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GAME To Open 18 New Stores Across The UK By July

game_logoUK retailer GAME has planned to open up 18 new stores across the UK by the end of July – only a year since their troubled finances forced them to close 227 stores. The news comes after the company paid its backing investment firm OpCapita £3.2 miliion in interest from its first four months under the new ownership.

According to The Telegraph, though, GAME still owes £103 million to OpCapita, but are paying it back above the base rate at 7.5 per cent. If sales continue to go soundly for GAME, they should be able to pay off the whole sum by April 2017. GAME, which has over 300 stores across the UK, said their outlook was ‘positive’ for the future.

21 thoughts on “GAME To Open 18 New Stores Across The UK By July”

  1. Pitfall near your door

    I remember having one of them down here is AUS…it closed down and now it’s a glasses shop lol.

  2. I dont shop there anymore £50-£55 for wii u games and £40 for 3DS games are unacceptable prices

  3. Went to game to get Luigi’s Mansion but it was £40 so I just left and bought the downloadable version…

    1. Which is also £40?

      if you’re gonna pay £40, you may as well get a boxed version.

      Or just be sensible and pay £30 for a boxed version from somewhere that isn’t shit.

  4. Man, it sucks that digital is just loosing people jobs and companies money, but at the same time, stop fucking about the consumer, GAME charges out the ass for games.

  5. GAME prices are not that bad either online or instore, people seem to forget that the actual highstreet shops cost more to run, some of the costs are off-set by the online side of the company, do people REALLY want only supermarkets to stock games & only the top 10 games & once they have the market they will push the prices up.

    I do not mind paying a couple of pounds more for a game, i buy from both GAME online & in-store, i always get my consoles from the stores & go to the midnight launches, as gamers we SHOULD all support a actual game retailer that only focuses on games, i am NOT saying people should buy every single game from them, i do not myself but most of my games are from GAME, sometimes i have had to switch my online orders from ShopTo to GAME because from GAME the game i am wanting is £2-3 more but it has other items with it, with Luigi’s Mansion i got a Boo Stress Ball :D

    The Boo Stress Ball is like this one in this video

  6. GAME should come back to Ireland, not expand in the UK. There’s 3 chains in Ireland that sell games, one is in administration and one is a toy shop, the other is GameStop, and their prices are ridiculous

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