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More Pokémon X And Y News Coming May 19, Possibly Before

pokemon_x_pokemon_yThere’s some new Pokémon information brewing overseas and it’s expected next week. Game Freak Director Junichi Masuda is due to appear on the popular Japanese variety show, Pokémon Smash, on May 19 to reveal more news about the highly anticipated Pokémon X and Y on the Nintendo 3DS.

However, it’s likely that the announcement may come sooner than expected – much to the joy of Pokémon fans – and may be revealed in the next edition of CoroCoro magazine, which is due out next Wednesday. Could it be the new fairy type that’s been fluttering around the rumour mill, more in-depth news on the new Mewtwo-like Pokémon, or something completely different? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

35 thoughts on “More Pokémon X And Y News Coming May 19, Possibly Before”

      1. I seriously don’t understand the rationale behind this idea. Is it just because Fighting beats Dark? That’s kind of silly.

        1. Because dark type isn’t called “dark” in japan and fighting types aren’t called “fighting”.

    1. What’s wrong with cute baby PKMN I can raise from start to be stronger than wild counterparts? The only thing I’m hoping for is to not see another shifty designed PKMN like that garbage bag one..oh wait, there’s that retarded Asshead Mewtwo so far and I don’t want to see another classic getting ruined. Baby PKMN is nothing compare to those shitty-design ones.

      1. The garbage one was good lol. But The Bottle opener mewtwo should’ve been mew-three or mew-something, not another form of mewtwo. Then it would’ve been welcomed more

    1. We don’t have a single 6th gen evolution and no Gen 5 pokemon is even related to the prior gens. Your post is invalid

  1. Well I know in past years they end up revealing all the new Pokemon at once. So maybe it’s that? They did it for Diamond and Pearl as well as Black and White. 💋

    1. i think its a bit to early for that. and i’m not sure.. did they really reveal all pokemon in advance or was it just info coming over to us after the game was released in japan?

      1. Usually Pokemon news about an upcoming main series game is revealed about 5-4 months prior to its release. And this is real. It was announced on Junichi Masuda’s official twitter account that he’d be appearing on Pokemon Smash. Plus the Japanese translation of the title for the May 19th episode says “a special report on Pokemon X and

        1. WaterTypeLover ( i am a boy)

          The report is on Sylveon! And personally, should they be adding light and sound types, Sylveon will be light type. It Could be a bug type due to it’s french name’s meaning. Emphasis on could.

  2. No, no new type. There were rumors like a light type for Pokémon Black/White and probably other times, but you never know. I’m going to guess it’s a bunch of new Pokémon.

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  4. Personally, I’m hoping for one or more of the following:

    -Clarification on Xerneas and Yveltal (types, backstory, etc)

    -A handful of new Pokémon. Brand-new would be preferable, but I won’t complain about some past-gen evolutions if they’re cool enough.

    -Characters – a gym leader or two, the player characters, the professor, some villains? Something like that.

    -a formal apology for the new Mewtwo form. I’m no genwunner but this thing is an atrocity. (*not actually expecting this*)

    -I don’t want a new type. I don’t think it’s something they’ll do since there’s no real need for it this time. But if they do add one, here’s hoping it’s not Light or Good or some unnecessarily cliche foil to Dark. The “Fairy” theory bugged me at first, but it’s grown on me.

    1. fairy types sounded horrible to me to, it could work, but i dont like the thought of changing clefairy and jigglypuff and a bunch of normal types to now fairy types. i also dont want xerneas to be fairy type, or the new eeveelution, i mean bows that look like butterflies, flowy bows that spin like a helicopter, its gotta be flying type, right? then again, the pink and white colors and the girly look plus butterflies could also mean fairy type, goes both ways.

  5. I like the new Mewtwo over the regular one. Looks more cooler. More curious to know if they plan to overhaul more then the graphics and change it up so like no gyms or leagues but a new change. kinda hope if we do get a league it is like the anime and the people in the league are people you streetpass with

    1. Looks cooler than original? Having an ass for a head is cooler? Yup. You newbies are definitely on crack.

      1. The new design looks good. Don’t be a raging genwunner that only uses a team of 5 Dragonites and your “Brorizard”.

  6. There wont be a freaking new type let alone of being fairy. But I am excited for the new news.

    1. Ohhh come on, I support the idea of the new “fairy” type. It would be awesome, I think pokemon has had enough with the old same types and stuff, it needs a change!!. I do not like the new mewtwo form, but if better than the old one, I must agree. New babies could be great, I need tropious, tauros, milktank, bufalant, druddigon, and an evolution for farfetch.. xD

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