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CollegeHumor: Dinosaur Office And BearShark “Wouldn’t Exist” Without Nintendo


Last week, on May 2nd, CollegeHumor released a BearShark video game on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS. The game costs $3.99 and currently has a five-star rating on the Nintendo eShop. In a recent interview, CollegeHumor said it would love to bring its products to the Wii U. Apparently, CollegeHumor’s cartoon series Dinosaur Office and BearShark – both of which were released via the Nintendo Video application on the Nintendo 3DS – would not exist without Nintendo’s ongoing support.

Do you see BearShark making it’s way to Nintendo Wii U any time soon? Is that an area that you’d like to explore more?

CollegeHumor: We’d love to expand to the Wii U. We’ll have to wait and see.

Being a relatively small developer, how would you describe your dealings with Nintendo thus far?

CollegeHumor: Nintendo has been great. They’ve been very supportive of us from the very beginning. BearShark the cartoon wouldn’t exist without Nintendo, nor would another series we created, Dinosaur Office.

34 thoughts on “CollegeHumor: Dinosaur Office And BearShark “Wouldn’t Exist” Without Nintendo”

  1. Good to see Nintendo embrace the indie market, and to see the indie developers recognize it.

  2. If we could have also a meat or die game it would be great. It should be like super meat boy but at the end instead of bandage girl it is one of the animales but when they reach them something fun happens.

  3. I would like to See full 3D movies and episodes on 3DS. For example When films like Wreck it Ralph come out , they get a 3D version on 3DS :) . I have a blu ray player , Netflix , etc etc . But I would not hesitate to download 3D movies and watch them on 3DS.

  4. lol I happened to have a pair of 3d glasses laying around and I put them on and got to look at the screen shot in 3d on my comp LOL

        1. What??? Can you structure your sentences better? We cant comunicate if both sucks at english.

          1. LOL i didn’t do anything hahaha it was my lil bro hahaha oh that little fucker :3 and FUCK YOU!!

  5. Nintendo’s doing a lot more than they did last generation to reach out to the little guys and help them along.
    That’s a good thing to see, as it will only help them in the long run.

  6. i hope nintendo makes a wii u nintendo video. other apps the wii u could “barrow” from the 3ds is some photo app and a music application.

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