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Watch Dogs Players Will Be Able To Connect To The Game Via Mobile Devices


Watch Dogs senior producer Dominic Guay has revealed that players will be able to use their mobile devices in some capacity to connect to the game. Guay says that they want the player to be able to connect to Watch Dogs via their mobile devices. This will enable them to participate in the game with other players on consoles and be part of a connected world.

“We wanted the player to be able to connect to Watch Dogs even through his mobile. Be able to play directly with people who are on their console, who are on their PlayStation 4, even if he’s on the bus. Basically to be attached to our game world even when he steps out of the living room.”

45 thoughts on “Watch Dogs Players Will Be Able To Connect To The Game Via Mobile Devices”

  1. be connected to the world even when your not playing the game!! that is sad, if im not playing im not going to go mobile with it so i can be connected to the world!! i got my own world to be connected to. life is not a videogame

    1. You’re an idiot.
      You basically just said all handheld gaming out of the house is pointless.

    1. yeah out of character for posting this shit on here, get out of here. i blogged this article i found on here and then put it on this website. yeah we know and dont care

      1. Firstly, a reblog shows it as your article and your blog and only accomplishes getting more views to your site if someone was to see it on here. Also, I posted it because I liked it and liked the blog. So really, you accomplish nothing by being so offensive and rude. But good job.

    1. I imagine alot of games using phones as a sort of “add on”.
      Imagine a tower defence game, or even something like Metal Gaar, where you can set up bases, and challenges for friends or just people, or even yourself, choose the map layout, enemies, cameras, id totally do that on the bus or on work breaks.
      Or a horror game where it call your phone and sends messages (within an app of course).

      It’s all part of involving the player with the game more than just buttons, and 2 analog sticks.
      Which makes the “gamepad is a gimmick” argument even more stupid.

  2. And what will the cell be able to do? It would be weak if it just for leaderboards and what missions your friends are making.

  3. Developers have actually already tried this for a spy MMO. You were able to accept missions through your phone and got calls/voicemails from your superior. It was super weird and had It’s pros and cons.

  4. I think he is only talking about the PS4’s feature to actually play your PS4 games on the go when the PS4 is on sleep mode, I don’t think this feature will be in any over console apart from the PS4.

    1. Yeah, that’s what I was thinking – the new remote play smartphone, tablet, and Vita functions for the PS4.

      I guess we’ll find out more details this E3 or at least before launch.

  5. Well, one is positively eager to see the results of this most interesting idea…
    Watchdogs will clearly be an intriguing title – we hope it lives up to expectations!

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  7. Nintendo Commander

    This will be somewhat like Facebook and other social media, only alot more fun hopefully…

    But of course, civilians will dismiss it right away because it’s connected to a real game and they will just stay with their boring Facebook…

  8. The idea of connecting mobile devices with console games is REALLY SMART.

    This could be taken really far with great ideas and new innovative ways of gaming***

  9. If they had directly said they were doing this with the Wii U instead of mentioning the PS4, I’d place bets that the trolls on this site wouldn’t even think twice about calling it a crappy gimmick.
    Hypocrisy is everywhere.

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