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WiiKey Team Claim To Have Hacked Wii U


The team over at WiiKey have claimed that they have managed to hack the Wii U. Details are fairly scarce, but they claim to have completely reversed the WiiU drive authentication, disk encryption and file system. The team promise to share more details at a future date.

Yes, its real – we have now completely reversed the WiiU drive authentification, disk encryption, file system, and everything else needed for this next generation K3y. Stay tuned for updates!

84 thoughts on “WiiKey Team Claim To Have Hacked Wii U”

    1. The creators of the device family for Wii Wiikey have announced the first solution to load backup Wii U, via a USB external drive. They claim they have completed their investigations into the authentication system Wii reader, encryption of disks, the file system and everything else that is needed for the new generation of WiiKey.

      Your name will WiikeÜ (pronounced \ weke \) and have the following characteristics:

      . Loading Wii games and Wii U from USB devices.
      . Compatible with all models and regions of Wii U.
      . Friendly and intuitive interface.
      . Requires no welding.
      . Multilanguage support.
      . It supports the popular file systems, including EXT4/3/2, Max OS X and NTFS.
      . Embedded Linux system.
      . High speed USB2 interface.
      . Firmware and FPGA fully updatable from USB.
      . Recovery Mode to troubleshoot failed updates.
      . Charging Function and USB hub.
      . Hardware of great quality, made in China

      At the moment the announcement is just that, an advertisement, but have not shown the device or have blackout dates. We assume therefore that is still in an early stage of development and still have to wait until it is a reality.

        1. Yea…. I just want the ablility to play mkv and blue ray movies on my wii. “even tho i can play mkv movies on the vwii. That part is hack on my wii u already.

    2. It probably could emulate PS2 and GC on some extent, but hardly full speed, plus the amount of time and work it would take just to barely get 50% speed in games is phenomenal, nobody’s going to do it.

  1. Yay another great thing that will boost Nintendo’s sales a hardware and software, no seriously people should do thing fair and square no wonder why Nintendo is going bankrupt, people just cheat and download a Rom, duck you hackers, your the one that are killing the gaming industry

    1. You do realise that pirates do not have as big of an impact on the games industry as companies like to say. My first Metroid game was a pirated copy of Super Metroid and from then on I have had a great love for Metroid and will buy the games as they are released.

      1. Yeah to try a game by emulators that’s ok, I’m saying the people that just constantly emulat games, because there to lazy to buy it, its stupid would you steal someone purse or a diamond no because you need buy with your own money or else you’ll get arrested I wish this law was for piraters too

        1. The only games that can be properly emulated are no longer in production, though. Old games like N64 and GBC games are no longer being produced, the company has already made their money for those games a long time ago. To them it doesn’t matter if I dowload a rom or buy the games on eBay, they still won’t get a cent extra from it. I’m not saying that pirating games are completely okay, just that it doesn’t really make a difference.

          1. Emulators and Roms are something we need, when I think about it. I’m a fan of real hardware, and a collector, I buy a lot of old games and make boxes for them stuff. But I know someday these games will all die out, including the consoles. Emulators will be around forever, though. It’s more of a preservation really and that’s the importance of emulators.


              1. ↑This. I also cant wait for the Wii U online to be ruined. It’s so much fun to play against cheating bitches!

        2. Davin (aka Platinum Lucario)

          You don’t realize that there’s a difference between stealing and infringing, do you?

          Stealing refers to taking something physically from someone without asking, while infringing refers to copying something that someone else has done.

          What’s wrong with being a copycat? xD
          I don’t support the entertainment industry, ’cause they favor capitalism and don’t really care about anyone apart from getting richer… since they think they can do whatever they wish to do and control everyone.

          1. I agree with you, stealing is when you take something away for real.. It pisses me off how people claim it’s “stealing”. Science hates that. Keep spreading the word. :P

            As for one comment: “So your basically justifying stealing ?”
            Nope, because it’s not stealing.. -Science

            1. “That’s just something bum’s say, get a job bitch.”

              That’s something from a huge series of lacking of education of how culture works. You need help.

      2. Yes they actually do! When modding is as easy as they made it on the Wii then all the developers migrate away from the easily hacked console to something more secure!! I don’t want my IPs that I work long and hard to develop to have zero monetary gain! It’s stealing and none of these people “try before they buy”, they just steal games and that is what kills the industry!

          1. Yes but implementing a mod on the 360 was much harder than soft modding a Wii. There was a lot involved in modding the 360, especially if you wanted to play games online after you modded, not the case with the Wii… Which is exactly why I stopped playing MK Wii and the conduit online, too many cheaters!

            1. The Wii ws a fairly weak system though, they couldn’t make firmware updates as steadily and even if they did they could just hack around it. The WiiU has better security measures than even the 360.

        1. I must say, I pirated fallout 3, I ended up buying it 3 times, first time was for full retail price on 360, then for ps3 and last for steam.
          Also bought new vegas 2 times, ps3 for full retail price, and for steam on sale.

          But my days as a pirate are over, I’m too lazy for that shit.
          If no demo available, I’ll wait until the game peaks my interest.

    2. In fact, I think in someway it boost Nintendo’s sales. I know some people that bought a Wii just because it could get hacked. So, maybe all those people that use their hacked Wii, might buy a Wii U just because it will (might) get hacked and Nintendo’s sales will boost.

        1. they are NOT selling at a loss. get your facts straight before posting. 300 dollar for shit hardware is not a loss for them.

    3. SortableShelf19 (Typing on Wii U Gamepad)

      Nintendo has billions of dollars in the bank. They’re fine. if they were to stop making money It would take until 2052 untill they go bankrupt.

    4. if all the games that is released on the console was made from nintendo, they would have been going bankrupt.

  2. Stop pirateing games! You steal and ruin the video game industry when you do that! An dont give me the bullsh** story about how you just want a back up of the game to potect your disk… thats bullsh** too!

  3. why would you hack the wii u, i did hack the wii after i got my wii u just so that i can play snes games and stuff that never got released or that nintendo refuses to re release. thats the only time i will probably hack a system or play emulators. it was annoying doing so, but nintendo is a piece of shit and they made me deal with the wii with refusing to release any good games and im not stealing games from that are in most cases older than me and they wont release from waiting for 6 years!!!!!!! now if you emulate new games and steal from the developer fuck you

  4. ib4 fake facebook

    i have.mix feelings now are favorite games for wii u that have online play will be full of hackers:/

  5. Who would not love to play free games? But Nintendo does not need this right now. The next update will take care of it. Here we are trying to support Nintendo as much as we can to make Wii U successful but some people really are @$$3$!!! The Wii is a different thing though. =(

    1. These people have already done it with the old Wii and it is fully working, 3DS uses a different type of system altogether and is a lot harder to hack. The 3DS will be hacked fully one day too though, everything will. Even if it takes them years… Console mods have existed ever since there was consoles, chipping a Playstation back in the day was normal. People in Europe wanted to play all the RPGs they missed out on… And so it happened.

  6. These people suck ass! This type of thing is what opens the flood gates with excuses for Devs NOT to develop for the hardware!!! Go back to your hole and keep your hacks there with you!! Fucking blight on the gaming community!!

    1. They can’t, unless it’s on the console itself. It isn’t. You put the homebrew on a SD card or some other kind of USB memory device. They’ll try though, for sure. But hackers have gotten a lot smarter and they know exactly what they are doing. In the case of 3DS, if they only wouldn’t have region locked it nobody would have to complain. Personally I buy games, it’s no problem at all, I but a lot of them, just sucks missing out on games because of region restrictions. That or waiting 1-2 extra years.

  7. Davin (aka Platinum Lucario)

    Here’s what I say to WiiKey: “Good on you! I’m looking forward to your research becoming successful, once you’ve done it… it will open up many possibilities in the future.”

      1. Just like the other “successful” attempts they had to block Wii exploits?

        No? Okay. They have the key; Nintendo can’t do anything to them now.

      2. and then the wiikey would be updated with a new firmware within days and it’s back to square one.. if they really figured out all details of the authentification then it’s a fight nintendo can’t win and should entirely avoid by just continuing to make great games which will sell automatically

        and nintendo can’t change the authentification method either because that would render all old software copies unusable

        just look at the wii.. it was completely hacked but it still sold a ton of games (software attach rates of about 6 afaik.. no less than ps3 or xbox 360 mind you)… and that in spite of people reiterating all the time that the wii has no good games.. which is of course not true

  8. I’m dying over here with the moron that said that Nintendo is going bankrupt The 3DS prints money! Now as far as hacking being a bad thing, if you think that, you have no idea what hacking really is. A hack could be a simple theme change. Hacking brings us homebrew games. Just like all things, there are people who abuse the system. Those are your malicious hackers. Let’s be honest, if they can hack the Wii U and install a version of Flash, I’m all in favor of that. Since there isn’t going to be an app for it, you have to do the next best thing. What if they hack it so you can stream the Wii to the gamepad? Who wouldn’t like that?

  9. Guess its OK. Not like wii u owners will hack their wii u and won’t buy their games still. Very few who do that but most I know buy their games still and use hacking as a demo

  10. I often just like Emulators and Roms/ISOs for hacking and learning. Sometimes I would download a rom probably but only for that purpose sort of, which would often mean I already own the game. Just that it’s an easier way to get them for that purpose often.

    And if they hacked it, then great job for that. And that we could unlock regions.

    I wonder what homebrew would be like, of course that would take a long time but it’s nice to hear this. ;)

  11. These game, music & movie companies spent years charging UK consumers 3 times what they charged in the US for the same product. As a consequence of them charging what they felt they could get away with they entirely lost all brand loyalty. I have spent thousands on games, music & movies & do not feel an ounce of guilt that I can now download them.

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  13. i definitely appreciate this for its capability of turning the wii U into a real media center

    homebrew here i come :D

  14. hacking=/=pirating

    Homebrew really isn’t that bad on consoles, although people CAN use hacks in games and such through it, it’s a real pain in the ass to actually get that stuff working. Homebrew is really used more for making homebrew games and apps and such, which would only strengthen the Wii U, you guys are crying over nothing.

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  16. Wait how is the Wii U hacked before the 3DS!? you know I’m guessing that the 3DS but their not releasing any info on it…I just want to unregion-lock my 3DS T_T

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