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Nintendo UK Confirms More Wii U Virtual Console Titles

virtual_consoleAfter the Wii U Virtual Console was released in Europe and North America last week, Nintendo UK has released a trailer which has hinted at many more NES and SNES titles to appear in the coming months.

Adding to the line-up soon will be titles such as Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts, Street Fighter II and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past – good news for those who want to play through it again before the sequel hits consoles. There is also an option to save and load restore points, so you don’t have to do it all over again. Will you be picking up any of these titles?

41 thoughts on “Nintendo UK Confirms More Wii U Virtual Console Titles”

  1. rehashing as always. meanwhile, true next gen systems will have games noone has played before

    nintendo is a joke and i am loling so hard at wiiU sales

    1. because they don’t have virtual consoles.., do your homework and don’t sit at the table until you can bring something to it.

    1. What’s the matter? 5-10 bucks is too much money for you? Mommy doesn’t give you that much to buy games? I feel very sorry for you, poor little thing

    1. If you think something is overpriced that doesn’t mean you should flat out not buy any units of it. I think blu rays are over priced. But if the industry got no money they would not be able to make anymore. I think they are worth just under half the price. So for every movie 6 movies I torrent, I’ll buy 4. So you should buy one or two and then emulate a few. You can’t let big companies fuck you over, but you can’t fuck them over too. You’ve got to be the good guy.

      1. Sorry, but I have to agree with Samurai Don.

        You’re saying that because something is perceived as overpriced by someone. That person should just buy less of the thing, rather than not buying it at all.

        That makes absolutely zero sense. If something is overpriced, you don’t buy it, it’s called voting with your wallets, and it’s the only way companies will even consider the possiblity of lowering their prices.

        If you have £100 and go to a restaurant with 5 people where the meals are £30 a head, you don’t buy food for 3 people. You go somewhere cheaper where the meals are £20 a head.

        If something is too expensive, not buying it is exactly what you should do.

        1. It’s not a perception, they are overpriced, the industry turns over billions in dollars every year. Top guys are living on stacks of cash that no men need while others in the world starve. The world needs much tinier gaps in wages between superiors and subordinates. People should be doing things for the good of humanity and others, not for cash. They ask too much for their products so they can keep turning over the billions. So they they are too expensive. And you shouldn’t be unhappy without the product because the big companies overprice. So you have to breach the gap, be intelligent and give them what they deserve and take what you deserve. If you think it’s being unrealistic that’s because the world is flawed and not the logic. The logic is sound.

            1. You’ve now twice convinced yourself I’m wrong with zero argument or points. I’ve laid out some solid logic. I do understand how capitalism works, that doesn’t mean I can’t be completely against it. It’s terribly flawed and sub par ideology.

          1. I’m not sure whats happening here, you’re making several points that are valid, but you’re reaching an absolutely mind fuckingly stupid conclusion.

            I know the VC are overpriced, and so do you it seems, But not everyone will agree. Thats why I said perceived. You also mentioned Blu Rays. Which you think are worth slightly less than half price. I think they’re worth less than a quarter of the price. So thats where the perception of overpriced comes in.

            Now, here is where you start losing me completely.

            You mention the enormous gaps in wages between the people at the top and the people at the bottom (I think we can all agree, thats us).

            But your solution to this huge wage gap, is to continue buying products at their overpriced prices?

            It would be nice if the wage gap was smaller, and not buying overpriced products, forcing companies to lower prices, thus forcing companies to pay their top employees a bit less, is a much better way to go about that, than continuing to buy overpriced stuff.

            “And you shouldn’t be unhappy without the product because the big companies overprice” – I just don’t understand this line at all. Could you explain?

            It sounds like you’ve got the right end goal in mind. But your methods or reaching it don’t make any sense at all.

            What you’re saying seems to boil down to: “We need things to change, so lets keep doing everything the same”.

            i may be missunderstanding some of what you’re saying, but I just can’t make sense of it.

            1. If you work out that something is worth half the price that it’s being sold (e.g movies) by taking into consideration many many social and economical factors then it’s morally justifiable to buy half your movies and torrent the other half. You might not be doing what in this day and age is called legal. But you are doing what is right. E.g Rosa parks saying no to a white person to give up her seat. It wasn’t legal in those days. But it was right.

              “And you shouldn’t be unhappy without the product because the big companies overprice”
              You should not settle for less than what you deserve just simply because “this is the way things are”. I was referring to your resturaunt comment. If you think it’s overpriced but still want to go there, then go there less frequently. Not never. You still send a message by not going regularly and yet you retain a non empty wallet.

              My approach is simple balance. Not stepping in one or the other direction because on one end (buying movies) you fuel a corrupt industry and the other end (torrents) you don’t help it along at all, both are not right things to do. so you find that balance.
              Do you get it now?

              1. I see your points. And I now understand the part that I asked you explain. But I still disagree with you.

                I understand where you’re coming from now, but your philosphy still involves buying things that are overpriced.

                My philosphy is a bit more “if its overpriced, I will not buy it”. Simple as that. I will buy something else, buy the same thing from somewhere else, or acquire it through other means. I will not pay for something thats overpriced. But I will also not go without the thing I want.

                i think you’re settling for less in some ways, with your decision to still purchase stuff at the overpriced prices. You’re accepting the high prices because “this is the way things are”, even though you buy less of the stuff. But I’m just refusing to buy until the prices are reasonable.

                I do see your points now though.

  2. This is the best advertisement they have made since the wii U launched. You can download and play these, it integrates with miiverse and you can play them off screen. This is what people need to know!

  3. I have purchased A Link to the Past on every console it has been rereleased on, and I will with the WiiU. I think it’s one of the best games of all time.

  4. The Link to the past sequel is coming to 3DS, so it would make more sense to put Link to the Past ont he 3DS Virtual Console, not the WiiU.

  5. This would awesome for one of those games where it was on both the 3DS and WiiU with cross save play. So play and save on WiiU, cross save it to 3DS and play on the go. Plus it would be nice for those who don’t have a WiiU to be able to buy ALTTP on 3DS eShop and play before the ALTTP successor comes out.

  6. hi there i want mario golf and mario 64 on wii u vertual classic games especaily with wii u game pad

  7. Bought the 3DS XL pikachu edition because i took that as a hint a new pokemon game was in the works for the 3DS That was 5 months ago. So far I’ve bought zero content for the 3DSXL I bought 5 MONTHS AGO. 5 months is a long time in industry standards. So for me to not buy any content for that amount of time means they’ve done something wrong.

    I’ll start by saying the eShop is utter pointless at this point. Not only the overpriced content i can just get for penny’s *i.e. Virtual console games* at a second hand game/comic store and play them on my past devices that i already own.

    The amount of content that gets put up on the eshop is lacking and i don’t mean by the quality games they some times upload.

    Locked to console once downloaded via the eshop so if your 3DS gets messed up some how thats games also lost.

    Second hand games sell at almost and in most cases just under the full retail price of a new copy. That’s money not going to Nintendo or the guys that made the game yet Nintendo isn’t dropping prices to counter retail prices seeing as that’s what the whole point of “Digital Distribution” to sell from the source cut out the middle man and also drop price for it’s customers to give more of a customer satisfaction *Because every customer loves FREE or Cheaper products.

    Maybe the reason Wii U and 3DS are doing kinda bad with sales is due to the way they price their games. As for the 3DS well i’m not even going to bother putting it in the mobile gaming arena anymore they lost it for the power of mobile phones.

    Anyways it’s late and im talking rubbish now. Night

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