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Nintendo Plan To Introduce Retro Studios New Project In ‘Not So Distant Future’


Nintendo’s Hiro Yamada has told the official Nintendo magazine that he hopes to share Retro Studio’s long-awaited Wii U project in the not so distant future. Presumably the project will be revealed during a special Nintendo Direct presentation, or at E3 in June. Details on the project are understandably scarce, but Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has already promised that the game will be fantastic.

 “I wonder what kind of game it is? I hope to introduce it to you in the not so distant future.”

– Hiro Yamada

Thanks, Nintedward

137 thoughts on “Nintendo Plan To Introduce Retro Studios New Project In ‘Not So Distant Future’”

  1. Pitfall near your door

    Can’t wait to see what they are working on. :) A lot of people say it will be Metroid so if it is then it would be really kick ass. :3

    1. If it’s another Prime-like Metroid game, that would be awesome. The Metroid Prime games has so much detail in them and I’d like to see that again.

    2. That would be the best thing ever! If retro showcases a new metroid game, i might be even more exited about it than for Zelda: wind waker wii u!!!

  2. This confirms we will see this within this year , and hopefully within the next few months in a Nintendo direct.

    here’s hoping for F-zero , Metroid or Starfox :)

      1. GX was a masterpiece for sure. They should remake GX like they’re doing Windwaker , throw in 16 player online with leaderboards and everything. Imagine that :O

        1. A new one will be better whit track builder, ship customization, keep the mission mode and online wala instand classic.

    1. Or maybe even two of them… last year there were rumors about a Starfox-Metroid crossover with emphasis on combat. As long as I think that was a weird idea, who knows ? It may be something tottally unexpected, like Kid Icarus was on the 3DS (such a great game, by the way)

    2. Do yourself a favor; don’t expect any of those three.

      If you don’t expect them, it works in your favor in two ways; it gives you a bigger surprise if it’s true, and it lessens the disappointment if it’s not true.

    1. Nah. I mean, the rare games were masterpieces, but that’s just not what Nintendo needs right now. Before they reach back out to that they need to focus on things like a new Star Fox, F-Zero, and etc.

    2. I wish. Banjo Kazooie and Tooie are my favorite 3D Platformers ever. And I really wanna try Conker without getting the toned down Xbox port.

      1. I think that it will be hard, and very unlikely, to have a new Banjo game from Nintendo. Banjo is a Rare/Microsoft-owned brand. The same goes for Bonker.

    3. They didn’t say it was a game “everybody wants” but rather a game “everybody wants us to do.” Everybody wants them do to either Metroid or a DKC2 Returns.

      1. A hell of a lot of us want them to do Starfox. They said there will be barrel rolling so it’s either Donkey Kong or Starfox that’s it.

          1. Rayman and Sonic are the only examples of 2D platforming which I’ve found playable; DKCR is an incredible 2D platformer, but I just don’t like slow platforming games.

            1. that makes sense i guess, mario must not be your thing then. i prefer hard and challenging games that are still really fun, something fat mario cant do!! i dont find it slow , its just not like sonic where its supposed to be like speed. the old sonic games are fun i played them only two years ago, sonic 3 and knuckles are awesome but since the genesis the games were not that good, besides parts of adventure 2. rayman fun but i dont know, legends seems better than origins too.

    4. It’ll be a cold day in Hell before Microsoft hands over franchises from Rare, let alone Rare itself, to the company they KNOW will make the games better than they did…..

  3. 10.00 for star fox, I don’t think they released star fox 64 3d for no reason, and if it was metroid they would remade a metroid by now to hype the fan which theyve done with the star fox fans

    1. They don’t need to hype a new Metroid game. They had 2 on the Gamecube and 2 on the Wii; whilst the last new Starfox game was Adventures, which was received very poorly.

      1. Whoa whoa, What about Star Fox Assault!? I loved Assault. but it’s still been awhile since then, we’re overdue for a kick-ass star fox title!

    2. It seems that they did Starfox just to check if there still is an audience for that franchise. So much that they didn´t work on some features, like online play.

    3. blame nintendo on adventures, it was supposed to be a game called dinosaur planet for the 64, but nintendo saw it and said make it a star fox game, so it was changed and rushed out for the gamecube. half of them were against it, and i wish it would have stayed how it was supposed to, even if it wasnt a bad game. it would of been probably a great game if it stayed what it was supposed to be

  4. Simeon Yialeloglou

    If the game is for Wii U, the next thing I want to see from Retro is a Metroid game for 3DS that plays like Super Metroid.

        1. That’s the shittiest reason i’ve ever heard.
          Don’t justify what is either
          A. A stupid fanfic title, by someone with no talent in writing or imagination, or knowledge of video games
          B. Someones who’s like “errrr console called Wii U, better put U in the title of every game. FYI, it’s not the 80’s or 90’s anymore.

          1. Fuck you! Dont you have the brains no more to get a joke? Man stop hanging whit those people of vg247 they are ruining your brain.

  5. What would you be disappointed with? I’d be slightly disappointed if it was actually another Donkey Kong Country or 3d Donkey Kong platformer. I’d love a Metroid far more than a Star Fox or F-zero. I’d be heavily disappointed with a Kirby game. Would Nintendo outsource a new IP?

  6. It needs to be Starfox. Since the wii didnt have a Starfox game that needs to be it. It’d look amazing in HD and that would definitely help move a few consoles and finally bring a really great 1st party game to the Wii U. There has been enough Metroid in the last 10 years with the Prime Trilogy

    1. although i wouldnt mind a new starofox to say there has been enough of metroid the last ten years is blasphemy! the prime games are a first person person games done right, an the wii-u an nintendo need a first person shooter with proper hd graphics to show all those doubters that the wii-u has power, an can deliver a true next gen hd experience! i love the prime games,they r some of the best games i have ever played,an i bought a wii-u on launch day for over £350 even though i didnt want to play any of the launch line up, because i own and play on all platforms including pc,i only bought it for retros secret project,hoping an praying its a prime game,the tablet controller was made for the visor, it would fit so well, an i hope they also use the wiimote plus, the prime trilogy on wii was like a religious experience!

    1. Simeon Yialeloglou

      I was rather under the impression Raven Blade was cancelled not only because they wanted focus on Metroid Prime but also because the game just wasn’t working, it wasn’t fun to play.

    1. Pitfall near your door

      Either a Starfox, F-Zero and Metroid will still be good for me! We just got to wait and see. :)

  7. What is this- a broken record? “Starfox, Metroid, F Zero, New ip”…

    I think it would be cool and sort of make sense if they’re making a… Pokemon Snap game for the Wii U.
    -Pokemon sells well
    -Quite a few people have left Retro Studios; it’s not the same studio that it used to be.
    -it would be a simpler project that would help train the “new” Retro team with hd and Wii u.
    -Pokemon Snap could potentially use the gamepad in new and intresting ways. (A PanoramaView-type Pokemon game would be amazing)

    I haven’t really been hyping myself over Retro really so I’ll be fine with whatever they choose; I’m sure it’ll be great regardless of what they’re working on.

    1. No no no. I almost always hate crossovers. Besides both being in space there’s no reason as to why they would do a crossover. May as well have a starwars and Metroid crossover lol.

  8. I don’t think I’ve ever been more interested in a game without knowing anything about it before then i am for this one

  9. So have heard through various sources there’s few games in development ie F zero and eternal darkness.Am not to sure if nintendo doing these or other developers.

  10. I feel a lot of people will be disappointed because this game possibly can’t live up to this hype. Kind of like the new Daft Punk single.

  11. personally I would suggest nintento for a new IP that be able to appeal hard core (not nintendo core) gamers… they need one IP to feel gaps…

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised I never thought it would be. Starfox all the way. Metroid will come in like 2015. Remember people gotta space out the big games throughout the Wii Us life span or we get a repeat of the Wii where the last 2 years had NOTHING lol.

  12. This supposed game has risen so much hype that I fear it will not live to the huge amount of expectation that the gamer have of it.

  13. How much time need pikmin 3 to be perfect? the damn game has been in developed way before the Wii was even released.

        1. why the hell wouldnt you want a new fucking IP?!?! starfox is needed but a new IP is needed more than anything else! don’t you want to see something different!?

            1. you may be correct but thats not confirmed. reggie said they are working on some fantastic new projects, so Retro is likely working on more than one game. but whatever they are working on is destined to be amazing :)

              1. thats exactly why i wish nintendo had rare. they were retro but created many ips, and came out with high quality games 3 times faster, rareware>retro, unless we can see more in them besides re creating nintendo ips. all rare were was nintendo but made fresh ips like nintendo did back in the nes-snes, but rare made all theres in the snes-64, i dont think they ever will be a company like that again. creating so many new ips that were better than nintendos, besides the n64 zeldas maybe.

          1. Retro IS ALL ABOUT REVIVING NINTENDOS GAMES THAT HAVE GOTTEN SWEPT UNDER THE RUG. While Retro is FULLY capable making a new IP it will never happen. Nintendo gives them the projects and lets them work their magic. I want a Retro Studios Starfox over EVERYTHING ELSE. Over new IP’s over Zelda HD, over Smash Bros. I am a total Starfox fanboy it needs to be revived to its glory.


    If you don’t expect them, then you won’t be disappointed if it isn’t true, and you’ll be even happier if it IS true.

    1. I will continue to firmly believe its Starfox like I have been saying since last year before E3. Once again. My sixth sense for guessing Nintendos things will be true and people will have to once again say well fuck…you were right again. Don’t know how you do it but you were right.

  15. I would want a new Star Fox game only if they went back to the original timeline with the original Star Fox and Star Wolf teams/voices, forget about Panther, Crystal and all the stupid characters they created for Command, just make a sequel to Star Fox 64 in the same period of time just like they do with their other franchises, I don’t need to see an old Peppy staying on board the Great Fox or Fox passing trough puberty having love problems with Crystal, he had a very cool personality before…

    1. They would practically have to reboot the whole story to do that, since Star Fox Adventures establishes that the team had no major jobs after 64.

      And how could you think of Krystal and Panther as stupid. I liked those characters. And don’t get your hopes up for old voices. The current ones are fine.

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  17. Metroid for me! That would be awesome. Can’t get enough :) Another trilogy like Prime would be sweet. I wouldn’t mind a shooter in general. Just please no DK, I just can’t get hyped about that. :/

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