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Ubisoft: Watch_Dogs Can Be Played “Completely Offline”


Ubisoft Montreal Senior Producer Dominic Guay has confirmed that Watch_Dogs can be played “completely offline.” The upcoming open world action-adventure video game will also feature a multiplayer mode that has an element of player invasion, though Ubisoft has yet to thoroughly explain its overall scope and course. Watch_Dogs will be released in November on multiple platforms, including Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and Wii U.

Thanks, Mike.

40 thoughts on “Ubisoft: Watch_Dogs Can Be Played “Completely Offline””

      1. i think if he owns a ps4 he should get it for that seeing as its looks as if they’re spending more time on that version… but i guess it just depends on the end results of the games

      1. I know, Wii U has Miiverse but Ps4 will likely have more features. They better take advantage of that GamePad!!!

    1. I suggest getting it for Wii U to show you appreciate Ubisoft’s support of the console. But then again it is your decision, not mine.

    2. Well with the Wii U version you get fancy ways of hacking with the Gamepad…with the PS4 version you get…well uhh…if you get stuck on a part you can send a person your game save have them beat the game for you and send it back to you…so whatever you think is better lol.

  1. Kinda obvious that it would, but still, golf clap to Ubisoft for this.
    As for which version?
    Definitely Wii U for me. I want to see all of the ways they’ll use the game pad to let us hack and control the world around us.

  2. I’m really considering on getting this game when I buy a Wii U. Has the release date been announced for this game because I really like the looks of it :D

  3. Ubisoft Montreal Senior Producer Dominic Guay has confirmed that Watch Dogs can be played “completely offline.”


    I guess the next thing they will be telling us is that you can use a controller to play it.

    1. I guess this might be because of the Nextbox’s “always online” thing. They wanted to squash that out before rumors pile up.

      1. Yeah but it doesn’t say Watch Dogs is coming to NextBox??? It says 360, Wii U and PS4 and I believe it is also coming to PC. 💋

  4. I assume that Dominic and Ubisoft wanted to announce that because of the rumours going around for the 360’s successor (unless those have been finally denied already?).

  5. This makes me more worry of the other consoles. For real why do they need to say this unless it was tought to be done on a always online console?

    1. That’s probably why. As I mentioned a little bit about the 360’s successor, it’s “supposed” to be an “always online” system which I sure as hell hope it won’t. Also has a rumour going on about it not playing used games (which I don’t think Microsoft would allow either of these two to be true as that would alienate a lot of gamers). Luckily, Sony and Nintendo have done the right thing!

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  7. the fuck. obviously it can be played offline. what retard thought it needs to be online to be played.

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