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Road Redemption Surpasses Its Goal On Kickstarter


Road Redemption – the seemingly spiritual successor to the Road Rash series – has today surpassed its $160,000 goal on Kickstarter. The racing game is set to release on PC, Mac and Linux in August 2014. And a Wii U port of the game is scheduled arrive at a later date. If you’re interested, click here to support this project.

Thanks, Sam

56 thoughts on “Road Redemption Surpasses Its Goal On Kickstarter”

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHA until real consoles have real games like Bioshock Far Cray 2 Crysis 3 Wii U have only junk why cos it’s junk

          1. Damn that game looks great, too bad there’s that 360 stretch goal, honestly physically unable to support that.

      1. TheTrruth4thaHaters

        WIIU getting pc games is awesome! I just hope more great pc exclusives come on over! That will show these panzy devz that havent jumped on the train yet.

    2. Lol can’t believe people are taking that saying seriously anymore. Don’t worry, bro. I thought it was funny.

        1. Nintendo prints their own money just like the federal reserve. What in your right mind thinks nintendo will rest in peace?

    3. Blaise. You geting dildo slap tonight my little cockboy ………..this mother geting dildo slap . While im driving my bike

    1. That’s what you sat about every game coming to Wii u no matter how awful it ma be.

      BioShock Infinite >>>>> anything on Wii U
      Tomb Raider >>>>>>>> anything on Wii U
      Metal Gear Rising >>>>> anything on Wii U
      Dead Space 3 >>>>>>> anything on Wii U
      Ni No Kuni >>>>>>> anything on Wii U
      The Last of Us >>>>>> anything on Wii U
      GTA V >>>>>>> anything on Wii U
      Dark Souls 2 >>>>>>>>> anything on Wii U
      MGS5 >>>>>>>>> anything on Wii U
      Watch_Dogs and AC4: Blackflag – better on PS4

      Have that seat.

      1. Who gives a fuck?
        Tomb Raider didn’t sell well so who gives a fuck?
        Who knows… MGR could come to the Wii U.
        Dead Space is officially dead.
        Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem >>> Ni No Kuni
        Shadow of the Eternals says hi to Sony’s pedo and a little girl.
        GTA V may soon come to the Wii U
        Watch_Dogs and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag — BETTER ON Wii U and Xbox Infinity

        1. Tomb raider didn’t sell well? it sold 3.6 million copies which is GOOD and the game itself is amazing. You’re just butthurt it didnt come to your childrens toy.

          1. How old are you… 7? Quit acting like a fucking brat and move the fuck on! U mad because the PlayStation Move IS a children’s toy while Deus Ex: Director’s Cut, Road Redemption and Bayonetta 2 are mature titles exclusively for the Wii U.

            The administrator is hunting you down like a hawk. So if I were you, I’d shut the fuck up right now.

            1. You’re the only child here you stupid little fuck. You are worse than any troll I have seen on this site. Get your head out of your ass and stop being a fanboy. Deus Ex? That old port? lawl only Nintendo fans will buy that game while everyone plays new and better games. What a joke if the system the Wii U is. Glad I gave mine away, couldn’t sell shit like that.

              Oh btw, stop saying the admins are hunting them doown. You’re nothing but a 39 year old perverted loser (Who in fact should be banned more than anyone) who needs to get a life and stop worshiping a pathetic excuse of a console.

              *Cue some bigoted homosexual slur from Tony the loser!*

              1. jellybean946… what have N-Dub Nation have done to you? you just like Ness, and neutron… butting into business where it doesn’t fucking belong. and just like Ness and neutron, you’re the same person and a certified Nintendo hater. this is a Nintendo news blog where get to know what’s happening from Nintendo, third party publishers and independent devs. and you and your aliases are bullying a member who’s been a supporter for years and exposing him like he’s Will fucking Smith. Either leave N-Dub Nation alone or you’ll end up losing more than your Luigi avatar and reveal your true colors.

        2. 1) Sales define how good a game is? Lol
          2) Have fun with an old port (The game was mediocre btw)
          3) Yeah Agreed
          4) Lolno.
          5) The Last of Us will shit on it
          6) Yeah …. no

      2. And? why wasting your time again here? I don’t get your point, If you love the PS4, why you don’t go to a PS4 website?, pretty simple isn’t it?….

      3. I dont care about games, that development started way before Wii U was even announced.
        But you should back your last statement with some facts.
        Say graphics, and we’re done.
        I’ll take extra features of gamepad over minor graphical improvement any day.
        Seen Splinter Cell for Wii U?

  1. All we need now is a Wii U port of my favourite PC Series, Commandos. That would be epic! The game pad is perfect for moving the players around!

    1. Yes! So much. I loved my fave is commandos2 men of courage. 3 was great but not better than 2 and that fps sucked.

  2. It’s good to see a sequel of good ol’ Road Rash.
    While I still have my own thoughts about kickstarters and crowdfunding, it’s not like people are taking away my money if I just don’t support it at first.

    Meanwhile, Shadow of the Eternals has just reached 9% of total contributions *sigh* I wonder if they’ll ever make it until June 7.

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