Nintendo Responds To Wii U Hack Claim


Nintendo of America has told Kotaku that they are aware that a group has claimed to have hacked the Wii U, though they have had no reports of illegal Wii U games nor unauthorized applications playable on the system while in Wii U mode. The news came earlier today when WiiKey claimed that they had managed to completely reverse the Wii U drive authentication, disk encryption and file system. Here’s what Nintendo had to say.

“Nintendo is aware that a hacking group claims to have compromised Wii U security. However, we have no reports of illegal Wii U games nor unauthorized applications playable on the system while in Wii U mode. Nintendo continuously monitors all threats to its products’ security and will use technology and will take the necessary legal steps to prevent the facilitation of piracy.”



    1. I think hacking systems are ok, unless you are pirating games, for examples adding flash, customizing the system, getting games from ps2, xbox, and all those other games that aren’t coming to the wii u, same goes for other stystems, that was one of the reasons the psp sold so well

      1. Nope. It’s not worth it. Hacking ruins online gaming. Without stable online gaming, the industry will fade away.

      2. Dumbass. Console hacking vs. game hacking is totally different. Anyone who says otherwise is an insolent douche to the otherwise respectable hacking community.

      3. console hacking makes it possible to run unauthorized code on an otherwise closed system, thus makes it possible to hack games in the first place. so: you’re the dumbass.

      4. Yes it does, but that doesn’t mean game modding auto leads to server hacking. People has a choice to not do that. If that’s not what you mean, then I still don’t think there is anything wrong with unauthorized modding, it doesn’t hurt anything, plus if I own something, I have the right to do that to what I have. Server hacking may be the real problem, and blocking it all (Blocking even single player modding) is just wrong.

      5. You do not have the right to engage in illegal activities, owning a product or not, does not change that.

      6. I don’t care.. Some laws them selves are wrong, and offensive. And is unconstitutional to a lot of bill of rights. I think people does in fact have a right. Deal with it. If I own a phone I bought, I’m modding it.. Plus, I don’t think there is any real laws that tell people that they can’t much.. And companies should never have a right to get away with unnatural actions.

      7. Doesn’t look like you did, if you did, you wouldn’t post maybe. And I won’t deal with something that offends someone’s privacy with whatever they own. I was just standing up.

        Lets drop it now.

      8. Well we probably need laws that protect people’s privacy, living, etc. :P Some laws can be bad like SOPA.

      9. Yes… people have a choice…
        Still theres always some dipshit that wants to ruin the game for others for a fake feeling of superiority.

      10. Yeah people may hack the servers still, but people can come up with ways to stop unconsent hack. The only server mod I’m fine is if you had your own with people who wants to use it or something. But yeah, I often hate it when people ruin a legit challenge some people want.

      11. Despite the fact that that kid is an asshole, he’s right.

      12. It is a shame that you didn’t start your response with phrase, “respectable hacking community.” The rest of us wouldn’t have needed to read through your entire message prior to realizing you had no clue what you were talking about. But, hey, you got to also use the phrase, “insolent douche,” and, clearly, you have been waiting for a chance to do so.

      13. You say that and yet the industry was brought up with offline gaming. Most games these days are single player. (with online features) I don’t think the industry will fade because you can’t play with a random stranger.

      14. Nintendo with Miiverse, PS4 + Facebook. MS + Xbox Live or whatever they have in store. Single player only gaming has already been fading away for the last couple of years.Most single player games even now are criticized if they do not include coop. This is just the way of it dude.

  1. Kick thier asses Nintendo, hire some Ninjas, get rid of those POS hacking cowards that can’t “hack it” in the real world with a real job.

    1. This! Entitled.creeps thinking the rules don’t apply tothem.
      I get wanting mods and.otherwise but in this case it seems to lead to a lot of crud. Good riddance em.

      1. or nintendo could just supply an API for homebrew development

        i get why they’re not doing it.. because it’s their system and they only want software they approve of running on it, but if they don’t they shouldn’t wonder when people try to circumvent it… i get that too.. and in that case nintendo has absolutely no control over the process.. makes me wonder whether an API shouldn’t be preferrable

        personally i like having some extra homebrew functionality on my console

        i know it’s technically not legal, but i also know i’m not hurting anyone by doing that in any measurable way so you can imagine that my bad conscience in this case is rather limited

      2. “I know it’s technically not legal, but i also know i’m not hurting anyone by doing that in any measurable way so you can imagine that my bad conscience in this case is rather limited”

        An illegal arms dealer said that once or twice…

      3. i’m not gonna have myself be compared to an arms dealer whether legal or illegal

        go and fuck yourself until it hurts ;)

        thanks for your cooperation

      4. if that’s the only thought crossing your mind while doing it then i’d recommend some lubricant

      5. It hurts nintendo when they lose their already anemic 3rf party support.

      6. game sales on the wii were absolutely fantastic, in spite of the hack which was available fairly early on

        i don’t see how this is supposed to hurt third party support

        when software sales are great.. they are great

      7. Would not be surprised if your consoles got bricked within the next couple of days! Even cops are honest videogamers…food for thought!

      8. unfortunately there’s no food to be had in your comment since i have absolutely no idea what you’re trying to tell me with your excursion on honest video gamer cops and a console suddenly bricking even tho it has been running fine for years :)

      9. It wouldn’t make any difference because people will still hack the consoles then play Mario Kart with unlimited blue shells and ruin it for everyone else.

      10. Do you genuinely think people get furthest in life by “following the rules”?
        To make it big you have screw others over to get what you want (look no further than Carlos Slim, Hollywood, the Mafia and business in general).
        The smart look for the easiest way to exploit life without directly threatening themselves.

    2. Clearly you don’t know the definition of hacking, as you seem to have it confused with cracking. I might also point out that some of us not only have a real job, but that job, in fact, is to hack. And it pays quite well. Making a game/console/phone/computer/anything do something that it wasn’t originally designed to do is half the fun. Sure, piracy is bad, giving yourself an unfair advantage over others is bad, but expressing creativity is good. And shame on anyone who believes otherwise.

      On a side note: I do believe there are actually business laws that fall under the Intellectual Property laws that do forbid the unauthorized reverse-engineering, re-manufacturing or re-distribution of a company/persons Intellectual Property. Selling the product to you does not expressly give you this authorization. Not that they are going to know though unless you are using it to the aforementioned ‘unfair advantage’. :P

      P.S. – There is this wonderful thing called spell-check, it could help you out a bit. Perhaps a course in English Grammar wouldn’t hurt either.

      1. what the hell does welfare and its exploitation have to do with that? Oo

        also: ever heard of homebrew?

      2. oh and you have a source for that claim.. where exactly?

        homebrew has produced a very large community and there’s countless community sites offering homebrew software to back that claim

      3. and I suppose none of them are now pirating games just because they can now, with a modded console. When you gain some more real world experience these points will become crystal clear.

      4. all i’m hearing is assumptions

        i’m still waiting for those sources

      5. oh i do not have to

        you’re the one who made the ridiculous claim that every homebrew user is a potential pirate and doesn’t actually hack the console to just use homebrew software

        innocent until proven guilty.. ever heard of that before?

        maybe you actually haven’t… some less .. civilized countries don’t adhere to that principle from what i hear :)

      6. There is this saying….

        You will find that it suits you and also defines the predicament you are facing, very much so…you may just be amazed.

        “It’s better to be considered a fool, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

        Think on that for awhile. BEFORE you comment.

      1. No babe. I’m just being honest, throwing my two cents in. Nintebdo has spewed the same thing since GCN.

        I’ve also been keeping up with the industry since the early 2000’s.

        Just an opinion.

      2. You state it like it’s fact what you said, BTW reading headlines isn’t really keeping up with the industry at all, Piracy will soon be a thing of the past.

      3. “They can not and will not do shit.” BWAHAHAHAH~~~~~~~~

        nintendo stopped hacking on the 3DS. No more R4 cards. They sued each and every company who was selling it and won. 3DS’s have been bricked through updates if using custom roms.

        The Wii homebrew app was pretty useless. I even installed it. It really didn’t do much. You still weren’t able to watch movies off of the wii with it either. lol

        “I’ve also been keeping up with the industry since the early 2000′s.”

        I’ve been playing games since atari and commador. I have less of a life than you but more of a brain. BWAHAHAHA~~~~~

      4. ” It really didn’t do much. You still weren’t able to watch movies off of the wii with it either. lol” Really cause I can, WiiMC

      5. “The Wii homebrew app was pretty useless. I even installed it. It really didn’t do much. You still weren’t able to watch movies off of the wii with it either. lol”

        then you were doing it wrong

        i could watch movies off DVD and off HDD just fine
        i can stream movies via network from my PC using DLNA

        i could also back up my wii games AND my GCN games to HDD and play them
        that’s a lot more than the wii usually can do

        ” I have less of a life than you but more of a brain. BWAHAHAHA~~~~~”

        are you sure about that last part? because it certainly doesn’t look like it

      6. you’re the one reducing a console hack to playing illegal games only

        so yeah i guess i’m gonna call you the ignorant one good sir

      7. Who cares what else you can do with the hack, that’s not the point. The fact is it is used to pirate games and used to destroy online gaming. Supporting console hacking means you are support these uses, no matter what you do with the console after it’s hacked, period.

      8. PC games can deal with online hacking and if they can, so can console games

        as for supporting it: you’re supporting every single fuckup your country has ever commited by simply buying groceries everyday and thus paying taxes.. ever thought about that? terrible world ain’t it

      9. that’s a great idea .. maybe then you’ll start realizing how often in your life you’ve already unwittingly actively supported questionable or even outright illegal activities with unreflective consumerism

        oh btw did you know that wii U is being produced at foxconn? maybe your wii U was assembled by a 10 year old.. or maybe the indium used to manufacture the pads screen was mined by a guy who is slowly dying of lung failure induced by the toxic particles due to poor working conditions and security in his mine

        that would make it a special console right? :D

        you either live with it or you avoid it.. or you simply live a life like an ignorant idiot never even wasting a thought about it
        your choice

        well i’m gonna get some sleep since it’s really hard to think in your presence hearing that buzzing sound of your soaring ignorance all the time

      10. if you think it’s irrelevant or speculative then you might wanna educate yourself about 3rd world working conditions .. rare earth elements are just the tip of the iceberg

        the ignorance is strong with this one

      11. We were discussing the damage done to the game industry by console hacking, not some kid working in poor conditions, which for all intents and purposes you conjured up based on your own needs to feel less like an idiot.

      12. “We were discussing the damage done to the game industry by console hacking, not some kid working in poor conditions, which for all intents and purposes you conjured up based on your own needs to feel less like an idiot.”

        WE were? oh no no no

        you were.. discussing something you can apparently neither procure any sources for nor quantize in any meaningful way.. and i’m the conjurer here?

        at least the poor working conditions i “conjured up” are a fact..

        you can look it up everywhere on the web in case you actually doubt that, but for your own sake i hope you do not

        and while not a fact it’s at least a very high propability that by buying a wii U you directly supported those working conditions and yet you’re coming here trying to tell me i should have a bad conscience because i would somehow support copyright infringements and resulting damages to the industry by hacking my wii U (the abstract connection of which you haven’t even bothered to elaborate on) and then you back your claims with.. what exactly? null

        yes that’s very convincing and all and while having this “discussion” with you about those ominous damages has been a blast it’s getting very late now and i really need my beauty sleep

        have a nice day ;)

      13. @ kehool you havent made a valid point in any of your could counter points. Why dont leave it at that?

      14. I agree with you kehool. Hacking/modding (Talking about single player and console) doesn’t hurt anyone. There is no eviedence that it does. I study these things a lot, read open articles, etc. And yet I and some others on here post >Facts<. Not stupid claims. Even though I have a different view on "piracy" but the modding thing, I agree. In fact, homebrew and other legit modding has led the wii to maybe be even more popular. And of course, people can choose to not hack servers and servers can try to take care of them selves.

      15. “@ kehool you havent made a valid point in any of your could counter points. Why dont leave it at that?”

        i have been making a lot of valid points
        if you can’t grasp them that is not my fault

      16. Its suprizing that i have to comment a second time. You sound like your family was killed by a mario kart cheat or something. Quit whining.

      17. Once again, responding to the tripod guy whos comparing homebrew to a gateway drug

      18. yes this time i realized because you actually replied to the right guy… tho it’s hard to see who’s replying to whom with this new forum software.. they should fix that

    1. It X86 architecture, it’ll be hacked quick, even faster there will be emulators

  2. Good guy Nintendo.

    Lets guys mod consoles and game, long as nothing is pirated.

  3. Pretty much happens every single time a console is released. Shame companies can’t do this to their software to prevent piracy:

  4. This is bad news , kind of.

    But the hackers will get around. Which I respect as you own what you buy. Which is what’s important. Deal with it.

    Companies should never have rights to tell people what they can and cannot do in there own homes. It’s wrong.

  5. This is bad news, kind of.

    But the hackers will get around, as I respect because people should be able to do what they want with what they bought or get for free. Deal with it.

    Companies should never, and will never have the right to tell people in there own homes what they can and cannot do with there own things. Heh. :P

  6. Hack away, but hacked machines should have online privileges removed, like MS tried with 360, didnt work for far with them though.

  7. burn them Nintendo…let them all burn!!! I have no pity for stupid hackers!!!

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