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Your Wii U Virtual Console Games Will Eventually Become Playable On Your Nintendo 3DS?


Nintendo Force magazine writer Emily Rogers says that the Virtual Console of both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS will eventually have some compatibility. Supposedly, in the future, consumers who own a Wii U and Nintendo 3DS will be able to play their purchased Virtual Console titles on either of the two platforms. However, according to Rogers, there are noticeable restrictions, which are listed below.

  • Not every Virtual Console game will allow this.
  • A Virtual Console game would have to release on both Wii U Virtual Console and Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console for this to work.
  • You have to pay a discount price to transfer a Wii U Virtual Console game to Nintendo 3DS. It would be just like how you pay a discount price to play a Wii Virtual Console game on Wii U.

148 thoughts on “Your Wii U Virtual Console Games Will Eventually Become Playable On Your Nintendo 3DS?”

          1. simpleminded sony fruit cakes


    1. It’s free on an emulator too, just look for and download all of the roms online for free! When nintendo learns how to do business right (like Sony) then we can spend money on the titles, but this racket they have going on, I’m not buying into it.

      1. “Business right like Sony” *cough* Vita, sorry, Vita I was saying Vita. Not to metion move ooor eye toy.

      1. well you dont need the game itself to post in Miiverse… It doesnt even take anything to support Miiverse in-game, it’s all HTML. Some guy asks a webmaster at Nintendo to put a new community up for us, and after 2 seconds, its up.

        1. Hey Anon, Nintendo isn’t FORCING you to upgrade. Its optional. If you don’t want to play those games on the Wii U gamepad or post screenshots to Miiverse, then don’t upgrade, just continue playing your Wii virtual console titles in Wii mode.

          I don’t see whats so terrible about CHOICE. Nintendo is offering you the CHOICE to upgrade to the new emulator. You aren’t paying for the ROM twice, you are only paying $1/ $1.50 to use the new emulator.

  1. I dont care if they can be transfer what i want is that those title that can be played on the 3ds whit out having to program a new controll scheme avalible on both formats. Snes, genesis,turbographics16, neogeo and gameboy advance on the 3ds ? Yes please.

    1. But you aren’t paying for nothing, you’re paying for the option to transfer the game over to the 3DS. Kinda lame compare to Sony PSN though.

  2. While I can sort of understand the discount price with going from Wii to Wii U (Miiverse and other new features), I don’t quite understand what I’m paying for by transferring Wii U to 3DS…

    1. Your paying for portability. I think paying for that though is sort of dumb but nintendo has to make money.

        1. And when this second fiscal lost happen? Cause Nintendo did show on his investor meeting that they had make profits.

  3. So after the transfer you won’t be able to play it on the Wii U anymore? And the transfer costs money again? Nintendo sure knows the milking business. Good grief.

    1. well so far with every transfer that I have made with Nintendo systems.for example DSi to 3DS, or or 3DS to 3DS transfer, the games didn’t work on the original system anymore, that why I assumed it to be the same here. I hope it is not so but if it were then that would suck.

      1. The main problem is that so many trolls and faggots have nothing better to do than hate on Nintendo.

        They enjoy hatin Nintendo more than they enjoy liking the company they are a fan of themselves.

        Oh and Western 3rd party support is not up to scratch with competitors , other than that no problem. They are the best.

        1. The main problem is not the trolls, it’s the fanboys like you who accept mediocrity. To actually, think the only problem Nintendo has is not enough western third-party support shows how delusional and clueless you are.

          1. No one buys a Nintendo system for western third-party or any third party games, unless they are exclusive I.e Bayonetta 2 or Wonderful 101. They buy the system for the Nintendo games or for their young children who may be getting into video games.

            Nintendo has show before that they can do just fine without third-party support, though it having them wouldn’t hurt until the Nintendo games are ready.

          2. exactly! you hit the nail on the head my friend! i have been gaming over 30yrs, an its not just my hobby its my passion too, an i love sony, nintendo, sega, microsoft just a little lol, but yeah i own an game on all platforms, an i can tell you catagoricaly that its those damn delusional nintendrones who are the problem, if they bothered to buy a PS3 or xbox 360 they would clearly see how bad nintendo has fallen behind,an is taking the damn piss!! iam fed of it, just look at the wii-u launch, after iwata promised they learned from software droughts on 3ds,wii, etc, an still wii-u launch was TERRIBLE! may be if your a nintendrone an only gamed on the wii the last gen, then yeah the wii-u can seem amazing! but if like most hard core gamers you own and game on all platforms, wii,360, PS3, PC,WII-U, an all retro consoles of old,then you could clearly see how bad nintendo is butt fucking the fans! WAKE UP FOR GODS SAKE!!!u retarded fanboys!

            Adarazz you r spot on mate, the wii-u dont even have a Ethernet port LMAO! an so you got to buy a ethernet lan adapter,since no serious online gamer is dumb enough to use wi fi! it dont have a proper hard drive for storage,an with these days developers patching an releasing dlc, you will have to buy a external hard drive, which if u do, u have to format an use all of it only for the wii-u since i couldn’t use my 1tb hard drive on my wii-u, not even with a partition, the wii-u wont allow it! an so to use it, i will have to lose all my ps3 data, my 2 ps3 consoles back up data,my whole movie collection which in itself is over 400gb large,my music, pictures, an soft modded wii games an emulators,an roms for them, my pc data, why couldn’t they just allow partitions, i could have just used 100gb out of the 1tb! it dont have a dolby codec, an so if you want surround sound or dolby 5.1 you cant through your tv,i know even with my top of the range sony bravia hdtv, i couldn’t get it to out put in surround on my tv, u can only select stereo, or you gotta buy a surround amp, an no pro controller in every box, an both the basic an premium wii-u, this is needed so lazy 3rd parties can just do a straight port, but because its not, some developers instantly gave up on wii-u, since the consumers with an without would split the potential market for sales.

            Also why is the virtual console on wii-u not even full screen? or at least give us the option for it? how about some filters? why is it bedroom hackers can create emulators like SNES 9X GX which is awesome an puts a muti billion dollar soft ware company like nintendos effort to shame? also why is it the wii mode on wii-u cant re-render the wii games in 1080p and add anti aliasing? lord knows the wii games are full of jaggies an they need it, but why can project dolphin on my pc again made by bedroom hackers re-render wii games in 1080p at add anti aliasing which maks wii games look incredible! why must nintendo be so cheap, an backwards, i know why, because the fans are too dumb, an dont speakl up an complain when nintendo has them over a barrel! lol am sick of nintendrones going mad, an attacking me, when i state my opinion, i explain to them, that we are adults and are allowed to have different opinions, but they act like fanboys on crack!

            1. I was understanding your point until you recomended a 360… Hell no thats the biggest mistake a gamer could ever do. I owned 1 and if it wasnt for the great fallouts, skyrim and the early and only rpgs they got i would have starved for games (arcade games are great too) but the pay to play online is not a thing to recomend to gamers in this economie.

              1. NO WHERE ABOVE DID I RECOMMEND ANYONE BUY ANYTHING! LOL try reading, forst, then let that mushy thing behind your eyes in your head, process, an reply! LMAO! seriously this is exactly what i mean, people rage, an reply without even understanding what was said. u have a brain my friend, use it! nothing above is lies, its FACT! i LOVE NINTENDO, but iam not happy with what they have become! have a good day sir!

            2. You showed your weakness and lost all credibility when you mentioned the xbox360 lol. Two first party exclusive RROD machines are the Atari of generation 7. Thank Nintendo for saving real gaming again.

      2. 1) Lack of 3rd-party support.
        2) Underpowered consoles.
        3) An unwillingness to try new things.
        4) Being behind the curve when it comes to online functionality (As rumored here).

        None of that really bothers me, but they are problems.

          1. I should’ve been more specific. They do try new things a lot, but there are still occasions when they stick to tired-and-true formulas instead of really pushing the boundaries; New Super Mario Bros. comes to mind. Just because it’s 2-D Mario doesn’t mean it can’t see the same innovation and originality as the 3-D platformers.

            1. Just to clarify further, just because Nintendo does try new things doesn’t mean the times when they do rehash should be dismissed. Really, though, it’s more a problem with the entire industry in general, not just Nintendo.

          1. I’m just trying to be as objective as possible. Adarazz sincerely asked a question and I wanted to try my best to answer.

              1. Which is a problem with the gaming community; many of them never try unproven series, while the others will never play the same thing twice. Personally, I don’t really mind that Nintendo sometimes rehashes, but I must admit I’d rather see new IPs and/or reinvented franchises.

                1. Miyamoto’s new IP (to be revealed at E3) and Mysterious Murasame Castle reboot by Platinum (whenever he’s mostly or fully finished with Bayonetta 2). Nuff said.

        1. Direct X11 equivalent features check, 1/2 the wattage consumption of PS3/xbox360 that both use direct X9( or equivalent ) check, indie developer haven check, full Japanese third party support check, drawing from the 3DS dismantling so called powerful handhelds check, Capcom’s monster hunter 3 Ultimate showing great third party games sale consoles check;

          Trolls fearing nintendo first party releases soon to come on the Wii U PRICELESS!

                1. It did for a wester mh game. In 5 years it just sold 440.000 on psp and if it did 300.000 on 3ds wiiu then it sold better.

          1. You’re forcing me to do something I really don’t want to do: criticise Nintendo. While the Wii U is definitely more powerful than the PS3 and 360, the PS4 and, most assuredly, the Durongo still beat it spec-wise. That’s a fact. Now I’d love to see Unreal 4,etc. games on the Wii U, but, given its specs, it’s unlikely. Which, of course, means yet another generation of lacklustre 3rd-party support. It looks like the Wii U will get better support than the Wii did, but it still won’t compare to Nintendo’s competitors–unless Nintendo miraculously takes control of the home console market the way they have the handheld. The promising indie support for the Wii U is fantastic, but it doesn’t make up for the lack of support from AAA-developers. Look, I love Nintendo, but, like Sony and Microsoft, they have problems. I understand why Nintendo uses the blue-ocean strategy, but you have to admit some of their decisions are at the expense of their most loyal fans. Still though, I don’t really care about any of this, so long as Nintendo keeps releasing their awesome games.

              1. Yeah, I noticed that too. Alas, there’s nothing I can do about it. That spelling error will forever remain, taunting me to no end. Welp, now I have yet another entry to add to my ‘What to Do With a Time Machine’ list. The first item on said list is: Watch Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter with Abraham Lincoln.

                1. You know Unreal Engine 4 might not be anywhere near as popular as Unreal Engine 3. Most developers where not ready for HD gaming so they opted to go with Unreal Engine. However, many major publishers such as Ubisoft, Sega, Square Enix, and more now have their own proprietary engines there making games on.

                  For example: Splinter Cell, Assassin’s Creed, and Watch Dogs. All coming to Wii U. And Unity is up for Wii U as well.

                  Already assuming Unreal Engine 4 is going to be the standard engine for many third parties is premature, especially when many publishers have created their own engines for the next generation of games.

  4. Makes sense to have the GBA games on 3DS. Much more logical home for them really. So I’d be fairly welcoming of such a move

  5. I agree with the Sony comments. When it comes to PS3 and Vita, you can have two versions of a particular game, one for the console and one for the handheld. In addition, that Remote Play feature is pretty sweet from what I hear. And to top it off, they don’t charge you a dime for it, you just need the hardware.

    Then again, I don’t have a 3DS right now, only a Wii U. And a PS3. And a Super NES :D

            1. And when did i say it should not be? Is still better than having to buy it for 2 sistems full price you drone.

    1. I don’t want to burst your bubble but remote play suck. Remote play are so laggy even for LAN and not over the internet. But I do agree that cross-buy, cross-play, cross-save, etc are awesome. Before you go buy a Vita, check all the PS1 and PSP games that you want to play for their compatibility. I could not play all my Sypro games on my Vita. Only way to play Sypro on your Vita is by using remote play from your PS3… I never tried the cross-controller feature though.

  6. Wow… the fact that it says “transfer” makes it sound like when you buy a retail 3DS game you can “transfer” your save data if you buy a digital copy but then it’s stuck there. I would not bother moving my Wii U save game to 3DS for a fee and then keep it there. It makes sense that there has to be a 3DS and Wii U version to do this but either do what Sony is offering or don’t bother.

  7. I understand having to pay a small fee to get a game onto your current gen system but this is balls. The transfer app should be free and you should be allowed swap the game back and forward, for free, as often as you like.

  8. Tsk tsk, This year is the Year Of The 3DS…I wonder why they haven’t announced anything…Well, Dimentio doesn’t care what-so-ever.

  9. I liked the idea till it said “discounted price”.
    Come on Nintendo, PS3 and Vita do this stuff for free…

          1. I think she like to stir up troubles and I don’t think she have any inside sources. I mean she is wrong a couple of times. I am not sure about the discounted price part. It either help getting more games from Wii U to 3DS and vice versa or quite the opposite. I mean not all PSP and PS1 games can be played on your Vita if you have one. I guess income for Nintendo would encourage them to add more compatibilities for Wii U and 3DS.

        1. Its still may be. I don’t think Microsoft is that dumb. If they are then they should expect low sales or complaints.

  10. SherlockWillFightBilbo

    Sounds Like it’d be easier and more convenient to just buy the game on both systems Instead. Why pay? I’d rather pay a little bit more and have it on BOTH systems >.>

  11. It’s interesting. Take out the fees and make all old games play available on 3ds and we are good.

    I’m liking the gifting idea.

  12. Nintendo is Sooo missing the boat on not having the Wii U game pad act like a DS with the TV screen and not making 3DS/DS games compatible with the Wii U, OK OK why R we not getting game cube virtual games, I don’t need the same news etc… game on 4 or 5 systems, stupid nintendo.

    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      DS games are still getting sold though. It’s too soon to make them available on the Wii U. And 3DS games on Wii U would defeat their purpose entirely.
      GameCube games, though, that’s a different story. That should’ve been the first thing on the VC. Screw NES, we get that for every single console/handheld. I want something new >.>

  13. My question is why are there so many Nintendo haters on a Nintendo news website. Nobody is forcing you do this, it’s something they are giving to people who want to transfer there games. Why does everybody have to hate each other on the internet. Like whatever company you want. Nobody is stopping you.

        1. Thank god you did not defended Microsoft. There are the worst offenders in the industry but people just ignore them.

        2. With PS4, Sony is, likely, going to make you pay near-to-full price for anything PS3 , maybe a small discount for anything earlier than that, while at the same time putting said games on a cloud-like service that you can only use while connected to it via the internet.

          And yet you’re saying that you consider this small cost for getting the same upgraded game on two different systems to be worse, to the point where you look down on current-gen Nintendo for it?

          Do you even REALIZE how biased you sound right now?

  14. The only idea that I would like is downloading it ONLY to my 3DS, as I have no Wii U. The transfer should be free, but oh well… I’m not transferring anything anytime soon anyways… (lol three “any’s” in the same sentence)

  15. Now when is Xbox going to get into the hand held scene? I’d gladly pay to get some gamer points on the go. I like the Wii U virtual console so I can play old games from my child hood though I’m a bit disappointed that Diddy Kong racing isnt available.

    1. Microsoft handheld hahahahaha some people just gluttons for punishment. You want to pay for xboxlive xbox720, Microsoft possible handheld, Internet connections and DLC ?

      1. I already pay for it, and it is worth every penny.. Everytime I turn on my ps3 i need a long drawn out update, that also needs a long drawn out installation. I’d rather pay to play right away. So its not punishment…its reward! Dont get me wrong, I love my Vita and 3DS..

    1. They’ll charge you for past-gen games that you can only play on the PS4 if you’re online, though, which is worse.

  16. I don’t like the sound this, but hey I’d consider it if I could have say Earthbound ect on the go maybe. If I don’t like or need it I won’t use it, thats bottom line. I’m not made of money.

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