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LEGO City 3DS Enters UK Individual Formats Chart At Number Six


LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins for Nintendo 3DS had a good opening week in the UK charts. The game entered the individual formats chart at number six. Luigi’s Mansion 2 slipped from number seven to number nine this week. Fire Emblem: Awakening also slipped a few places from number three to number thirteen this week. Surprisingly,  Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed for Wii U re-entered the charts at number thirty-six. You can view the UK individual formats charts, right here.


23 thoughts on “LEGO City 3DS Enters UK Individual Formats Chart At Number Six”

    1. Prequel to what made them the leglen. Not as funny because they don’t speak or anything so it sort of ruins the fun of it but it still has the hilarious clips and ace missioins to do.

          1. Not really as the 3DS game is clearly unfinished and anyone playing it might feel that the Wii U version is just as bad as the 3DS version.

        1. OMG Nintendo pulled an Activision. But instead of releasing a new game in the series every year, they’re making a new Lego City game EVERY MONTH

            1. Except Nintendo is only publishing it in Europe and the US. Plus they have only published 2 Lego games so far.

              They haven’t pulled an Activision.

            1. 1. Generic bland FPS (Xbox)
              2. Generic bland FPS (Xbox)
              3. Generic bland FPS (Xbox)
              4. Generic bland FPS (Xbox)
              5. Generic bland FPS (Xbox)

              Happy now?

          1. Defiance, Alien colonial marines, god of war in a skirt, which people seriously are buying that mess. The Japanese charts are diverse, so are the European ones to an extent. The 3DS adding value and well deserved difference to a monotonous eye sore of a chart.

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