlayStation 4 from Sony. Here’s Sinclair’s thoughts.

“Yes, Nintendo bailing on the Big Three press conferences is an admission that the company doesn’t have faith in its ability to go toe-to-toe with Sony and Microsoft’s new system unveilings. But that’s just being realistic at a time when Nintendo can ill-afford to blow money for the sake of keeping up appearances. But I think the more interesting thing this move tells us is not how Nintendo feels about its own efforts, but how it feels about the relevance of the gaming media in general, and E3 in specific.

“By putting its announcements into a series of Nintendo Direct videos, Nintendo has realized that its fans want big, eventful news, but they don’t actually need a big event to deliver it. All they need is a pre-recorded streaming video of announcements and a countdown clock. If Nintendo can provide that, gamers will show up in droves, because it delivers on the things they value (excitement, immediacy, and actual news, in that order) while eliminating things they don’t value (an expensive venue, the uncertainty of a live event, and the media’s function as a filter of information).

“As for E3, it’s clear the show doesn’t work for everyone; it’s just too big, too busy, and too expensive. The industry tried adapting to those realities in 2007 when it had a radically downsized E3 in Santa Monica. The show received a mixed reaction from attendees and publishers alike, and was returned to the cavernous Los Angeles Convention Center the following year. But the gaming industry was still growing in 2007, just a year ahead of its all-time peak. If the Santa Monica experiment were held this year, it’s hard to picture the same support for moving the show back to essentially the format that everybody complained about in the first place. It’s doubly unlikely once you consider the products E3 was designed to promote–packaged retail games–are no longer the focus of the industry. Times are tough, and companies are increasingly pragmatic when it comes to expenses of any kind.

“Nintendo’s move is simply an acknowledgement of this, and an attempt to optimize its limited resources, putting them where they will do the most good for business, not image. It’s an approach you can expect plenty of other companies to follow, which should be more concerning for the gaming media and E3 as a whole than it is for Nintendo.”

161 thoughts on “Analyst: Nintendo Bailing On E3 Press Conference Because It Can’t Compete With Microsoft & Sony”

        1. You make a good point, but I still don’t find this as a viable excuse for Nintendo. They need to blow us off our feet with software so astonishing that any distortion by the media is irrelevant; like they used to.

        1. IKR ? This guy just made this up. Nintendo is trying to shake things up and do things differently. Not because they’re ”scared” or no they can’t compete that’s fucking proposterous and simply untrue.

          ”Nintendo can’t compete with Sony , Except the 3DS is fucking thrashing the Vita , the DS blitzed the PSP and the Wii outsold the PS3.” lol jog the fuck on anal-yst.

          1. Did you guys read the whole thing? The argument makes a lot of sense. It doesn’t say Nintendo is scared, but that it knows it’s wise to avoid going head-on with two console reveals.

            1. Seriously…people on here just post comments based on the headline alone, when the headlines themselves are very misleading in their connotation. Mob mentality is hilarious.

              1. He still does say that he thinks. They know they can’t compete ps and Xbox. Which quite frankly it’s just bs.
                He then goes on andbeliev ooupoints about Nintendo direct

              2. SherlockWillFightBilbo

                Yeah, this argument was completely logical. After actually reading it I looked up at the title and, while it is true, it’s misleading.

                Of course Nintendo can’t compete with the new Xbox and PS4. Because everyone in their right mind will want to see two new consoles unveiled more than some games already announced.

                So yes, Nintendo can’t compete with that xD

                1. at the end is the fucking same, HE SAID nintendo feel that they cannot compete, but then he contradicts himself so… don’t blame the headline

                  1. If you read the article, it clearly states the Game Industry isnt in the best shape compared to before. Nintendo isnt scared, can do more than compete… its winning. They are just innovative, realizing wait as minute… “We can do more and reach more people, while looking al Super starish” lol… b doing Directs and smaller venue events. This is a very smart thing to do being that Americans especially on the ceo-dev side of things Nintendo was being disrespected and undercut in the hopes of forcing their compliance… in what you say? Several. EA is obvious, other companies as well just ridin the wave to save their own asses. Nintendo is formulating a Samurai Sneak attack the others will NO DOUBT copy also just as everything else innovative from N gets mirrored shamelessly. Nintendo is regrouping, new Headquarters merged with both Handheld Devz and WIIU Devz… all in one house doing theyre own press/videos/commercials/events ETC. They are out for blood now. This is NO retraction… this is a straight War strategy lol… awesome.

                    1. Tell them, man! I agree with this. Analysts and journalists are retarded: they only expect one model of marketing and business. Stupid people…in the end Nintendo wins, assholes

                    2. @Macarony64..Thank you! The title of the article is somewhat misleading. While the analyst does say that, he also says a lot of other stuff that indicates Nintendo is making the right choice. He sounds very optimistic about their decision, and me too!

                      1. Lol and Nintendo saying thats is not going to make a big press conference is making people talk about the console . For me talking good or bad about something in the media is good marketing.

                    3. Allot of Big companies Don’t Do E3, Blizzard and Arenanet being a few of them. With Live Streaming and Social Media, E3 really doesn’t have the use it had years ago.

                    4. Load of crap, besides Nintendo have already announced tonnes of new stuff through the Directs so I guess it makes sense that they won’t have a full major presentation, and just a smaller one. Saves time and money and the Directs will still continue so we’ll get new info regularly.

                    5. Everyone: read the whole article before commenting, it actually makes sense. It is not an attack on Nintendo, but rather an analysis of the whole industry.

                      1. It wasn’t doom or gloom.

                        And you’re right, it won’t really affect Nintendo, in fact, that’s what the analyst said in his comment. He said that they made the right choice which others are likely soon to follow.

                      2. Well it is true. Yes, they’d obviously show Wii U GAMES,, but system unveilings will always trump games. The press will eat up PS4/XBox system news a lot faster than they will of Smash 4 and Mario U. Nintendo’s playing it smart. Separate themselves from E3 and remain in a relatively positive light than go toe-to-toe with Microsoft and Sony who just by showing the systems themselves will “win” E3. This is just smart business.

                        1. Pitfall near your door

                          Yeah i agree, Sony and MS would get more attention because they will show their consoles while Nintendo Will makes directs and showing only software titles separately and even letting people test it out. Nintendo may be “bailing out” to some people but its smart for them not to get involved with Sony and MS.

                        2. The only thing Sony’s got left to show is the looks and price point of the PS4 alongside its games.
                          Nintendo could easily compete with that with their line-up.
                          Microsoft is a different matter, though.

                          1. Yeah, Microsoft’s gonna be in full marketing mode in E3 just to convince people it’s not as bad as the rumors say it is.

                          2. That’s actually funny thinking about it. Analysts and journalists in the crowds will go crazy on the Ps4 n new Xbox. Meanwhile gamers will hush over the new Super Smash Bros. And Zelda and such will go nuts online .

                          3. But the Xbox 720 reveal is May 21st so Microsoft wont be revealing it at E3. And the PS4 has already been revealed…well the controller anyway. Microsoft’s E3 will be almost all Multiplats for the 360 and 720.

                            1. There’s still so much about the PS4 to be seen. Price, date, launch list, bundles, different models, etc. The PlayStation meeting in February did literally nothing but confirm the PS4’s existence.

                          4. The title should be changed, because most of what the analyst said wasn’t anything to do with Nintendo being unable to compete. The majority of what this article says is that Nintendo doesn’t need E3, which is completely true. E3 is no where near as important as it was, even 3-4 years ago. Nintendo Direct does what E3 used to do for Nintendo, but with less content and a higher frequency.

                              1. Stupidest thing I have read , nintendo already won? HAHAHAHAHAHA get real … Nintendo is becoming more irrelevant every year.

                              2. The second paragraph contradicts the first. Is Nintendo doom or not? We will know no later than in 2016 no earlier than that.

                              3. And once again My Nintendo News blows everything out of proportion in the headlines.
                                What this man says is completely true. Using a big E3 conference for games and games alone is great, but it’ll be overlooked in favor of the launch of a brand new console, and that is a fact. Nintendo could definitely be spending money in better departments, like marketing and, well, developing games. Nintendo Directs are a great way to do this, they cost less and they appeal much more to fans than analysts and journalists, who they will meet in private at the convention now. It’s a perfect strategy.

                                1. why?, he really said that nintendo feel that they can’t compete to MS and Sony, then he contradicts himself

                                  1. I think the part that says that Nintendo cant compete whit them is refering that consoles anouncement has a bigger impact that just games, so Nintendo are going to force jurnalist to watch and play his game and do there has supposed instead of bashing the winner in the most pretty.

                                    1. he started saying that nintendo can’t compete, then he admits that this way is maybe the best way to proceed, because E3 is losing focus and stuff.. sooo why say nintendo can’t compete? when in reality, he’s being the first in making the things different

                                      1. The press will focus more on stuff like the new Xbox’s specs and the PS4’s launch library than details on Super Smash Bros. and the like. That’s why Nintendo’s press conference will be overlooked. They can do it if they want to, but it’ll be a waste of time and money because nobody will care as much as they do for new hardware.

                                        1. so, it is the best way to proceed right? then is not bailing out because Nintendo CAN’T compete, or will be overlooked, it’s just the best way to proceed, Nintendo didn’t give up the E3 because of lack of stuff to show

                                          1. Yes, it’s the best move to do that way they can remain in a relatively positive light by showing off games in booths than doing a show that’ll just be lacking in big news-worthy info like Sony’s and Microsoft’s conferences.
                                            That’s why not doing a giant conference is the best move. Geddit?

                                            1. im not talkiing about nintendo MAN, fucking get it!!, im talking about his first paragraph of nintendo “BAILING OUT” THEY ARENT BAILING OUT!, this guy jus said that to make people look at its “analisis” haha

                                          2. So when Nintendo has the same old formula for one thing, people laugh and ridicule them.

                                            When they ACTUALLY attempt something different or break tradition by devising a new strategy, they get blasphemed like so?

                                            Once again, Nintendo has been given a double-edged sword. If it’s not analyst and doom-and-gloom festering users claiming they can’t change, it’s them claiming they can’t try something new.

                                            Be thankful they’re still even APPEARING at E3…


                                            …but I guess some people did not get the whole memo.

                                            1. Did you even read the article? Everything he says is completely true. Using E3 for game announcements is great, but it’ll be overlooked in favor of console launches. That’s a fact. He even said this is smart business.

                                              1. EXACTLY, what’s the point in saying that nintendo is bailing out because it cannot compete to MS and Sony, and then saying, that it’s the best way to proceed?, its just idiotic,

                                                1. No, it’s smart. Wasting resources on details on games everybody knows about is just that, a waste. Nintendo Directs are cheaper, easier to do and a better way of giving news. They can’t compete with MS and Sony at E3 this year because console news > game news. Simple as that.

                                                  1. YEEEEEEEESSSS, but this guy with his first statement, it gives the impression that nintendo chicken out or something… they don’t, there better ways to express his points, that i agree with them, but his first paragraph of doom and gloom just to capture the attention of the media sucks, he could easliy say: Nintendo is not bailing out E3, they are only making a different approach.. BUT NO, he said, they are bailing out because they can’t compete, and that’s BS

                                                      1. HAHAHAHA, c’mon! NINTENDO CAN’T COMPETE THATS WHY THEY ARE BAILING OUT, it’s jus BAIT, so people will heard what he has to say…. so at the end is DOOM AND GLOOM so people would pay attention, Its bad journalism or analysis… and no im not butthurt because he’s right, he just used the classic stuff of doom and gloom to people to pay attention

                                                    1. I can’t disagree. Microsoft and Sony owns E3 this year, their both ready to show off next-gen stuff, and that’s definitely more exciting than things we already know we want and is coming up like Mario Kart, SSB, a new Mario 3D heck even if they unveiled a new F-Zero, Star Fox or Metroid we would still know what they would be like ’cause we know the general theme of those franchises. Right now Nintendo has to be smart, and as it says they can’t afford to just blow money away <— that's what i believe. I think if Nintendo wanted to, they could give us a fun and exciting show, but it wouldn't really be necessary, and i think the PS4 and Xbox 720 would still get more attention.

                                                      1. Well, all I know is that Xbox will have DRM and Ps4 will have a crappy social integration which will cost 599 US Dollars … what youre saying is true, its not because we already know about it, its because hardware stuff gets more attention …..

                                                      2. The last quote was the most true. It makes me mad when people say they can’t compete with Sony and Microsoft… Are you kidding me? Why would they want to compete in that game. Nintendo will never make games and systems for one type of person like the others do, and admittedly I see MS doing this a lot more than Sony recently. I believe that as our world and our ideals are changing, people will quit putting up with companies like Microsoft, who are tactless in getting they’re message across.

                                                        Anyway, gaming analysts are seriously misinformed these days. Mostly just old American dudes who don’t think that Japan’s HUGE support for Nintendo means nothing. They can’t see outside their own little world. I hate it when people see Americans behaving like that, because then they consider that to be the stereotypical American… and it’s kinda hard to argue against that sometimes…

                                                        1. Nintendo doesn’t belong at E3… They appeal to an entirely different demographic. The games speak for themselves. They are being smart about advertising as well to prevent consumer fatigue they are not saturating the market with hype. As the Nintendo EAD starts pumping out the hits the $ony and Micro$oft fans will hear through word of mouth. Just like how Monster Hinter is selling consoles and the only promo I’ve seen for that was through Nintendo’s own channels.

                                                      3. Really? Nintendo can’t compete? Nintendo can make the same stupid thing that happens with COD and those games, they could (if they want) make 6 legend of zelda games and f**k everyone else, they could make more F zero games, star fox games and all of those, but they want to bring longevity to gaming industry and make gamers buy different kinds of games and enjoy them.

                                                      4. Would you idiots kindly read the article, not the headline only. This isn’t some attack on Nintendo, they are just analyzing what is happening, and making fair assumptions, It doesn’t mean its what is really happening, but a lot of the points really do make sense and I agree with most of this article. Again, this article isn’t an article made to attack nintendo, but just a fair observation on what is behind Nintendo’s shift in strategies. I agree that what they are doing is smart, because most of the hype at E3 will be focused on the next xbox and the ps4. Unless the next xbox requires internet connection(dear god PLEASE DON’T MAKE I HAPPEN!!!!) To play games, then it’ll be all about ps4

                                                      5. I completely agree. Nintendo has proven time and again that thinking outside the box pays off. There will always be a huge fan base that does not care how they get their announcements so long as they get them. This no show at E3 announcement has already garnered a lot of attention which should cause concern for E3, not Nintendo. If Nintendo is once again paving the way, the future may be what they are doing.

                                                      6. nintendo is being smart, retard analyst. why waste money when obviously all the attention will go to nextbox and ps4.

                                                      7. Agree with what it said. Nintendo do not need to blow that much money into E3 to deliver, opting instead for the cheaper and almost equally effective Nintendo Direct; if MS and Sony want to spend their money in something that to be honest do not leave that much of a revenue, that is fine for me; but I will be glad if Nintendo put that saved money into making some efficient commercial for the Wii U.

                                                      8. What is there to compete with, really? As soon as I got a good gaming computer, I haven’t once touched anything ps3 or xbox. Nintendo (and pc) is the way to go.

                                                      9. I think he’s right. Think about it. E3 will basically be a war zone of the PS4 and NextBox. No one except the big fans will be paying any real attention to Nintendo. I think it’s smart that they basically moved to the sidelines while Sony and Microsoft fight to the death. Can’t wait for the first of these Nintendo Directs.

                                                        1. And that is why this E3 will be something worth seeing, wich one will blow it harder? Microsoft with his rumored “online only” and 500 USD Next box or Sony with his “not backward compatibility” but “social friendly” PS4?

                                                        2. But that’s just natural. Think back to 2011 and 2012, it was all WiiU.
                                                          New consoles are always going to make more noise.

                                                      10. I think it’s a good call. Nintendo doesn’t need to get out there to the herd of nerds which actually follow E3. They need to get in touch with the ordinary people that haven’t realized Wii U is next gen! The nerds will come when the games come (and when they afford it).

                                                      11. With Nintendo Directs, they do not have to be there. Some competition is fun, but it is best to just do your own thing and not try to be better than someone else, because you can’t. We are all different.

                                                      12. Maybe its because they have no games to show. Maybe a mario game. But zelda brawl and mario or mario kart wont be out this year. Epic Fail.

                                                        1. with rumours of mario kart coming this FALL, i doubt it, maybe they even show Pictures of the new Zelda ;)

                                                          1. i said probably mario or mario kart this year but even that may not happen. zelda and brawl are definitely not out this year. how can a console survive with no games?

                                                              1. ask them what? do they have games? yea way more than wii u thats for sure. whats coming on wii u this year? wonderful 101 and wario? thats it? 3ds will fail but at least that has games. also ps4 will fail but not as bad as wii u at least ps4 will have 3rd party. all licensed consoles will fail licensing is just a scam now, in the early days it was ok to license cuz no one had computers. i literally have hundreds of thousands of games i can play for free on pc or android

                                                                1. Lmao xD

                                                                  “Bailing”. They aren’t even bailing.
                                                                  They just aren’t doing a big 45-60 minute conference.

                                                                  This is my predicition of how it’s going to go down.
                                                                  1-2 week prior, Nintendo will do a big Nintendo Direct, one for Japan, America, and Europe, show a bunch of games, and info specific for that region.
                                                                  Then, at E3, just as they’ve said, they have a small closed door business meeting with distributors and press, you know, the stuff we don’t want to see anyway, and have journalist an early access to their show floor to do coverge and hands on videos with the games.

                                                                  EXACTLY LIKE EVERY OTHER E3!

                                                                  And can we all just face the facts, that:
                                                                  1. E3 conferences are BORING. 10-15 minutes is generally stuff we want to see. I mean, Ubisoft “won” last year….Ubisoft.
                                                                  2. What exactly do Nintendo have 45-60 minutes to talk about? Just games, maybe an update.
                                                                  3. And to quote, “they can’t compete”, assuming you mean in terms of what’s going to course the most buzz, because in a business sense, THEY AREN’T DIRECTLY COMPETING, but in terms of popularity, what he’s saying is 2 new consoles are going to be more popular and interesting that some games.
                                                                  NO FUCKING SHIT, SHERLOCK.
                                                                  Even if Nintendo did do a conference it would be the same.
                                                                  4. How many people does the internet think watch E3? How many people can take a few hours ou of their day, to sit a watch a live stream of a conference. Sure, a lot, but not many. Most people get their info from gaming sites, such as this.
                                                                  I haven’t watched the last 2 directs because this site just told me everything. That’s how it works now.

                                                                  E3 is exciting because loads of news happens, not because it’s E3, and the conferences (refer to MS past years, yeaaah, Usher and Kinect).

                                                                  Frankly, the only thing we’ll loose is a few memes of Reggie.

                                                                2. what happen to 3ds cant compete with vita? bs in the end

                                                                  people nintendo IS NOT Bailing E3 read the previous my nintendo news articles.

                                                                  1. they are gonna do a presentation as always, but it will be more like a Nintendo Direct rather than the usual press conference

                                                                3. There not going to do it. It’s a waste of money to and Nintendo has nothing to show off but games so that’s why. But there should be more Nintendo direct coming when E3 hits. But it doesn’t matter to me Nintendo will make it!(=

                                                                4. I knew analysts and haters would fap to this when Nintendo announced their decision.
                                                                  Nintendo will continue what they were doing #DealWithIt
                                                                  See what I did there?

                                                                5. 2 word: Nintendo Direct.
                                                                  Who needs a big even when having monthly announcements that have the same or greater impact on the news/receptions?

                                                                    1. ofc the E3 is awesome, but I find Nintendo Direct more enjoyable, exciting and creative than the E3(Luigi’s multiplications with Iwata is priceless)

                                                                  1. Almost fell for the flame bait. Read the articles, guys. Not just the title. This guy is actually pretty right in Nintendo’s choice of not needing E3.

                                                                  2. This probably won’t happen, but I feel it would be smart for nintendo to show off Super Smash at E3, and then release it the following month. Within this month, they should release another DOJO site, and give huge updates each day. That would create a crazy amount of buzz, and would allow me to dig into the game hardcore since it’s the summer.

                                                                  3. Yeah. . . .No.
                                                                    It’s just them being negatively BIASED against Nintendo as usual, nothing new.
                                                                    I can’t remember the last time I read a Negative article about Sony & Microsoft
                                                                    (well, except maybe the ‘Always online thing’, but people were quick to say:”oh, it won’t happen. Our beloved Microsoft won’t do anything That Stupid.”)
                                                                    Regardless, whether it’s hate or love, Everyone is always talking about the Big man Nintendo. :3

                                                                  4. Playable Xenoblades 2 with multiplayer would pretty much win E3 for me. Any thing else is frosting on the cake. Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, Pikmin 3, Retro Studios…just need to show up.

                                                                  5. That is a fanboy analyst, not an analyst…. but an agent analyst.. lol… Nintendo always blow the waters out of 360 and ps3 with Wii… so thats not the reason

                                                                    1. since 3ds and wii u flopped not to mention they lost 30 mil in a lawsuit for stealing intellectual property

                                                                      1. 30 mil is a drop in the bucket to the 518 billion they have in reserves! Even Pachter said that if they just went software and made everything at a loss they could still be in business until 2047, or some date near that! So no that lawsuit didn’t damage them at all!

                                                                          1. Your right I did, but there reserves are in the billions in US$ as well. Not that high in the Billions, but high nonetheless. And 30 Mil is their cost in toilet paper yearly for Nintendo in Japan and NOA… The point being that this small amount is not going to break Nintendo any time soon.

                                                                        1. Nintendo doesn’t compete with Sony and Microsoft they try to compete with Nintendo. 2nd both the PS4 and Xbox 720 will have been revealed before E3 anyway. E3 is dieing. Its becoming less and less what it used to be for years now not just for Nintendo but for everyone.

                                                                        2. It should have said Nintendo “won’t compete” with the others, because they have their own type of market and aren’t in the same class as the others. Not better not worse just not the same. Sony and M$ are staying very traditional in their approaches to this new gen and Nintendo is moving in a totally different direction than just graphical prowess, which these two are gearing everything toward. So it’s ok with me I know we will get good news, but they won’t have the type of presence as the others and that’s ok.

                                                                        3. That’s what Nintendo Direct is for and Nintendo doesn’t need to be there anymore. Besides, I’m only looking forward to Sony and Sega at this year’s E3 anyway.

                                                                          1. Industry analysts?! What a load of tosh!
                                                                            All Nintendo have to do now is focus on software and games, the best way to showcase games to let people play them – kiosks. Remember how Ubisoft stole the show last year only with games?
                                                                            If Microsoft and Sony announce new consoles the focus will be on them, not Nintendo.
                                                                            Nintendo are doing the right thing but focusing all their budget on showcasing new games.

                                                                          2. Seeing this kind of scares me.. Like if this happens once, they could never try to beat them again like if it’s too late kind of, just because Microsoft and Sony would have “better” graphics.. I really hope this issue is just this year only at least, if so.

                                                                            Since people need to know that games are about different personality, not real life graphics only.

                                                                          3. Analyst: Nintendo Bailing On E3 Press Conference Because It Can’t Compete With Microsoft & Sony

                                                                            Me: Nintendo bailing on E3 press conference because they don’t give a fuck if they compete against two console releases.

                                                                            but seriously, I wish Nintendo would make it big in E3…the two last Nintendo direct were awesome enough to be an E3 conference.

                                                                          4. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo usually play a game, only this time Microsoft and Sony are going to play the game while Nintendo takes its ball and plays a different game that it knows it can win. Having a press conference on the same day or close to the others will be overshadowed by Sony and Microsoft showing off their new systems. They will still appear at e3, but it will be meetings for retailers, business people, and so on, so that we don’t have to listen to all of that. Around the same time as the others’ e3 conference, but not as close as it has been before, it will be there time to grab the media’s attention before and after the others conferences. They will have Nintendo Directs for the gamers. I think I read somewhere that they will have two. Gaming websites are still going to post the news, for people who don’t watch Nintendo Directs but still go to those websites for e3 news. Don’t complain just because Nintendo has a different way of doing things. The games will still be there.

                                                                          5. It’s probably true that they think it’s not relevant anymore and not worth it, but I think when they actually pull out, it implies something different, so because of that I’m not sure if it was a good idea as it’ll make people think they can’t compete. As well as that, Nintendo Direct videos happen quite regularly, and are just prerecorded footage, nothing special. Having a presentation at a big trade event is better for publicity in my opinion, even if it’s a big enough company like Nintendo who don’t struggle to market themselves. (Basically Nintendo Direct doesn’t have the same impact and doesn’t get the same amount of attention as E3)

                                                                          6. I hate it when game “journalists” speak so matter of fact like this. Do they realize that they aren’t writing in a damn forum thread? Also, all 3 of the big 3 are backing away from E3 this year in one way or another. Its becoming a pointless even thanks to the internet and other, better cons. Nintendo is actually being pretty smart by getting out first.

                                                                            1. Take it like this:
                                                                              Wii U had a slow start, five months have gone by and it still lacks must have games. EXCEPT THAT THE SECOND MONSTER HUNTER 3 ULTIMATE RELEASED, THE CONSOLE JUMPED SIX PLACES IN SALES.
                                                                              This speaks of a very good console that is simply going to a drought, and will catapult the second it starts getting good titles.
                                                                              But these journalist don’t recognize that, they’ve already doomed the console.
                                                                              Then comes PS4 and 720, which haven’t even launched, successors to consoles that were very poorly managed, a trend that Sony and Microsoft haven’t really shown to be intent on changing.
                                                                              The consoles already have problems even within their own demographics and haven’t even been officially announced, already seem to be going to be costly and barely a step up from the previous generation, not to mention that they’re gonna be in direct competition with one another, something Wii U won’t be part of because it will differentiate by having popular exclusives.
                                                                              And yet, these journalists have already decided that they’re gonna be a success.
                                                                              This is why I won’t take them seriously, they’re just either paid pawns or fanboys trying to quell the interest of the public in Nintendo.

                                                                          7. Eh?
                                                                            Seriously, these people’s partiality amazes me, how can they be so cynical about their obvious fanboying?
                                                                            Disregard the fact that hosting several events instead of one is not only probably gonna cost more, it also requires much more organization, and is much riskier. If the company makes one event, it doesn’t matter how much of a gigantic turd 3/4 of it are, it will be hyped to hell and back just because of its hits, but a single, Mario-only event fails, then it will have no redeeming features as if the spotlight was being shared with Zelda or Metroid.
                                                                            There’s also the undeniable fact that they’ve decided to doom Wii U after 5 months of a rough launch, while they’re already proclaiming the triumph of PS4 and 720, despite the horrible sales and marketing issues of their predecessors that haven’t really seemed to change, the PR nightmares they’re involved in, the decaying economy of the general public, and the their complete lack of exclusive content; they think PS4 and 720 are the competition of Wii U while in fact they’re the competition of each other, Wii U will always get a stable ground on Nintendo’s IPs whether or not it gets 3rd parties, Sony and Microsoft are the ones vying for the public attention, since anything one of their consoles can do, the other can do too, their over-reliance on third parties is what forces them to split the market while Nintendo sits in a completely different reality.
                                                                            Nintendo’s limited resources? Last time I checked it was Sony the company that had to inject funding from other divisions into PlayStation in order to keep it afloat after the failures of PSP, PS3 and PSVita.

                                                                            1. If Nintendo is not selling enough Wii U units it is not because the console is competing with the promise of Sony’s PSN charging for every game you already own or the one of 720 requiring to be always online, only an idiot would think that the gaming community is really dying to see this dickslaps. The console is not selling well because, until July, it is in a drought of IPs, as simple as that.
                                                                              Nintendo made a mistake, Wii U is a wonderful system, but they were trying to force it into Sonysoft’s territory focusing on stupid third parties that aren’t exclusive on ANY console.
                                                                              Wii U’s launch failed because instead of staying in the fertile ground that is Nintendo’s fan base, it tried to appeal to other demographics, and in doing so ended up with only a third of an already plagued niche.
                                                                              Nintendo is better off with their Marios and their Zeldas, and with the ocassional marvels from second and third party developers, that’s all they need because, in the end, you can play CoD on any console, even on PC, but you can only play Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Donkey Kong, Pokemon, Kirby, Fire Emblem, Golden Sun, Super Smash Bros., Kid Icaurs, etc, on a Nintendo console..

                                                                          8. But they’re still gonna be there at E3. They’re just doing things differently this time, with several smaller shows. “Can’t compete”? Give me a freakin’ break! Nintendo marches to the beat of their own drum. They’re not afraid of Sony and Microsoft.

                                                                          9. I’ll miss their big conference this year. They do have a point. Everyone’s extremely psyched for the PS4, so that will probably take up most of the attention. The Xbox..everyone’s hyped, but not really in a positive way (for the most part) Well as long as Nintendo has some good news even if it’s small

                                                                          10. What significance is E3 to video consoles and games? Seriously, does E3 sell video consoles and video games? When Sega Dreamcast went off the market and was discontinued, did anyone blame their E3 presentation?

                                                                            1. No one did, of course, because the E3, as much an infodump as it is, is not really important, not something that Nintendo couldn’t do with a few Direct casts.
                                                                              But they will do this, talk about a console going through a rough launch as if it was doomed (Just like they did with the GameCube, DS, Wii and 3DS), talk about the bads and the don’ts in a pathetic attempt at ruining the company.
                                                                              Nintendo has always face these kinds of Sonysoft paid pawns who try to kill the hype, which is funny is considering that they’re so scared of Nintendo that they actually would resort to this kind of moves.
                                                                              But the story is gonna be exactly the same, in the end, Wii U is gonna end up in the first or second place of sales, the 3DS is gonna keep up exceptionally and the next gen we will hear, ONCE AGAIN, about Nintendo going Sega, while the companies that are actually unstable enough to go Sega are Sony and Microsoft.

                                                                          11. You know, that’s the kind of comment I would expect from a random commenter on the internet that I would simply ignore.
                                                                            However coming from a so-called professional…it’s downright pathetic.

                                                                            1. They’re the people who have doomed the successor to Wii after five months, but have already proclaimed the triumph of the successors to PS3 and 360, the failures of last generation.

                                                                            2. Wow, just… wow. This is so idiotic. From what I gathered Nintendo was just doing a smaller scale showing. Sony and Microsoft both are showing consoles, so naturally Nintendo will be overshadowed, which is what happens to any of the big three when one or two of the others shows a new console. Nintendo stole the show when they showed the Wii U.

                                                                              But whatever, I’m sure Nintendo will still have some type of show. I mean, they have the new Pokémon games coming, so surely we’ll see new stuff about those, and they’ve announced some new titles that we hadn’t heard about until last week. So I doubt they’re not doing anything, but they know PS4 and XBOX whatever will be what everyone is most interested in, so why waste the time making a huge press conference for games that they’ve already announced. It makes sense really, show the games, but don’t make a huge deal.

                                                                            3. BS there is alot of games on the way. I mean what the hell whats the differance between showing us the games or showing us the games. really!!!

                                                                            4. get a grip sony and ms casual fans

                                                                              CORRECTION 3RD PARTY INVRSTORS PAIED U TO SAY THAT

                                                                              Reality nintendo id letting ms and sony bore u to death with two identical machines designed for the industry to nickle and dime you

                                                                              Whilst they show of identical OBSOLETE CONSOLES AND LAGGY CAMERAS AND TALK IF SUBSCRPTION CHARGES

                                                                              Nintendo will show GAMES LOTS OF GAMES AND TRUE NEXT GEN GAMEPLAY

                                                                            5. I agree with Sinclair’s comments…except for this one;

                                                                              “Yes, Nintendo bailing on the Big Three press conferences is an admission that the company doesn’t have faith in its ability to go toe-to-toe with Sony and Microsoft’s new system unveilings”.

                                                                              This is stupid. Just showing a new Mario or Zelda is enough to cause the audience to woop and holler. Just because a company shows-off a new console, doesn’t mean it’ll automatically be a show-stealer (eg. Saturn, Dreamcast, PS3 and – yes – the Wii U).

                                                                              Whatever. I’m happy that Nintendo is scaling-back it’s E3 presence in favour of Nintendo Direct and smaller press events. E3 has become a bloated parody of itself, where the very worst aspects of the game industry are highlighted in an unflattering light. Good riddance, I say!

                                                                            6. Nintendo seriously needs to set things straight… they ARE going to be at E3. It’s just not going to be a huge presentation like previous years. And… really? They can’t compete with Microsoft and Sony? EXCUSE ME?! Who the FUCK was it that dominated these last several years at E3? Pretty sure it was fucking Nintendo. If anything… they’d be dropping out of E3 to allow Microsoft and Sony a chance to look good. I wonder what Microsoft has up their sleeves… more shitty Kinect games that no one wants to play? What about Sony? The games they probably already showed off when they announced the PS4?

                                                                              Yep… if Nintendo were to actually drop out, it’d just be to help Microsoft and Sony actually look good for once.

                                                                              1. YOU NEED PROZAC YOU INEPT FUCKING WANKER…….


                                                                                THERE FOCUSING ON GAMES AND HARDWARE IN PRE MADE REHURST DIRECT FEED VIDEOS WITH POLISHED IMAGES AND UPO CLOSE INFO

                                                                                MUCH MORE RESPECTABLE THAN PONCING ROUND A STAGE BORRRRRING THE SHIT OUT OF EVERYONE

                                                                                THERE DISRUTPING E3 YOU UNDER 11 FOOL (I HOPE YOUR UNDER 11 OR U HAVE PROBLEMS USE YOUR COMMONSENSE DIP SHIT)


                                                                                NINTENDO SAID THERE NOT AT E3 THIS YEAR “!!!!!!!!!” NO THEY DIDNT RETADRED DOWS POERSON

                                                                                1. What the fuck’s up with you? Why were you responding to my comment with so much… horribly spelled… rage?

                                                                              2. NINTENDO IS DISRUPTING SONY AND MS AT E3 AND NO ONE CAN SEE IT

                                                                                I TRULLY FEAR FOR THE HUMAN RACE ITS OBVIOUS WHAT THERE DOING

                                                                              3. Another pathetic attempt by a western racist that worships the Xbots no matter how evil they are…

                                                                                I don’t care what the Microsoft Realm or Sony Dominion have to offer, they do not exist to make people have fun, they only do this for resources and to feel all powerful…

                                                                                I can give the Sony Units some credit though since they atleast have some intelligence left somewhere unlike the mindless Xbots…

                                                                                Nintendo is changing strategies again and will come off victorious once again just as they did with the DS, Wii and 3DS and in the near future, Wii U…

                                                                              4. MS and Sony are again fighting head to head doing the same all over again and counting on pure specs…both consoles ae almost identical just like 360 and ps3….this is 2006 all over again and we all now what happend…wii finish #1…now all the eyes are on e3 and nintrndo will do theright thing let them kill each other and i will prepare the ground to kill them after they sre tire of fight betewen them…in the begining i was upset and mad with Nintendo decision but now i csn see clear and i know this is the right move…and this srticule is completly right…GO NINTENDO GO.

                                                                              5. Whats new, Nintendo does it own thing and the few that do pay attention sit thinking WTF. Nintendo simply do not have the thirst to be number one like sony and microsoft, they can’t even keep thier fans happy by making a game, any game. We’re sat waitibg for games we expected months and years ago. The story of a fanboys life…constant delays.

                                                                              6. I think it’s more along the lines of them not having as much to show off. They’ll probably be back on that boat when they announce something like a new console Zelda or Metroid game.

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