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Wii U Panorama View Now Available In Nintendo eShop

The Wii U Panorama View application has launched in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U. The app allows Wii U owners to use their Wii U GamePad controllers to go on 360-degree guided tours. The app is available as a free downloadable demo, which includes samples of different experiences. And users can purchase the full versions of each sample for $2 each. Above you can watch footage of the demo.

Thanks, Daan.

27 thoughts on “Wii U Panorama View Now Available In Nintendo eShop”

  1. Not yet in the Australian eshop… We don’t even have the virtual console yet, but maybe I’ll need to wait until the European eshop updates as well.

  2. I truly enjoy that app. In addition to Wii Street U powered by Google, Wii U Panorama View is truly a fun and unique way to view filmed locations in a 360 degree view. Thanks to the gyroscopic view of the Game Pad, you can see everything.

  3. Skid Marks (the kind you get on your carpet from your asshole pet)

    more uselessness from gamepad, u can use a mouse or joystick to do the same thing but the special privilege of looking like an asshole in your living room goes exclusively to nintendo fanboys

      1. Skid Marks (the kind you get on your carpet from your asshole pet)

        yea i think ill give my comments a rest it seems like people on this site dont appreciate my point of view

        1. Protip : you can say what you want, it’s your own opinion… But when you word things like a douche it makes people like your comments even less.

          1. Skid Marks (the kind you get on your carpet from your asshole pet)

            im just being honest, and comments shudnt be taken seriously anway. the reason i bash nintendo is cauze i like a lot of their games and want them to do better. i think the only way that can happen is if they abandon their hardware. wii and ds were great but now people use smartphones and laptops and pc. very few people will care about next gen plus licensing games is just plain wrong. thats why your games cost 60 + dollars and thats why wii u has no games. wii was ok but it had no games that really showed of what the motion can do, my fav use of motion would be skyward sword and dragon quest swords both great games but there werent many more thats because of licensing fees 3rd party refused to pay its a shame really. I think nintendo has great developers but the owners are just plain greedy and control freaks

  4. They should make one called Paranoia view where you’re being stalked by an angry mob of Italian American Gangsters.

  5. ☠Nintendo is Dead!☠

    FUCK YOU SKID MARKS YOU FUCKING COCKSUCKER!! and now that’s outta the way, which video do u guys recommend me buying? Which one will Wow me?

  6. Just tried the demo of the Panorama View. It was really, actually NICE! The environment captured can be viewed in 360 degrees with the gamepad giro and made the experience really immersive! Really lovely… It’s one thing watching the trailer but actually trying it is another thing :P

  7. How long are these tours on sale? I tried the demo and it’s pretty amazing, but want to know how long these tours are before I spend 2 euros on one.

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