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The Wonderful 101 Focusses On Fun, Rather Than Game Length


Hideki Kamiya, director of Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry, Okami, Viewtiful Joe, and Bayonetta, has told fans on Twitter that The Wonderful 101 is more focussed on fun than actual game length. Kamiya wouldn’t reveal how long the game is, but it’s good to hear that the development team are focussing on the fun aspects of the game, rather than its length.

“If u hate to finish a game the next day u buy it, u better not play TW101. I focus on how it is fun, not how long it lasts till the ending.”

127 thoughts on “The Wonderful 101 Focusses On Fun, Rather Than Game Length”

  1. Well it is a Platinum Game.
    Long as it’s good as much replay value as Metal Gear Rising, that’s fine by me (doesn’t look that way though).

    1. Metal gear rising was way too short. I didn’t want to play it that much again after I had beaten it on day 1. It was like watching a 5 hour film.

      Wonderfull 101 looks awesome so who knows , maybe some unlockables and collectibles will keep it going…

      1. I’d rather sit through a fun short game than a long boring one. And MGR has so much replay value, that’ll extend the game by at least 10 hours. Well, for anyone with good taste that is.

        1. I remember buying NES games, beating then in 5 hours and still loving them a lot and think it was worth the money. Gamers these days…

    2. A lot of the complaints here are hilarious.

      Have you guys ever been on a date before? It will cost you more than $60 and it will last only a few hours. And if you make the argument that sex is the only fun part of a date, then you just spent $60+ on about an hours worth of fun…maybe less for some…

  2. Oh dear, was hoping we’d get a fun and long lasting game, I get bored easily so replayability better be good or they’ve failed. Especially as the development time has seemed like forever!

  3. “If u hate to finish a game the next day u buy it, u better not play TW101″
    60 + dollars for a game you could beat in 1 day. I can get a nice android tablet for 120 bucks would last me way longer.

      1. I just hate how a beautiful creature such as the dolphin was involved in such a raunchy quote XD Kisses! 💋

  4. A game is not fun if it only last for a small amount of time. What is the point of having a fun game if the fun doesn’t last?

    Tetris is fun, Quake is fun, Zelda is fun and Super Smash is fun. They are fun because they last FOREVER.

    1. That’s due to replay value.
      Technically, all of those games have a definite “end” to them, they’ve just got so much fun going for them that replaying them keeps adding to the fun of it beyond the ending.

  5. He’s acting like theres gotta be some sort of balance between fun and length but there not , you should’nt have to shell out £50 for a game your gonna finish the next day regardless of how fun you found it that’ll piss anyone off, you should’nt focus on fun over length you should focus on both (i’ll make some exceptions to the length rule for some story based games but this game does’nt look to be too story based). I think they’ve just made a short game and are making excuses.
    It was’nt really on my must buy list anyway but now I probbly will pick this up when it goes down in price sometime unless it really is something amazing which it does’nt look to be. Will be buying bayonetta 2 the second it comes out though :D.

    1. Most gamers have probably gotten used to shelling out $60 (or euro equivalent)
      for short games. Especially on non-Nintendo systems.
      And W101 could release for $50 or less like Wario did… Hope it does.

      1. White Knight Chronicles, Tales of Vesperia, Tales of Graces F, Ni No Kuni, Last Rebellion, Eternal Sonata, Agarest Wars, Star Ocean, Disgaea 3&4, Are tonelico, and Hypersimensia series.

        These are a few of the games I’ve bought at full price so I can’t agree with you,

    2. Batman Arkhum City is a great example of a 10 hour campaign which is intense fun and is backed up by hours and hours of extra content and unlockables.

        1. Uhuh. The rare and irrelivant framedrops that people unfairly over criticized. The game runs smooth on Wiiu , sometimes it feels like its running at about 40FPS , especially in all the indoor sections.

          1. The game is also running in full native 720p… The PS360 versions were running in subHD resolutions (can we really call the PS360 HD consoles when 95% of their games didn’t run in at least 720p?)

              1. The vast majority of Wiiu games run at , at least 720p. about 25% or less run at sub 720p native , games such as Sonic racing , CoD , NFSMWU (by a few pixels). It’s not the Wiiu’s fault those games are Sub HD it’s because they’ve been ported from other consoles that way.

                An estimate of the Wiiu so far would be 15% Native 1080p , 70% Native 720p , and 15% SUB native 720p.

                This should improve throughout the Wiiu’s life as All the exclusives will be at a minimum of 720p or even 1080p like Rayman Legends , Monster Hunter , Scribblenaughts , Nano assault.

      1. Halo and all other halos before I skip even by the bargain bin lol. Okami now that I will pick up in a heart beat. Only played 1/4 of it and that’s longer than all Halos combined.

        1. It has multyplayer too you retard but no one not even the article is talking about that but of how long it takes to beat and halo4 was shorter than odst.

          1. calm yo tits bro I have not even seen any article about this game having multiplayer, that is why I asked this game has what.

      1. . Not what he said
        . Almost the exact Opposite of what he said
        . Did you just reply to yourself? Only I’m allowed to do that!

      2. Why wario ware? Monster Hunter 3 has more than enough content for several months before boredom will even start to rear its ugly head.

  6. On second thought, there are top-selling games with like 6 hour campaigns!
    And lots of games can be beaten in a day if you don’t collect everything/ don’t do all of the side-quests, etc.

  7. Pitfall near your door

    Im guessing this game must have replay value, a lot of collectibles a and maybe something that can feature online play in order for it to have a short campaign, i usually play games that take a couple of days to clear if i have a chance too but you got to test it out before judging so i hope it will be worth it.

  8. Well the definition of short is obscure .. If it’s a 10 hour+ it’s cool but if it was like 5 hour that is kinda a disappointment

    1. Better that he said next day instead of same day has many fps and adventure titles this gen. I bet halo 4 in 5 hours and others in 4.

    2. I normally expect games to last at least 20 hours.. As much as i loved ZombiU, I thought it would have been better if they doubled up the missions to 32 hours from 16…. but i’m still playing it here and there on Survivor mode.

  9. Personally, I prefer long lasting games. Darksiders 2 bored me to hell after 40 hours, though. I think a game needs to be fun and to be finishable in 20-25 hours to be worth 50-60 launch price bucks…That being said, I will wait until it drops to 40 or something…

    1. The best games are the ones that provide the most playtime and the most intense experience also.
      Monster Hunter is a great example.

      1. That I can agree with. i pumped over 120 hours into the game so far in about a months time…. I seriously think this game will still be lodged into my disk drive until at least Pikmin 3 or Wind Waker comes out.

  10. Everyone complaining must only play Japanese games. It’s very usual to finish a western game within a day, only exceptions I can think of are Bethesda and Bioware games.

    1. You’re joking right? Most Japanese games last a LONG time.

      MH3U, I’m over 120 hours in…. Xenoblade, I put it 100 hours or so…. Final Fantasy games? VERY LONG.

      1. Tales games are pretty long too. It took me exactly 70 hours to clear Tales of Vesperia (minus the side quests).

  11. Stop posting Kamiya’s tweets as news. It’s not news it’s him getting people to shut up when they ask him the same questions over and over again. If you were to go ask him what he thinks about short games he will tell you if you want a long game to go play Tetris, he’s a troll nothing more. That being said I’m excited for TW101 because it looks fantastic as fuck.

    1. Seriously stop posting his tweets as news, how many times did you guys post an article saying “Bayonetta 2 news next week” because Kamiya told people next week to get them to shut up on twitter?

  12. I had 100 hours on skyward sword, if a game doesn’t have online multiplayer it should last at least that long

  13. I like short games. I tend to lose interest in games up at the 40 hours mark unless they are really really good or one of my personal favs like pokemon or kingdom hearts. Epic Mickey for 3ds was about 8 hours and to be honest halfway through I thought it would never end. So if he can give me about 7 hours of pure fun, tat will be well worth my money.

    1. Same here. I used to love long 40 hour games when I was younger but now I find that I just don’t have the time for them anymore. Now I honestly prefer around 10 hours since I don’t sit down to play as much anymore. I have about ten hours on xenoblade right now after about a year of owning it lol

  14. Almost every single player game these days can be beaten the day after you buy it.

    I finished Bioshock Infinite the day after I got it, and I took my time exploring as much as possible. Although that was an admittedly longer play session than usual.

    It’s not as if Platinium are known for long games. Madworld, Vanquish and particularly Metal Gear Rising, are pretty short games. But they are some of the most fun games I’ve ever played.

    I hope there is a decent balance though. Metal Gear Risings length did annoy me. Although I had an absolute blast while it lasted.

    if the Wonderful 101 is 4 hours long, I’m going to be annoyed. If it’s around 8 with decent replayability I’ll probably be alright with it. It really needs to have good replayability if it’s going to be short though.

    1. I don’t think they are cutting development
      costs at all. You really have to “infer” that hypothesis. Kisses! 💋

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      1. COD didn’t last very long for me (Multiplayer anyways. I never play single player COD, the campaign is absolutely dreadful)

  16. A game that Cody’s more than $10 should be at least 8-14h in length. That’s still a short game, but I’m not interested in dropping $60 on a game I can finish in 5h or less. I don’t care how “Fun” it is. For 60 bucks It better take me at least 3 days. (That’s the maximum amount of time I’ve spent beating every MGS game, playing at least 6-8h a day).

  17. I beat the story in Injustice: Gods Among Us the next day. And I still play the hell out of that game! I don’t mind paying for the game and the story being short and to the point if the replay value is there and I think it will be with this one. I am wondering what will give it such replay value that would justify down-playing the story aspect, or campaign play through of the game… Multiplayer of some sort? Online or Local MP? Leaderboards for quick level finishes? Collectibles? Achievements? I really don’t know, but what I do know is that all of us here on this blog have very little information about TW101. We know that it’s exclusive to Wii U. We know that it involves controlling a group of heroes with different powers and we know that Platinum is developing it. If you have a lot more info on what this game contains please, feel free to reply to this comment with any and all further information pertaining to this game. As I see it right now we know very little of the content of this game and I believe that soon we will be getting all of the details about what this game has in store for those willing to purchase. I’m willing to purchase this game, but I have small children that I like to play games with on the Wii U and this game looks like it will lend itself to a good time for the whole family! Seriously, if you have more info on the contents of this game I would love to hear about it!

    1. I don’t know if this will have online but I think every game should have online, theyre always complaining about losing money in returned games and they blame customers, they should blame themselves and make their games deeper with online

      1. the creator of castlevania was disappointed because a lot of his games he would see in the bargain bin at stores, so thats how symphony of the night became an rpg so to give it more replayability. i am pretty sure no one returned that game and now its regarded as one of the best games ever made and i agree its one of my favorites

      2. I kind of agree with you and I kind of disagree with you.
        I agree in that online does add replayability, but it also deters some newer gamers from getting ear molested by people that have been playing games online for longer. I think that games, as with most things are a two-edged sword and they need to be balanced for the veteran gamer and the new-comers alike and I think that is what they are trying to do with this game. If this game has online I can see it truly benefitting from it.

  18. GOOD! Games need to go back to being fun, like in the NES days. I’ve replayed MegaMan 2/Kirby’s Adventure/Ninja Gaiden countless times because that’s what they are. FUN.

    1. I think that the “fun” in the game is what makes you play if for longer periods of time and therein lies the contrast between fun and long.

  19. Any game that has less than 8 hours of game play should not cost $60. That’s just too short an entertainment experience for too much money, $60. Games should be at least 12-16 hours and at most 40 hours to complete.

  20. If there’s plenty of optional collectibles/upgrades then I wouldn’t have really beat the game until I got all of them.

      1. The diference is most people simply beat a game and really don’t care about “100% it” because that part of the game is BORING! People care about the graphics, storyline(which includes replay value) and good multiplayer. < 3 Major factors in determining a good game or not for most people. Kisses! 💋

  21. I will skip this game then. I am tired of paying $60 for a game only to beat it in a few hours. Yawn. Next please. I doubt a game that lasts a few hours is going to be fun enough to be playing it over and over.

    1. I skipped it when it was first not even given a release date. Monster hunter 3 ultimate was my baby from day one :). Also need for speed most wanted PC-U edition.

      1. Same here. MH3U and NFS:MW day one.

        While Monster Hunter did ok (a lil over 100k sales so far), but sadly NFS bombed badly, 10k copies is atrocious.

        1. Monster Hunter Ultimate has sold over 400K in Japan including the Deluxe bundle sales . And it should reach a similar figure on the West eventually :)

  22. Nintendo’s EAD, Retro Studios, Capcom, Ubisoft, WB, Rocstar are some of the very few that make long great games. Nintendo and Capcom in the very front of that pack. I guess monster hunter, Watchdogs and beyond good and evil 2 shall be legendary once more, while we await Metrod, Zelda 3D and STARFOX. Why buy a an xbox720 which will have mundane FPS galore. Go Wii U, then PS4 two years later. Those two are enough to meet your home console needs period.

  23. Capcom listened and have given us a gem in monster hunter 3 Ultimate. Let’s MiiVerse chat with platinum and nintendo. Elongate the game or my money is moving to Pikmin 3 and watchdogs.

    1. Probably shifted the majority of their team to Bayonetta 2 because they know Beyonetta 2 better and want it to succeed.

  24. I’m calling it now; some twat is going to pick it up day 1 for their used Wii U, blaze through it without doing anything optional, then come on here just to say it sucks because it was over too quickly.
    Trolls will do anything to have an excuse to troll.

  25. Personally, I don’t have time for my games to be long anymore. I prefer a shorter, yet entertaining experience over long now unless it’s a really damn good game. I haven’t been kid happy excited over a video game in a long time. Surely most gamers are backlogged with video games in their collection. Hell, there are some games I have never took out of the plastic yet! Some games don’t seem to know how to end. It just makes me bored and never want to play them again, so I’m not upset about this at all.

  26. I like that, I love playing fun short games, like Mega Man, kills an hour or two. The thing is, if it’s 60 dollars, that’s not really worth it, unless it has tons of replay value.

    1. XD Megaman was around $60 when it fist came out. You aint know Wonderful 101 what if it has just as much replay value as the Megamanz?

  27. Well there goes my excitement for that game. Yes, it’s important for it to be fun, but it’s also important to last awhile. If I pay $60 for one day of great fun, I don’t consider it worth my money.

  28. PikminDon'tDoMushrooms

    How can a game that has been in development for this long be so short? What have they been doing this whole time?

    1. Maybe they changed their focus to Bayonetta 2? I think they have a greater connection to Bayonetta 2 than to W101. I feel like the W101 is more of an experiment for them to see what they could do with the game pad and with new characters/world.

  29. As long as it’s good and has alot of replayability (like many different paths in the story or secrets,) Then I’m all good.

    Besides, this isn’t an RPG we’re talking about.

  30. This is Platinum Games; they’ve come out with a lot of great games. As long as it’s fun and challenging but fair I think it’ll be worth it.

    I’m glad they’re not worrying about how long it is. Darksiders 2 is a cool game; I love the art style and Death is such a bad ass. but there was waaaaayy too much filler to try and make the game longer. The areas were huge and took a while to get to the next area, even with the horse. They could have at least made the horse faster even without the boosts. even in the dungeons there were some big places that could have been justified a bit by giving Death the ability to run. I enjoyed the game but around the second half of it I was getting annoyed by it and just wanted to beat the game already. I have a hard time deciding if I should even replay Darksiders 2 again.. I’m sure there are other games with this same problem.

    If Wonderful 101 is short but fun I’d have no problem going back and playing it after a few months.

  31. hopefully platinums games sell, they seem to be a really talented group, and it would suck if a group like this doesnt support nintendo, who knows for you people bitching about a star fox game they could be a good fit. retro i find a space shooter is just a waste of talent

  32. Even though it might be super fun and really short, I think he shouldn’t have said that statement. It already put off some people. He could have emphasized the super fun part. The game was already delayed giving the impression that they are perfecting the game with both gameplay and content. I was really excited about the game and was going to pre-order but now I will be waiting for reviews (I know f its a good game it will still be a good game but now fans are also concerned about the price vs. value). =p

  33. And still no mention of a release date. Ugh, why can’t companies just announce a target date for games to get us at least somewhat excited for them to come out?

  34. I think there should be a balance. Look at the Zelda games – they’re huge, while they’re also a lot of fun to play.

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