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No Wii U Releases For M-Rated Rockstar Games, GTA V, WWE ’14?


A  4Chan user claims that publisher Take-Two Interactive has no plans to release Grand Theft Auto V, or any of its mature-rated games on Wii U. The user also claims that 2K Sports will not bring a WWE game to Wii U. Although rumors from 4Chan should be taken with a grain of salt, keep in mind that Grand Theft Auto V has not yet been announced for Wii U, and WWE ’13 skipped the Wii U last year.

Here is the entire quote taken from GoNintendo, before the 4Chan post went down:

There’s no plans to ever bring a WWE game to the Wii U anytime in the distant future. I know this information because a 3D Animator on the project. I am working directly with people like Jeff Godfrey who is the art director on the project. Visual Concepts and 2K Sports is working with Yukes on the project.

You may remember that Wii U never received WWE ’13 at launch while 360/PS3 did. Yukes has no interest in Wii U when they were working with THQ, and they still don’t now that they’re working with 2K Sports.

Also word around the offices is that Take Two and Rockstar have no plans to bring Grand Theft Auto or any of Rockstar’s major M rated games to the Wii U.

73 thoughts on “No Wii U Releases For M-Rated Rockstar Games, GTA V, WWE ’14?”

      1. Its most likely from /v/. I bet the thread was like




      2. You can thank the troll writers like these that actual journalism is dead. People who actually do the research to get you accurate information. Oh well. what do we all expect from people who don’t get paid to write these articles. Inaccurate information.

    1. Uhh hello! Please dont bash my 4chan becuse i love me 4chan /s check it out somtime i tend to post stuff of mother there without her concent because i love herr.

  1. “The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
    Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.”

    1. Kotaku! LOL! with all the inaccurate information they’ve been writing and all the “rumors” it might as well be. this site is a joke.

  2. Hahahaha the posterior knows jack shit about yukes.lmao where should i park this truco load of salt …hahahaha.

  3. im sure we will get both i remeber in nyc at the kid icarus uprising release i asked reggie flis-aime about gta on the wii u and even he said himself hopefully we can make it happen for you guys! n thats coming from the man himself!

  4. The trolling could be taken a little serious if it just said gta is not coming heck i may even belive it but yukes not wanting to work on Nintendo consoles ….hahahahahaha my ribs they hurt.

  5. thekidnintendowiiman

    >A 4chan user
    >4chan user
    It’s funny because I visit 4chan’s /v/ and /mlp/ for funny threads and people calling other people a bundle of sticks and people of a darker skin color, this is obviously bullshit and Sony fanboys will take this as fact, it’s actually pretty sad.

  6. My friend nephews have a friend thats has a granpa that have a friend that has a son that his friend had in facebook that told him that zelda is coming to pc… bwahahahahaha.

    1. What part? Yukes are what they are because of there great games on Nintendo consoles i can see no gta but not wwe or any games from yukes(wich is what the 4 chan is trying to sugest) is stupid.

      1. The reason why I find it to be true is not because it came from 4Chan (I mean I seriously could have made this up) but because of the lack of enthusiasm by Rockstar to make games on Wii U. I mean WWE ’13 did skip Wii U last year and when was the last time we had GTA on a Nintendo home console? It’s a pretty legit story it’s just that it’s more common sense than someone from 4Chan being involved with Rockstar.

        1. Who last year made wwe13? THQ and where are they now? bankrupt. It wasnt for the lack of want but the lack of money.

  7. This has a 1% chance, at best, of being even remotely true.
    It’s best to take anything to come out of 4chan with a grain of salt.

  8. Why am I not surprised at this info, if indeed it’s true?
    First EA, then Activision, now Rock Star.
    None of them are giving the Wii U the attention it deserves, for the most part.
    Not that I’ll care much about GTAV if it misses the Wii U. Never liked the series to begin with.

  9. get a grip sony and ms casual fans

    Gta mature sorry imature and the kiddy tag agaon on nintendo wen wiis userbase was way way older than ps3 and x360 they use the term MATURE TO SUXER IN MS AND SONY FANS THEY THINK THERE CORE AND MATURE TO SIDE WITH THE INDUSTRY

  10. GTA5 will be on Wii U. Remember that rumor that it was at one point up and running on Wii U? Not that, thats proof but I say its NDA once NDA is gone alot of shockers will come like Bioshock Infinite and GTA5. Not that I want it.

    1. its just a rumor, also they said that is not coming to wii u back in September. they also said it on 2011

  11. don’t care bout it except for gta. but the only thing i really care about right now is minecraft on 3ds…………and i guess wii u, but on the 3ds. oh man! that has got to happen.

  12. I call bullshit. GTA V will definitely be on the Wii U. Mark my words! They already have the game on the develop kit, with plans of a release.

    1. um where did you heard that? Also the Developers themselves said it back last year they will not make it for wii u.

  13. So if I understand correctly, all the companies I buy a Playstation system for are still making games for the Playstation. And I have a Wii U because Nintendo’s 1st-party line-up just can’t be beat. Doesn’t a lot of this doom-and-gloom talk lately just sound like another regular day in the woods for Nintendo fans? I’m sorry to hear some major companies don’t want to play nice with the Wii U but I never buy a Nintendo system for M-Rated games or EA titles, I get them for Zelda, Mario, Metroid, etc. No one system can have all the games we want. That’s just not how it works. You usually need a Nintendo unit and a Sony or Microsoft one. It’s a business model.

  14. If this is true, then i’m truly amazed at how arrogant these developers truely are. You’d think they’d want it on as many platforms as possible.

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  16. Nintendo Commander

    We do not need their games anyway and anyone who thinks otherwise will be re-nintendofied…

  17. When you start pulling your news from 4Chan,
    you can say goodbye to any dignity as a journalist you might have.

  18. No doubt this is fake, but this makes it obvious:
    “There’s no plans to ever bring a WWE game to the Wii U anytime in the distant future.”
    No. If the WiiU sudeenly starts selling like crazy Wii-style, Rockstar and every other developer would definitely bring WWE, to it.

    “or any of Rockstar’s major M rated games to the Wii U.”
    Why the emphasis on the M-rated part? Reeks of the classic “Nintendo is for casuals/kids blah blah”

    Certainly, Rockstar could decide to skip the WiiU, but this article is still fake.

  19. All these doom and gloom rumors just makes me wanna sell my wii u and my 12 games all together so i can buy a ps4.

    At first i was like yeah right! Bullshit! Now im really worried about the wii u future.

    What about Ninty? Yes, we’re fine thank u very much.

    Me: :/

    1. i was like that at first but when its complete random BS that the sites are pulling now ive learned to get over, the console may not get a lot of 3rd party support from the west but we might find more of the 3rd party support will come from the east

  20. i thought this was a nintendo news site? shouldnt you be supporting them, not writing all these doom and gloom articles day in and day out?

  21. I sure hope this 4Chan guy is wrong. C’mon Reggi! You said you were interested in GTAV on Wii U! Make it happen! 💋

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  24. GTA is overrated anyway, and to tell you the truth, Rockstar never cared for Nintendo to begin with. The last thing they made for a Nintendo system that received critical acclaim was probably Resident Evil 2 for the N64 in which that game was made by Rockstar San DIego (formerly known as Angel Studios).

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