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Nintendo Keeping An Eye On Cloud Gaming


Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has told investors that the company is keeping a close eye on the advancements in cloud gaming. Iwata said they aren’t prepared to embrace it at this precise moment in time due to the responsiveness and the unavoidable network latency. Here’s what Satoru Iwata told investors.

“Of course, we constantly pay attention to the advances and changes in cloud gaming technology and Internet infrastructure. On the other hand, I don’t think that our games, particularly the types that have strict requirements in terms of real-time responsiveness, can offer high-quality services using cloud gaming technology because of unavoidable network latency.”

“We will of course continue to see how this technology develops, but in order to decide whether cloud gaming is something that we should be interested in, we will need to closely follow the changes in technology and also the business environment. However, at this point in time, I do not think that acquiring a cloud gaming company will in any way improve our performance, so we are not moving in that direction.”

64 thoughts on “Nintendo Keeping An Eye On Cloud Gaming”

      1. Theres nothing wrong with copying the competition. after all it’s not the first time Nintendo copied it’s archrival. Sony invented dual analogs, added non gaming media (DVD’s Blu Ray CD’s ect), and came up with motion controls before Nintendo (power glove was not made by Ninendo) Nintendo should really keep an eye on PS4 in the future.

        1. My comment wasn’t really negative. I too think Nintendo could take some notes, and they probably already have. Some of the features in the new Wii U update were pretty similar to things announced for the PS4. Downloading content while playing a game and while the system is off to be more specific.

          1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

            Aha, I was wondering where I’d heard that whole “download when the system is turned off” feature before. PS4 conference. Thanks, man xD

          2. Xbox360 has had the turn off your console while downloading domething and it will keep on downloading it for a while now

        2. Nintendo invented anologs sticks with N64. Having two of them was clever , but I’m sure Nintendo already had that planned with the Gamecube , which ended up with the annoying C – stick.

          1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

            Did the C-stick ever do anything? All I remember it doing were the side-A/side-B attacks in SSBMelee.

        3. Thank God you’re not the CEO. Whether Nintendo “takes notes” from the competition or not, they will always remain ahead in terms of being innovative. Maybe they didn’t create the power glove. But Nintendo made motion controls fun. The competition took notes on that one. Second screen? Who was doing that on a major level aside from Nintendo with the DS? Now its “our Vita can do what the Wii U can do” and “with your xbox and SmartGlass its exactly the Wii U only better”. Pure innovation speaks for itself. Should Nintendo keep an eye on the competition? Yeah every now and then glance over. But trust…they are watching Nintendo even closer.

          1. I guess you’re right. i’m only 15 so i don’t really know how the business works. you have to admit that the PS4 is really looking fantastic right now. i’m just trying to say that they have some fantastic ideas for PS4 that Nintendo can find useful :)

        4. Kirby tilt n’ tumble could be considered as the game which introduced motion based gameplay, so at least for me ninty came up with motion controls first.

        5. Nintendo CAME with the analog stick on a home console. Sony COPIED the idea. Not the opposite.
          However, Nintendo seems to avoid licensing fees at all cost whevever possible. For exemple, they won’t use DVD per se to avoid licensing the DVD Forum for the use of it. So, they made their own with the same size. of course, they wouldn’t license Sony for The Blu-ray, so they made their own 25GB media. They licensed h264/AAC though because the WiiU browser do read those… (They could have chosen open source HTML standards instead).

          1. First of all, who the hell doesnt have a DVD player these days? Second of all Nexflix, HBO GO, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Crackle, Youtube and Blockbuster is effecting DVD sales these days. Nintendo doesnt need no DVD. People already bitching thinking $350 for a Wii U is too much. A DVD player would add to cost.

        6. You speak as if Nintendo copied Sony yet Sony absolutely never copied Nintendo.
          Well, the way I see it.

        7. “Sony invented dual analogs” They added a second analog stick to replace the c-buttons.

          “added non gaming media (DVD’s Blu Ray CD’s ect)” Sega went there first and when Nintendo jumped on the disc bandwagon they always favored a proprietary format.

          “and came up with motion controls before Nintendo (power glove was not made by Ninendo)” Nintendo had motion controls before the Wii Remote. In 2000 they released Kirby’s Tilt n’ Tumble.

          “Nintendo should really keep an eye on PS4 in the future.” You seriously don’t think Nintendo keeps an eye on Sony?

          1. 1) thats exactly my point. 2) Sony was the first to do that, not Sega. 3) you might have a point 4) Not at all, Nintendo doesnt compare itself to others and they do there own things.

    1. What, you mean making it so that the Wii U can’t play anything from the past natively and has to be connected to the internet to do so?

      No. Fucking. Thank. You.

  1. The reason I’m not buying Animal Crossing: New Leaf is because that if something happens to my 3DS, I don’t want to lose AC:NL with it. If Nintendo makes it so that purchases are saved to a cloud, or on an account, I’d start buying digital titles. But for now, it’s a no-go for me.

    1. Do you seriously not know that 3DS games save to the cartridge and NOT the system? Unlike other handhelds and their expensive memory cards *cough* Vita *cough* *cough*

      1. uuhhh.. Yes I’m not an idiot, of course I know that. What I was saying, is that if something were to happen to my 3DS (Like, if it breaks) I don’t want to lose and re-buy all my downloaded games.

        1. Tip – don’t lose your 3DS (not hard to do) you only have yourself to blame if you do.

          And if you break it Nintendo will fix it or you and all your data will be intact.

          I don’t see that as a problem at all.

          1. I was mostly talking about if it broke. And will Nintendo fix it if it breaks? Sweet!

            But still, I’ll be sticking to physical copies for now. Safer.

          2. SherlockWillFightBilbo

            I dunno about your region but I moved to the part of the US where I am now and in the first month of school my TI-84 calculator was stolen. Now, for a more expensive and valuable piece of technology, like a 3DS, I’m sure more people will feel tempted. Seriously, who steals a CALCULATOR >.>

            Obviously I’d have my 3DS in my bag but there are thieves everywhere. It’s best not to put all of your data on one device rather than spread it out.

            1. Yikes I’d be destroyed if someone stole my baby… But yes, physical copy for me.

              On the Wii U, however, I would be fine downloading a full game digitally. I probably wont, because I like having the cases and disks, but I would.

        2. Then why did you say you’re not getting Animal Crossing if you’re only worried about downloaded titles? Buy the physical copy if you’re that worried.

          1. What I meant was:

            “The reason I’m not buying -the digital version of- Animal Crossing: New Leaf…”

            I only just now realized that. Sorry ’bout that.

    2. My brother is buying the AC 3ds xl and buying a extra copy of the game. Me and my brother don’t consider downloaded games as real games.

    3. That really has nothing to do with cloud gaming…more of tied network accounts…and I’m glad they are not doing cloud gaming at any point soon I’ve played some games on PC that were this way and the games are barely playable. The latency issues are game breaking and I’m running 50M Internet connection

      1. True. The best use in cloud gaming I’ve seen was when I had to replace my iPad and when I got the new one, all my Jetpack Joyride data wasn’t lost :P

    4. Yes, it is safer at this point to stick with physical copies. Plus digital games should be cheaper than retail copies IMO

    5. That is not cloud gaming or even cloud. That is just a database that keeps your record.

      Cloud gaming require some sort of internet connection and at least part or all of the game is based on the companies server. You would need to log in to access the game or it would have licensee checks constantly.

  2. However, at this point in time, I do not think that acquiring a cloud gaming company will in any way improve our performance, so we are not moving in that direction.”

    That saved my day.
    I will miss my box and manuals.
    I don’t want cloud gaming. I buy a lot of games as decoration. I of course play them but I wouldn’t have downloaded them.
    I just love game boxes.

    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      I feel the same way, and yet a lot of friends and family don’t understand it. It’s so satisfying to have all those cases to show xD! They’re like trophies, really.

  3. simpleminded sony fruit cakes




    1. The future, honestly, whether people like it or not (and honestly at this point, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t).

      1. My internet is kind of slow and I am in NYC. Many places don’t have an internet connection in the US or its still dial-up. I am sure there are a few countries that aren’t Europe or Japan that are in similar positions.

        So no cloud gaming please, not yet.

  4. Hopefully not the same way they “kept an eye on” HD TVs. We all know how wonderful THAT all turned out (e.g. Nintendo being that one still-sober guy that shows up to the keg party once everyone has left and gone home).

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