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Eevee Themed Nintendo 3DS To Be Revealed May 15th


You may have heard early last week that a new Eevee themed Nintendo 3DS console is rumoured to be coming to Japan. Well, a NeoGaf member has spotted a promotional poster at the Pokemon Centre near Minato-ku today that states that a special edition Eevee Nintendo 3DS console will be revealed on May 15th.


      1. The Charizard one was in a lottery. A lot of people didn’t get that one.

  1. In a way, I’m glad countries outside Japan don’t get so many of the special 3DS’s, because otherwise, I’d have so many 3DS’s.

  2. OMG!!!!!! I have been planning on getting a 2nd 3DS (and has to be an XL) because I’ll need 2 for when X and Y comes out. I really only want to get a themed version, like if they brought out a Majora’s Mask XL, but seems unlikely for now, and an Eevee one would be perfect since I’m mainly getting it for the Pokemon games anyway!!! I see it says LL but hopefully they’ll release it in the UK too, maybe even a package deal with X and Y?

    1. yea… that would be sweet. but i am afraid they will do exactly that.. just about 2 month after i bought both games… thats always my luck with those things.

  3. As long as there’s no Eevee nipples on this one. I’d personally rather an Umbreon or Jolteon one, but Eevee’s still cool.

  4. I wonder if this will be as profitable as the pikachu 3ds. I made thousands off of that one. I think i cleared out my whole state!

  5. That’s weird that it’s a console cause it looks like am evolution poster. You’d think they would be revealing more details about Sylveon or another new evolution at first glance. Though, the LL is all I need to realize it’s about a 3DS LL

  6. K, well wake me up when they come out with a Dragonaire or Jynx 3DS XL for America. Thanks, Kisses! 💋

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