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No Plans For Refurbished Nintendo 3DS And DSi Consoles In UK

3ds_cobalt_blueIf you were hoping to purchase a refurbished Nintendo 3DS or DSi console here in the UK, you may be looking for a long time. Nintendo recently announced via their online store that they would be selling refurbished consoles that had been cleaned, tested and inspected to high standards, but there is unfortunately no plans of seeing this brought to the UK.

“We currently have no plans and have made no announcements for this type of activity in Europe.” – Nintendo UK representative via Eurogamer.

5 thoughts on “No Plans For Refurbished Nintendo 3DS And DSi Consoles In UK”

  1. Wait so they’ve already discontinued 3ds in favor of 3ds xl, that’s dumb, 3ds xl isn’t portable its the size of a Wii u pad, I say get rid of the stupid xl and make more colours for 3ds, like green red and orange like they promised, 90% screen pfft… Yeah if I want to play on a big screen ill stick with consoles, I’ve had aqua blue since launch and I’ve used it everywhen, if I got a 3ds xl people would think I snapped an iPad in half and glued it together, in other words id look like an idiot

    1. No, it means they are fixing up systems that have been used in various situations, for testing, viewing and whatever… Fixing them up to be almost like new and selling them at a slightly lower price. I think that’s what it means.

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