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RuneScape 3 Could Come To Consoles


Runescape developer Jagex has said that there’s a possibility that the HTML5-powered RuneScape 3 could eventually come to home consoles. Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard has told IGN that they are preparing to bring the popular MMO title to tablet devices sometime during the fourth quarter. Gerhard says that bringing RuneScape 3 to consoles would be a reasonably simple process, but admits that it would be difficult for the console manufacturers to play nice with each other and stop fragmenting the community. 

“Consoles are easy, If you can just get the console manufacturers to play nice with each other and stop fragmenting the community then we could do something there too.”

“Ultimately, you’ve got to go where you think the ball’s going to be, rather than chasing after it. Sometimes that means you have to make decisions without necessarily having all the data to say that it’s the right call, or that you can do it.”

44 thoughts on “RuneScape 3 Could Come To Consoles”

    1. The gamepad on Wii U is a perfect for RPG’s that use items, IDK whats wrong with developers not yet announcing any RPGs for Wii U

    2. To be honest, eoc is pretty good when you get into it, as long as you dont fight ‘-‘ which is pretty SH*T

  1. “If you can just get the console manufacturers to play nice with each other and stop fragmenting the community” – Well said.

    1. Yeah, it’s sad but true. Consoles from one company can’t play with consoles of another company (which is understandable) and very few allow console to PC cross-play. At least Sony is more open to devs doing what they want and allowing them to cross-play with PC in various games (Portal 2, DUST 514/EVE, FF XIV: ARR, etc.).

      Not sure if Nintendo would allow it on a large scale. Would be nice if they did. I could see the Wii U being a great home for more MMOs.

    2. Agree, I think it would be cool if the big three made one huge super smash bros like game with all their exclusives once every generation multiplatform

        1. OOh I’m Walter White, pissing everyone off because I feel like it! Seriously find something better to do :P

            1. Nintendo is ur favorite system! That’s why u can stop talking about how bad it it is, when u say bad, I unndrstand that u mean good, and so that’s great, just like micheal Jackson’s song Bad, u are a Genius of the double entendra and must be given ur credit for being the biggest of all Nintendo fans. Can u teach me better how to find all the golden star coins in Mario U please, I need help so much for u are the expert of all that is good and Nintendo.

            2. oh i know YOU mother fucker, you were in Wii U daily Forums TROLLING THE FCK OUTTA EVERy1 as WELL

  2. I hate Rune scape lol. I remember my friend used to play it whilst I was playing PSO on the gamecube lol. He was too poor to get a hunters liscence.

  3. Considering the Wii U runs HTML5 natively, Nintendo should jump in and get this as an exclusive.

    1. Yep. The wiiU browser is lightning fast. Better than my PC. The only time I use my iPod for web is if my Game pad is out of range from the console.

      1. LOVE the way you can have tabs on the Wiiu aswell lol. Listen to music on Youtube whilst browsing at the same time. It’s such an essential feature!

  4. Console companies don’t want to play nice anymore.

    They rarely do cross compatibility. (I remember the last one to do it was Final Fantasy 10 I think)

  5. I would LOVE to have this! Imagine how good looking The World Wakes and Dungeoneering would look from the graphics from the Wii U. It would be awesome!

  6. Sony & Microsoft seem to share many games for their respective consoles… But Nintendo??? That’s different. Nintendo does NOT get to share the same titles….

    That is not the fault of the developers but the fault of Nintendo.

    Please change Nintendo.

  7. Runescape 3? I thought it was still just Runescape that go continuously updated…never even heard of Runescape 2.

    1. Runescape 2 is the one that is currently being played. Runescape 1 is the classic version which is only available to some of the members (unless something has changed in a year).

    1. Dont get your hopes up this is Jagex were talking about.did you see what they did to ace of spaees?

  8. if you guys wondered about Runescape 2…because RS 2 is the one ”we” play

    RS1: 1999-2002 (classic Runescape)
    RS2: 2002-now (Runescape 2)

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