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Datel Japan To Release Slick Famicom Faceplate For Wii U GamePad


Datel Japan have released pictures of a sleek aluminium Famicom-style faceplate for the Wii U GamePad. This design is intended for use with a Deluxe Wii U set, as the buttons on a Famicom controller are black. With the faceplate on, the GamePad will not work in the standard Wii U charger cradle. Luckily, Datel Japan offers an alternate cradle that allows the GamePad with faceplate to fit. It is not clarified whether or not the faceplate will interfere with NFC-based activities. The faceplate will be launching July 31st, at ¥1,980 (about $20).

31 thoughts on “Datel Japan To Release Slick Famicom Faceplate For Wii U GamePad”

    1. It looked quite cheap to begin with.

      I really have grown to hate that finger-print giddy plastic it has on it.

  1. I can just make a gold foil Tru force emblem for my gamepad at my old business. Thank goodness for quitting on good terms;)

  2. It would also be pretty easy to make this same cover and make the gamepad still fit in the cradle that came with the deluxe

    1. Only adding about 4 grams to the overall weight of the gamepad, this cover will probably add about 13 oz to gamepad weight

    1. I hope that Nintendo makes them for collectors editions of their big games like 3d Mario, bayonetta 2, or next Zelda (would like one for xenoblade 2 but I prefer a custom pro controller)

  3. this is nintendos first pathetic attempt to have people buy wii u. ‘remember nes that was a good console and what do we have here’……. a nes controller!!!! this will have wii us selling off shelves. how about some fucking games!!!! seriously the wii slowly destroyed them, making everybody hate them leaving core and noa good games back in the dark, making it so there fans couldnt play anything. fanboys are so stupid to try to deny this

    1. … why are you so angry lol. its just a tin to put on the cover of your wii u gamepad that look cool. not a system seller and nobody thinks that. it looks fucking cool but the cover is a novelty and doesn’t help your gaming experience at all. Nintendo just needs games to sell the wii u and that’s what they are going to give us this year. calm yourself. you’ll get your amazing games in a few months. you should be patient, its a virtue you know.

      1. im just making fun of nintendos horrible marketing, and the second half is just true. the wii u already has a better line up than the vita so its not that bad

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