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Rare Designer Who’s Stereoblind Explains How He Can See 3D On Nintendo 3DS


George Kokoris, a senior designer at Rare Ltd., sees double images when he looks at anything farther than 18 inches. This is because his eyes aren’t parallel and he’s “mostly” stereoblind, which is a term given to people who don’t have the ability to perceive stereoscopic depth. Amazingly, when he first played on a Nintendo 3DS, Kokoris says it was the first time he had ever seen a third dimension. To read more about Kokoris’ experience with a Nintendo 3DS, click here.

 I had never known it was possible for reality to look this way—for things to look as solid as they feel.

Yet there I was, holding this little chunk of plastic and silicon in my hands, tears streaming down my face because I had never known it was possible for reality to look this way—for things to look as solid as they feel. I couldn’t look away. I got a 3DS of my own the next day, and later replaced it with an XL. I revisited Hyrule in Ocarina of Time 3D, stopping and staring at every piece of architecture. I still spend more time running aimlessly through Super Mario 3D Land’s gorgeous environments than I do trying to beat the game.

-George Kokoris

56 thoughts on “Rare Designer Who’s Stereoblind Explains How He Can See 3D On Nintendo 3DS”

  1. That’s cool.

    He could use the 3DS’ camera’s to view the real world with depth too. Albeit in piss poor 0.3mp resolution.

    Maybe now he knows this is possible, he could get another device with a better 3D screen and better resolution cameras to view the real world.

  2. I got 1/10th teary eyed as well. Great story, an employee of a former great company that nintendo has awarded unknowingly :).

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  4. The Only Pokemon Champ

    I feel so guilty when I read stuff like this
    Goes to show you how much you have without realizing it
    Amazing story, nonetheless

  5. anonimousbeeotx

    The perception problem caused by the disposition of his eyes may be corrected by the dual image the 3DS projects.
    This could be the first step into a pair of glasses that allows people like mister Kokoris to see correctly.

  6. This guy can’t see in 3d and he’s a designer at Rare? No wonder the quality of their games has been so bad lately.

    1. Designing a game doesnt require 3D vision, you only see 2D on a PC. wtf ! plus he worked hard to get his position while you whine on the Internet…. . ..

  7. get a grip sony and ms casual fans

    I say bullshit I can cover a eye and still see depth the brain compensates

    1. You aren’t seeing actual depth, your brain is still showing you the 2d image, when you move, your brain calculates the illusion of depth, but its not the same, play a 3DS game with no 3D, and itsbasically the same thing as closing one eye, its technically 3D things, but until you use both eyes, you are not truly percieving depth in a 3 dimensional way. Do you get what I am saying? I’m probably explaining this stupidly? Just please understand that seeing in 3d isn’t really happening with just one eye, or two messed up eyes.

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  9. Why can’t they create some kind of goggles using a high resolution camera to display these images in 3D for this guy. I would demand it if I were in his position. Considering it could make things a lot better for him. Still a great story. I hope that nintendo updates the cameras on their next handheld so he can see the world in a higher res. And in 3D!!!!!!

  10. I’m stereoblind as well since I have a lazy eye. I have no depth perception whatsoever, but I can see the stereoscopic 3D with the 3DS just fine. My reaction was similar to his. :)

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