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Sims Creator Will Wright Names Miyamoto A Developer Hero


Will Wright – the designer behind The Sims, SimCity, and Spore – has named Shigeru Miyamoto as one of his personal developer heroes. Wright praises Miyamoto’s ability to focus a game around the player. This inspiration will be seen in Wright’s latest unannounced project. Wright stated that his development company Syntertainment is focusing on “how we build a game around the player’s life – the places they know, the people they hang out with”. Wright also cited developers Peter Molyneux and Sid Meier as current developer inspirations.

What I admire most about [Miyamoto] is he always puts the player first. [Molyneux] takes a lot of risks. [Meier’s] games are just playable.

131 thoughts on “Sims Creator Will Wright Names Miyamoto A Developer Hero”

      1. I agree. They should just go thirs-party regardless of how much money they have. Honestly that company has screwed up every console since the SNES.

        N64 – fatal flaw of going with cartridges instead of discs

        GameCube – lack of online and atrocious console design

        Wii – underpowered and gimmicky controller

        Wii U – once again, underpowered and gimmicky controller

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          1. nintendo ID: Hellstrike

            “Go die in a fire” you just made my day! XD
            @Neutron seems your trolling idea list is running out when you say the same thing about the wii and the wii U. Heck, if they are so much the same to you, then expect the wii U to kick the same ass this gen too, just like the wii shut your mouth last gen!

        2. N64- 4 players, more powerful than competition, and good games

          GameCube- hardware stacked well with competitors, Some of the most highest rated games ever, cool ass name and played Gameboy games.

          Wii- cheap, underpowered but innovative, fun and had good graphics if you were drunk!

          Wii U- underpowered but still has amazing graphics and features, innovative controller and superior online.

          1. nintendo ID: Hellstrike

            superior online? Am i living in a different universe or is my Wii U not as yours? Look, it would have superior online if it was meeting its marketing picture aka:
            ●miiverse application
            ●nintendo tvii(in many countries still TBA)
            ●miiverse not dedicated
            ○100 charachter limit
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            please prove me wrong(i hope these get better over time)

          2. You say that as if PS1 didn’t have any good games. When really that console was home to many gems.

            1. You are putting words in my mouth. I never said ps1 never had good games. So by your logic if i say xbox has good games that means ps3 doesnt?

          1. Also ignoring that N64 was the first to introduce rumble pak and four players. Also ignoring that N64 was the first with analog sticks.

            1. You talk about Wiimotes being a gimmick…. ignoring that the Move is a worst. Wii U underpowered? Ignoring that no Wii U game maxed out Wii U’s graphics capacity. Also ignoring that the first few months xbox 360 launched, people criticised it’s games not looking better than regular Xbox.

              1. Wii u underpowered? Ignoring that developers for Desu EX didnt think so. Also ignoring that Watch Dogs for Wii U is getting next generation version instead of 360/ps3.

              2. nintendo ID: Hellstrike

                what did you expect? they are trolls. I enjoy reading them sometimes! Dont get mad at them with chain arguements, except of course if your purpose is not convincing them but just pointing out

        3. Thanks for posting your opinon…

          . Prefer the cartridges over scratched discs…

          Gamecube is what it is….a cube that played games and ps2 didnt have online either

          Wii controller was mind blowing

          Wii U controller is by far the best controller ever…ever underpowered to what??? Your ps3 xbox360? Lol

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        4. N64 – It may have been flawed but it still sold better than the Dreamcast

          Gamecube – it didn’t lack of online because they had one MMO game released for the platform also the controller was considered the best Nintendo created.

          Wii – Underpowered and gimmicky controller… yet it still sold more units than the PS3 and Xbox 360.

          Wii U – Not really that underpowered and the controller really isn’t gimmicky.

          Go back to playing on your Xbox Fail60

      2. Well…microsoft shouldn’t do hardware if they aren’t going to support it *cough* *Kinect* but they will still create some shit just like sony did with ps move

      3. Nintendo Family don’t pay attention to haters
        loving things always carry haters with them remember Jesus, remember Martin Luther King, we don’t need to be like them, there are always going to be haters let them burn in their own fire

  1. Miyamoto is a shadow of the developer he once was. I bet his new project will end up being a complete dud.

          1. Lol. We’ll see about that. You hate Xbox, can’t afford a high-end PC and think PS4 will be a dud. What will you play then? 7 Mario games a year?

            1. Ignoring that a lot of Wii U owners also have a PC. Also ignoring that some Nintendo fans are doctors, judges and own a Wii U and a BMW.

            2. Ignoring that every Mario game aint the same. Also ignoring that many fps just add different weapons and change the cover but it is more the same game than Super Mario 64 and Galaxy.

    1. Zelda and Pikmin duds? Also ignoring that Luigi’s mansion is still top ten after a month on sale? DUD MY ASS!!!

    1. Bill Gates never actually developed anything, he didn’t create the Xbox and he let Gabe Newell go because Bill wanted to create a new Windows…. which sucked… XP and 7 are the only decent Windows he HELPED develop

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      1. Yet you say the Xbox 360 isn’t flawed? Yeah, I can’t trust a person who thinks the Xbox 360 had no flaws to begin with.

  2. zigfried Von Schroder

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  3. “Molyneux takes alot of risks”.

    What, saying “i’m doing this” then not doing it and expecting it to sell? Certainly a risk.
    Molyneux is shit, why is everyone kissing his ass all over again?

    1. Mario’s colors are red and blue not black and white. Also cows have four legs. Mario has two legs so he stands up.

  4. And again, the trolls fuck up the news (always), “you should receive a prize for that”… Anyway, talking about Miyamoto, I think he is more than a Hero, he is a legend, he puts his heart and life on making videogames for us, I just admire this guy, he is an example of passion and dedication, he is an example of being a good developer, he is a hero for all the gamers in general.

  5. I think that troll zigfried is right.Communism killed a lot of people back in there.But in my opinion,a right political ideal is not for killing people,but to give your region a good and bright future with no wars and hunger.Democracy for example is a good ideal…something that we don’t have today…

    1. True, Communism is still today a real problem in North Korea, is pretty sad to see so many people following an endless dictatorship, people that are facing all kinds of problems, and a government that basically controls your life, pretty sad.

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  6. everybody knows he’s a dev hero. a lot of these clown devs these days could learn something from him then maybe they’ll stop making shit redundant fps every year.

  7. Can someone ban those guys above. everybody is just arguing with each other -_- we are all gamers why fight with each other? everybody has different opinions.

  8. And this is what happens when the admins prefer a ton of comments and page hits over having a well-moderated and respectable community. Back to nintendolife I guess…

    1. nintendo ID: Hellstrike

      i find it entertaining, but at the same time, i agree with you when i wanna be serious i go elsewhere…

  9. Nintendo Commander

    Too bad the Tribe Leader Wright and his leaders, The Electrons pulled the plug on Spore which was probably one of the most interesting games I’ve ever played…

    But yes, Supreme Commander Miyamoto will always be the biggest in the gaming universe now and forever…

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