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Download Tank! Tank! Tank! For Free And Get 60 Club Nintendo Coins

Tank tank tankTank! Tank! Tank! was released as a free download yesterday on the Nintendo eShop for North American Wii U owners. Now, it seems as though you can download the game and register it on Club Nintendo to get 60 free coins after completing the standard survey. It’s currently unknown if Nintendo has issued this in error, but for now you can take advantage of this offer.

29 thoughts on “Download Tank! Tank! Tank! For Free And Get 60 Club Nintendo Coins”

  1. Nintendo will not go bankrupt for 60 coins. If at all this is the smartests tactics to get people to try the game.

  2. MOTHERFUCKING ANAL RAPIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Got it last night, tried it this morning… it isn’t the full version, as I have to DL the DLC to unlock most of it. Still, free is free, and I got the 60 coins before I saw this article, so… surprise to me! Now 30 coins away from being Platinum. I’d have already hit it, but… broke, so… ya.

    1. I thought that too, but expiration on the registration survey was before June 30, when this years point accumulation ends, So even though I am platinum I registered it, as I downloaded it last night..

  4. I was gone since April 29, and now I have nine pages to read! Can someone summarize what happened?

    1. Tanks, tank tanks is free
      Several VC released
      Nyan cat to sue Scribbelnauts(it is true, is not a joke)
      Fire emblem DLC censored
      Capcom to release Ghost adn goblins(NES ans SNES)

      1. What are they suing Scribblenauts for?
        Also, I heard that Sega and Gearbox are sued to? And Nintendo got in trouble for WaraWara Plaza?

        1. Sega was sued for mis-representing Aliens: Colonial Marines, and some Japanese bar chain seems to think WaraWara’s a name that can be owned…

  5. I download it yesterday in the night, I tried it today this morning, why call this thing free when the first thing it ask you to do is download other stuff and not allowing you to play the first stage? This is Bullshit

    1. That is what I wondering too. XD A free 60 coins plus a $5! LOL But I don’t think we get any points regarding to ddp due to the fact that it give 3 points for NES or SNES games on sales. For the discount it is 9 points for NES and 14 points for SNES. I didn’t get any points from Zen pinball 2 (only club Nintendo coins I got). But I did get Nintendo Land points for 599 when it came with the Zombie U bundle. I think you need to redeem a code to get stuffs rather than downloading discount or free stuffs to get points. So I rather go to game shop to buy digital copy for discount price than download discount price on eShop for ddp points.

  6. ya me either… its been a couple hours and still no survey. maybe it’s no longer available…

  7. I downloaded Tank Tank Tank last night but for some reason my club nintendo account does NOT sync up to my account online so I dont know how to get the 60 points..I have synced it twice but it still doesnt show up..also..what Tank Tank DLC is recommended for purchase

  8. Of course, it’s not a rewards program but a feedback program. They’re not paying you for buying their stuff, but for the feedback you give them.

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