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Watch Dogs Special Edition And Collectors Edition Leaked

watch_dogs_special_edition_smallThe Special Edition and the Collectors Edition’s of Ubisoft’s flagship game this holiday season Watch Dogs has leaked online. Two separate stores have revealed exactly what consumers will get if they pre-order either the Special Edition of Watch Dogs, or the Collectors Edition. The Special Edition of the game includes an additional mission entitled Breakthrough. Here’s the description from the site:

“A secret meeting is taking place. The Chicago Club is starting negotiations with the CEOs of major corporations and has hired scramblers to block monitoring devices. Race through the city to find the scramblers and take them out. Grab all the names of those attending the meeting and upload their photographs for the rest of the world. After completing the mission, get the Vehicle Expert Perk: get free vehicles through your Undergound Cars Contact and get discounts on exclusive cars.”

Swiss online retailer Wog has leaked the Collectors Edition of Watch Dogs, which will launch when the long-awaited game goes on sale this holiday season. Here’s what is included in the collectors edition of Watch Dogs: Silver, Gold & Platinum DLC, Aiden Figurine, Original Soundtrack, Artbook, Steelbook, Interactive Map of Chicago, and 3 Faction Badges.

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86 thoughts on “Watch Dogs Special Edition And Collectors Edition Leaked”

    1. Seeing as the Wii U logo and boxart are featured in the picture, I think it’s safe to say that the Wii U is getting the Special and Collector’s editions.

      1. Yeah, Wii U is listed for both the Special and Collector’s Edition. But we don’t know which regions will get this. So far, this is only leaked for some places in Europe.

    2. Funny how you do not care at all about a multiplat game on PS3/Xbox360/PC but the minute it’s announced for Wii U you sing it’s praises and worship it. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a great example of this.

      1. I dont get what your point is? Are you saying he dosnt care for multiplats that dont come to wiiu or another thing?

      2. And, just like a heart attack, Square/Enix are releasing the Director’s Cut version of Human Revolution for the Wii U. Furthermore, Adarazz… I only blame third party developers (Electronic Arts, Bethesda, 4A Games, etc.) for not taking advantage of the Nintendo system’s hardware

      3. Ignoring that Wii U is getting third party support such as no confirm og GTA as of yet. Maybe that is why Wii U owners like 3rd party support. After all multiplat will prove Wii U is for adults and family. Desu Ex ad an example!

      4. Adaraz, I legitimately think you have issues with common sense. It’s a NINTENDO WEBSITE. We aren’t meant to be talking about Multiplatform stuff here unless it comes to a NINTENDO system, we are allowed to be excited for this game, what the fuck? I swear to god somtimes you point out the stupidest shit, I think you’re retarded.

    1. You do realize you can upgrade to the special/collector’s edition of the game while it’s on preorder right?

    1. They’re just being clever that’s all. Nintendo is a big gaming company , why wouldn’t you want to try and build a relationship with Nintendo fans. They can use their smaller divisions to handle the Nintendo versions and it keeps those divisions occupied.

      Eventually Ubisofts games will be selling a Million on Wiiu. if they carry on like they are cus Nintendo fan will feel obliged to support them.

      1. I’ll support any company that supports the console I use with good games.
        Hell, I’ll even support EA if they give us a quality product. (Alice: Madness Returns) And Ubisoft, since I adore Assassin’s Creed and it’s great to not be left out for a change.

      2. Ubisoft games will be selling millions on the Wii U? I doubt it.

        People should support them for making good games not just games for Nintendo platforms.

        It must suck for you to be a corporate slave.

            1. Only a few games since the PS3 belongs to my brother, but i’ll try to get it for myself when he gets the PS4. I’ll get my own PS4 later when it’s cheaper. I’ve played Playstation for almost as long as I played Nintendo.

        1. Fuck you Adarasshole. Why bring up ”coorporate slave” wtf does that have to do with anything ?

          When i say feel obliged I mean , Nintendo fans will appreciate the support and it will make them want to purchase ubisofts games more on the Wiiu to show support. Simple.

          ZombiU has sold about 400K + already on an installed base of 3.5 Million. Once the Base grows to about 20 Million , then like I said If Ubisoft keep up this awesome support of the Wiiu their games will sell a million. Not millions , but maybe one day who knows.

        2. Another thing Is I had a Ps3 since launch (sold) and I have a 360. But as a Nintendo fan I will support Ubisofts games on the Wiiu as long as they bring the games to the platform. Simple as that.

          I might get a PS4 or a 720 , gunna wait to see how they shape up before I make a purchase.

  1. Ubisoft is the third party that mostly supports Wii U, I don’t get why they got a lot of hate when Rayman Legends was delayed, sure they made a mistake, but they always support the Wii U: Assassins Creed Black Flag, Splinter Cell:Black List, Watch Dogs

    1. They got the hate because it was a pretty crappy move to delay the game for the Wii U – but at the same time, gamers just complain too much sometimes without thinking about the surrounding circumstances.

      Ubisoft is usually good about supporting systems at their launch.

      1. well.. the big problem was that they´re delaying a game that is already completed ! it´s not that the fact they´re making it multiplatformer. They could launch the already done WiiU version at the scheduled time and launch the other versions later. Why make WiiU owners wait for something that is done ? There´s no reason for that and that´s what made people mad about Ubisoft

    2. because the game was done and they shove it in the last min. also feb was the time when no game came out other than rayman and by doing that cause people to get upset.

  2. Special edition sucks, but at least Ubisoft is the FIRST FUCKING 3RD PARTY COMPANY that supports the WiiU with a special edition…We can forgive them for Rayman 5 times, they support the WiiU, make exclusive content and even make up for this ONE mistake!

  3. wouldnt this game be lame if all you actually did was watch dogs and take notes. also picture them talking in really boring pro golf talkers all quite and boring. plot….are you watching that dog, yes how about you…. yes im watching that dog taking a shit. remember to wright that down its an important detail. then the opening scene starts out where they try to be cool and there is an explosion and they say scream together, “we are watch dogs!!’ can you imagine how boring that game would be.

  4. Mark my words. The next Zelda game is called The Legend of Zelda: Pieces of the Triforce

    Mario Universe: The Unknown

    Mario Kart: Speed X U

    Monoliths game: Xenoblade Shitzuni

    1. Pieces of the triforce?
      speed x U?

      It sounds too wordy, and it doesn’t roll of the tongue like all other entries in the series.

  5. Iwata said that he is going to make the developers that did not supported the wiiu early regret it. Seems ubisoft may be safe.

        1. “He wants to fix this by creating a situation in which third parties not currently actively supporting Wii U will regret that decision once third parties that did support it start to produce hits on the system”
          Oh my.
          Well, Ubisoft’s already producing hits. Now we just need people like EA to cooperate.

  6. why not write “information about… leaked” or “contents of…. leaked”?

    if you say it like this i’ll just think the software has been leaked as recently happened with blood dragon

  7. i bet the WiiU doesn’t get the special or collectors editions, the WiiU is not getting the Splinter Cell Blacklist special or collectors editions !

    1. thats easy splinter cell ges released in august while watch dogs is in october november window. Also splinters cell dont have extra missions on the collectors versions.

    1. when all these Wii U games debut, it is going to be difficult to find at retailers. I may have to order my shit online. Pikmin 3 Is preordered. Rayman Legends Challenge is fun as hell. I may have to pre order it. Watch dogs im preordering. DAMN it is so many freaking games. Zelda i would love to go back to Wind Waker and experience it playing differently with the Gamepad. Rayman Legends have gave me a better feel for the Gamepad. I cant put my Wii U down.

      1. I know … I just finished played for 4 hours of Injustice online … im in the top 100 now … I fought the No1 .. The Man of Steel … I almost got :)

      1. You just don’t get it do you ?

        Some of us are Nintendo fans. We enjoy seeing them Make amazing games and being successfull.

        I as a Nintendo fan will buy Third party games on the Wiiu if they come and they are up to a decent standard. If not and I want it , I’ll get it on another platform.

        GTAV comes to Wiiu I will get in on Wiiu , if it doesn’t , 360.

        Many people feel the same way. Also Off TV play and Miiverse really helps make the games more interesting for me personally.

  8. wiiu should be the only version the entire game is based around hacking and a smart phone DERP THE GAMEPAD!!!! HERP PLAY SUCH GAMES ON AND HOLD CREATIVITY BACK ON DUALSHOCK4 !!!!AND YOUR A DOWS SYNDROME ???




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  10. It just that Wii U has been the most talked about console that all I hear about PS4 Is it is more powerful and it has 8 cores. How is the PS4 DIFFERENT from PS3?

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