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Insomniac Games’ CEO Considers Wii U “Current Gen”


Insomniac Games’ CEO, Ted Price, has recently participated in an “Ask Me Anything” post on Reddit, in which he was asked to share his thoughts on next-generation consoles, including the next Xbox, PlayStation 4 and Wii U. Price said that, while he’s excited for upcoming consoles from both Microsoft and Sony, he considers the Wii U a current-generation console. Also, according to Price, Insomniac Games is not developing any games for Nintendo’s Wii U.

“Wii-U is something I’d consider more current gen – but we’re not working on games for it. When it comes to PS4 I’m excited that they seem to be lowering barriers for independent developers. It’s cool to see almost weekly announcements from Sony explaining how they’re opening things up for indies. And of course I’m very excited to see what Microsoft announces soon.”

285 thoughts on “Insomniac Games’ CEO Considers Wii U “Current Gen””

  1. Well obviously.

    A new generation started when the Wii U was released. Now we’re waiting for the other 2 consoles of this generation to be released.

    But I know thats not what he’s saying. Because nobody understands what the word ‘generation’ means anymore. :(

    1. Nobody considers the wii to be the same generation as the Xbox, PS2 or Gamecube, and the Wii U is the next generation, thus anyone who claims that the Wii U is the same generation of consoles as the Xbox 360 and the PS3 are morons.

      1. Nintendo has kind of made its own generation apart from the others. The Wii U *was* Nintendo’s next gen before it came out. Now that it is released, it’s current gen.

        The same will happen with the PS4 and next Xbox. Right now, since they’re not out, they’re next-gen. Once they’re out, they’ll be part of the *new* current generation.

        That’s my take on it anyway. The way we define “next-gen” hasn’t quite been clarified. Some people go by the tech that’s under the hood, others by time the system is released, others by idk what.

        I just don’t really care. Super NES is far from next-gen and it’s still an awesome system. I just care about the games and the unique features a system has to offer. I really don’t care specifics of when it came out or how much power it has.

        1. That’s exactly the right kind of explanation. Next-gen is what is not yet, and current-gen is what is.

          But, let’s be honest, we all have at one point seriously cared about the power behind a console. Even if we don’t care now (I certainly don’t now either; a PS2 game is currently occupying my time b/c it’s an awesome game), it doesn’t mean we’re so perfect that we never thought of it before. That’s why this whole “trolling” thing is a bit absurd; we all share fundamental aspects that make us “trolls;” therefore we cannot rip each other without ripping ourselves.

          1. Yeah, for sure. I mean, more power means that a system will be more capable of certain things. Still, it’s not what drives my interests.

            GAMESSSS lol

    2. I don’t think anyone should care what some guy says. I hate these articles. They’re just there to be flame bait.

      1. Insomniac can suck a big ol dick. Nintendo >>>>>> Imsomniac . End of discussion , see ya’s later ;)

        Does Insomniac consider the PS vita a generation ahead of the 3DS ? Cus that’s how the Wiiu compares to the PS4. EXPOSED .

        1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

          How does the Wii U compare to the PS4 when we know almost no details about the PS4 because it has NOT been released yet?
          The guy voiced his opinion. It’s really not a big deal. Saying he should “suck a big ol dick” and then belittling his company is very bigoted.

          1. I know. Nintedward is so obnoxious. I imagine he’s the same in real life as well. An ignorant bigot who goes psychotic over video games.

          2. The Wii U to the PS4 is most certainly an analogy to the 3DS to the Vita. Unless you’re implying the PS4 is going to be LESS powerful than the Wii U.

            Also, not everything in life is meant to be “just an opinion.”

            1. No, it’s the exact opposite; the Wii U and PS4 are going to be close enough in power that only devs that are lazy, brainwashed by elitist spec/graphic whores, or those that have sour relations with Nintendo[EA, for example] will not develop for them.
              Wii U likely won’t surpass it in many, if any, areas of pure specs, but the gulf won’t be nearly as wide as it was in the Wii’s generation.

            1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

              You can’t be serious in thinking the Wii U has some secret power hidden deep within that will empower it to be superior to the PS4 and Xbox.

              The only way the specs would be pretty close would be if the PS4 and Xbox were released around the same time as the Wii U. The Wii U’s components were outdated before they were even shipped. Sony and Microsoft are going to have about an extra year to get better components, analyze how the Wii U’s been doing (looking at its hardware and price, how well it’s sold, etc.), and adjust to the economy.

              1. You just confirmed that you have to go to bed early to school kid. Be sure to get a Apple to your teacher this monday.

                1. I’m in university, idiot. I am doing so I can get better than a low wage job like you have. Now run, your shift at the gas station is starting.



      2. Yup. Blows my mind considering he’s talking about Sony making it easy for indie devs… ummm. Seems to me Nintendo is making the largest strides and certainly breaking new ground for consoles toward making it easier for indie developers. Whatever.

      1. Exactly. I think its unprofessional and pretty stupid to say statements like this.
        It’s a malicious statement aimed at Nintendo and their fans.

        We all know the Wiiu is next gen whether you like it or not. Just like the 3DS is in the same handheld generation as the Vita even though the specs and features are completely different.

    1. It seems that it’s only western people whose bashing Nintendo because it is getting “love” from japan

        1. You can’t say something like that , no iffs or buts.

          I consider Nintendo 10 times the developer Insomniac is.

          1. dude, quit being a fanboy. i disagree with what he said too, but it’s not like he was trying to be an asshole about it. it’s just his opinion. that’s all.

          2. I don’t even know wtf Insomniac is! :D At least have a bigger name. I just think they want attention.

            1. insomniac created spyro, ratchet, resistance and fuse. they’re pretty good designers if you ask me.

      1. I know, Why cant people understand this D: All people seem to care about is graphics and power, but they always forget the most important, GAMES!!!

        1. They are just fools that think that making a “next generation console” is supposed to be followed by a protocol that doesn’t exist. The others (average people) are just being eaten by the media.

        2. Sony’s had best sellers since psone ’till ps3 and i’m pretty sure ps4 gonna have best sellers as well. DEAL WITH IT

          1. Lol you have a sad life don’t you? Sony may have best sellers, but Nintendo’s got the best quality.

            1. No fucking way! PlayStation exclusives like Shadow of the Colossus, Metal Gear Solid 1-4, Uncharted 2, The Last of Us, Mark of Kri, PS2 GTA games, Ni No Kuni, inFamous and inFamous 2, God of War 1-3, Ico, FF7-12, Gran Turismo, Killzone, Sly Cooper trilogy, Ratchet & Clank PS2 and Future games, Jak & Dakter Trilogy, Crash 1-3, Devil May Cry 1-4, Dragon Quest 8, Okami, and Kingdom Hearts 1-2 SHIT on Mario, Zelda, Metroid, and Pokemon

              1. whatever makes you sleep better at night, i don’t give a fuck because i’m buying both bitch.

                  1. Thats actually true at the moment. i only play and enjoy two Wii U games, Sonic and black ops 2. i wanted to like zombi u and Nintendoland but i just could not. i love Mario to death but he’s getting overrated.

                    1. They need to let there other franchises shine like Metroid, Starfox or A NEW GODDAMN IP!!! Then they might actually get some praise for once.

                    2. (For your comment below this one)
                      Metroid? I’m pretty sutr they’ve been working on Dread. Mario being overrated? That’s a matter of opinion. A new IP? What about The Wonderful 101, and all of the new 3DS IPs, such as Dillion’s Rolling Westward?
                      By the way, in response to a previous comment you made, the Wii U has games right now. It launched with 21 games, 2 of which were first-party. Furthermore, in the 5 months since the Wii U’s launch, I have 6 physical games, and tons of digital games, both AAA and Indie, as well as VC.
                      Finally, starting in June, the Wii U will begin its game flow with Game & Wario, and it’ll go through the end of the year (at earliest) with (most likely) Yarn Yoshi, and let’s not forget (most likely) SMT x FE and SSB4 in 2014.

                    3. everything you said was true except the mario being overrated. Games like mario kart or 3D mario are fine, but the New super mario bros games need to stop. metroid isnt confirmed but i hope it is the game Retros working on.

              1. a sad life because you don’t get any of the great games we get :) Nintendo games outshine PS games.

  2. Nintendo should quit the home console market and just concentrate on the handhelds. Much easier for them. Less competition.

    1. Smartphones would like a word with you, unless you consider Nintendo shooting themselves in the foot a good idea with your logic, then i’m glad you aren’t Nintendo’s CEO.

      Freaking dumb asses these days that love to go full retard.

        1. Please tell me your audacious comment isn’t pointed towards me, i’m not in the mood to get into another kiddy piss argument towards another stranger.

      1. what the heel the handheld market is one of the hardest to compete with!! thats why the playstation wiita all ready failed. the wii u all ready has more going for it, more titles coming out.

            1. thats exactly what i was getting at. the wii u may be a disaster but at least there is some light at the end of the tunnle. the playstation wiita doesnt. its just the truth. the sony fanboys are getting worse than the nintendo fanboys that try to stick up for the wii!!

              1. Both Wii U and Vita still have hope. Wii U has a 99.9% chance to succeed and the Vita maybe has like a 10% chance to make it to the GameCube-XBOX mark.

  3. What a surprise. A company who has never made a game on a Nintendo console before isn’t making one now. In recent news, Naughty Dog has also announced that they aren’t making any WiiU games either.

    1. He should have taken this oportunity to work on a properly designed console for the first time in his career.

        1. But I think he means like the 64 had that ram pak thing… for more ram… nintendo should do that if possible just for the hell of it… BECAUSE I CANT GET ENOUGH OF THAT RAM… What the hell does ram do anyway?

  4. He does realize that Nintendo is doing the EXACT same thing when it comes to indie devs? And that they basically did it first? Oh well, I hope Fuse bombs terribly.

    1. You hope Fuse bombs hard? Why? because he has a different opinion on the Wii U than you do? Wow. Here I thought you were one of the mature one’s on this site.

      1. No. That’s more because they changed it from Overstrike, which looked interesting, to the generic grey shooter it is now.

        1. Everyone is homogenising their games into generic FPS’s to chase CoD’s dream sales. It’s really sad, and the market isn’t helping one bit.

    2. @Mike S..Thank you! Apparently he doesn’t pay attention to gaming to often or he would’ve known that Nintendo has been aggressively seeking Indie support. I think some developers are trying to derail the Wii U, because they don’t want to spend more money to develop for a third console. The Wii was easy to ignore because it couldn’t compete with the power of the Xbox/PS3. However, while the Wii U won’t be as powerful as the PS4 and next Xbox, it’ll be powerful enough for many multiplatform games. The Wii U sluggish sales are the perfect opportunity for many developers to withdraw support that wasn’t there to begin with. As a result, these developers don’t appear as fanboys, which they know upset gamers, therefore costing them lost revenue. Some of these developers think that by not supporting Wii U, it will force many gamers to buy a PS4 and next Xbox if they want to play their games. Well, I got news for them. I got my next gen console. It’s called the Wii U! If you want my money, then develop for it.

      1. ファミコンゲーマー

        Insomniac NEVER made a single title for Nintendo platforms. They’re mostly a 2nd party developer for Sony.

  5. what will come of nintendo with the wii u, will it be another disaster with shovelware. will it be full of gimicks. will it be for core and fans? will it be full of japanese devs and indie. will it be 64 where we get a few really good devs that can make a ton of good exclusives? maybe they can fix everything horrible they have done and make another snes style console. its hard to tell with this one just dont pull the wii!!

      1. Don’t bother with the drunken squirrel; the world will be better off with this lowlife as roadkill.

          1. You want other reasons why the majority of the gaming community think Wii was a horrible system?

            – Awful online
            – Less powerful than the original Xbox
            – Yoga mom heaven
            – Even the best from Nintendo felt 6th gen

            I could go on and on, but enough for now. Run to the gas station, George Lopez.

            1. exactly, only good 3rd party game the original no more heroes maybe red steel 2, only great games were the ones in japan that mostly didnt make it out of country…. fatal frame, or the ones that did barely made it to the us. zeldas sucked. only some of nintendos games were as good as the ones the made in other gens. it was gimicked and noa gave the middle finger to fans, which the fucking sheep cant see. noa is like eat shit and sheep are eating it up

            2. “majority of the gaming community”, eh?
              I guess a biased ass like you would never consider the thousands upon thousands of people who made the Wii out-sell your precious X-Box to be gamers.
              Exposed as an elitist anti-casual prick. You just lost all credibility.

        1. Do you really have nothing better to do in your life than trying to bash the company that resurrected video gaming?

      2. Amen. Some of the greatest video games ever are on the Wii. It’s one of the most memorable video game consoles ever made.

  6. I don’t think that people understand that generation simply refers to the timeframe in which the console is released.

      1. It’s quite clear what it is, but the gaming community seems to have become more about power than anything else so they relate it to that.

        1. blu ray and xbox live are gimmicks the wiimotechuck and the gpad are the best things since gaming began wii and the u r the greatest

  7. so he’s really excited about how ps4 is opening up for indie developers.. apparently he’s not so excited about how wii U has done exactly the same Oo

    1. I havent see a indie praise sony the way they are doing whit Nintendo also i think people see Microsoft has the guy that when lucky whit the 360.

        1. Deveping cost are putting the smaller ones away. Some of sony indies kind of not cita the describtion. But Microsoft poor Microsoft no one likes them except people that just resently bought there consoles.

  8. What’s new? Everyone is calling the Wii U “current generation”. And half of the game companies want nothing to do with it. All of these negative attitudes and insults towards the Wii U is one of the things that’s caused me to put off buying one. That and the fact that there’s no really good games for it yet. AND, I’m hoping there’s a special edition Wii U in stores by the time I finally buy one. I’d LOVE to have a green or a red one. But mostly, green.

      1. They did not try their ‘best’. They made terrible decisions with the wii u and now its biting them in the ass.

        1. If they’d made terrible situations with the Wii U, then i’d love to see what your stance on Sony’s approach to the Vita is.

        2. I agree. Nintendo should have mad the Wii U more powerful, put a pro controller in every box, sold Nintendo Land separately, had a blockbuster franchise at launch and price the console at $399.99.

          1. And it would have ended up exactly like the fucking Vita, with that plan.
            Go take over for the Ouya. You’ll fit right in.

    1. yes green would be fucking awesome!! wait till fall to get one that when more of the good games will come out. honestly if nintendo just had some different colors it would probably make it clearer to some retarded people that its a new console!! the wii was black and white, what if the wii u would have more colors like silver red, green purple!! instead of the same colors as the wii. advertising also wouldnt hurt!!!!!

  9. Oh god dammit Insomniac
    I love you guys, Ratchet and Clank is one of the best platformers I’ve played (better than Mario)
    But some respect has been lost.

    1. Besides the Mario part, yep. This.

      I like Isomanic but really this is about as dick’ish as they could get in regards to stating fallacy, so pretty much half of my respect towards them just vanished.

            1. Yes but the purpose of his comment was to damage the imagen of the console even more if not he should have said that Nintendo is doing the same thing.

    2. hated it, banjo is more my style. seriously i feel like nintendo platformers kills sonys. i never played spyro and to me it looks like i would freaking love that game. the ones on the ps1.

    3. my good sir, u r entitled to your opinion, but NEVER EVER put ratchet an clank on the same level of the mario franchise, EVERYTHING the ratchet games have done in their games have been lifted directly from one mario game or another, mario games may not have the flashy story i give you that one, but game play, my friend, in game play mario shits all over ratchet an clank! the generic shooting is the only thing mario hasn’t dont before,an is the only thing ratchet games do differently, everything else has been lifted from mario. this idiot is just a ea lap dog now, and what ea is doing to Nintendo is just demonstrating a typical American company which is too full of itself, an the fact that Nintendo told ea to go F$%K themselves after ea wanted origin to be the sole online infrastructure for wii-u,this is why ea is pissed at Nintendo, but now they thought they could bully Nintendo into going back to them begging, an this is why they have been getting all the ea partners developers to trash talk the wii-u, because they know once the big Nintendo first party games drop. wii-us will sell like hot cakes, an so at that point it is ea who will need to kiss Nintendo ass, an this is why they are trying to damage the wii-u brand as much as possible, dice, insomniac, all the developers under ea are not a shadow of their former selves, just look at the mass effect series and how it has been whored out, the dead space series, an also look at the garbage fuse made by insomniac compared to what they were all doing before, ea has been acting like a spoiled brat teenager, if i were Nintendo i would instead go to activision and help the make the next gen cod even better on wii-u., an help promote it too,since if cod starts selling like hot cakes on wii-u this will bug ea even more, and after all this bullshit,like ea getting dice to talk shit, as if the wii-u cannot run frost bite 2, LMAO any retard would know this is bullshit! anyway i want Nintendo to not bother with ea and instead go to ea’s competitors like the 2k sports teams, an get them to make some great sport games, or how about go to konami and get them to make the best version of pro evo ever only on wii-u? and when wii-u does start selling, an ea come looking, to reject ea and not let them sell their games on Nintendo!

      1. I still think Jak and Daxter & Ratchet and Clank are better
        Why? Well for one thing, they had a fucking story. I like the weapon gameplay alot. But my opinion is wrong lol

        1. i too love ratchet,sly, an especially jak and daxter, i wish they would make a new jak and daxter, and i own and game on all platforms, and by far this generation i have gamed the most on my fatty classic PS3 and my slim PS3, but i also understand that 3d mario is perfection, and without it, the aforementioned games would not have been possible, yes its your opinion to like them better, but for me, 3d mario games, like galaxy 1 an2, are the highest rated games of all time for a reason, no ratchet, or jak, or sly game has EVER reached critical acclaim like galaxy 1 and 2, or mario 64! and that says allot,or none of the above have sold any where near the amount of mario games! DEAL WITH IT!!!

    4. TheTrruth4thaHaters

      Hell no it aint better than Mario =). The Ratchet games are nice but the last one they made All4 1, was aweful. Crappy frames per second, and the grfx were not good. Mario always comes out polished and great to play.

  10. Well no shit wii u is current gen because the ps3 xbox 360 and wii are last gen consoles. These consoles are too old to be current gen.

  11. The sad thing is that today most of the “gamers” don’t even understand what “Generation” means…

    1. ikr, the Wii U could have GameCube specs and it will still be classified as an 8th gen console.

      1. Exactly, It doesn’t matter the specs, a Next-Gen console is a new console created over and X or Y period of time, making their previous console, “last gen,” that is the REAL meaning of the word “Next Generation Console” simple as that. But yeah, nowadays everyone think that specs, and size, and hexadecimal numbers, and the cores, and the cables, and this, and the other can determine if a console “deserve” to be call “Next-Gen” wow… how time changes, isn’t it?, I’m sad of most of the gamers and developers today…

        1. i agree, i also honestly don’t think the graphical difference will be that huge. the PS4 may have bigger numbers in it’s specs sheet but if you look at Battlefield 4 or Killzone shadow fall (the one in my pic) and compare them to todays games it’s not that drastic.

  12. Do you even KNOW what generation means? Here’s how the dictionary defines it: “A group of individuals belonging to a specific category about the same time.” So let’s place this with consoles shall we. A group of consoles living together simultaneously during a certain time period. The Wii U is next gen whether you like it or not.

  13. hell I considered 360 the gen of ps2 cube and xbox and then ps3 and wii came out is when 360 was really starting to show its power. and whats even more funny is no one is talkin about how ps3 and 360 graphics looked when they first launched. I guess because its sony and Microsoft its ok and people let that kinda stuff go. but again 360 graphics at launch didn’t look anything better than the xbox when its was at the end of its life.

  14. Bummer. I freaking LOVE Insomniac, but it’s sad the CEO feels this way. I’m sure his thoughts don’t account for the whole company though….especially the development team. Also, speaking of Insomniac….I feel bad that F.U.S.E is a dumbed down, generic ass game that was probably gonna be a great game when it was first revealed as Overstrike.

  15. in terms of specs they are right. Wii U can not compete with 720/PS4… it just cant! The tech in the PS4/720 just obliterates Wii U. The Wii U in terms of tech is CURRENT GEN but timing wise its NEXT GEN. Nintendo seriously went full retard when they decided to release ANOTHER underpowered console. its sad… really.

    1. Oh ness you surprise me with a some what smart comment. Now here is the part that you dont get not every one is going to have the money to develope big budget games and a console powerfull enough to please the gamers graphicaly and developers in desining.

      1. Ubisoft,EA,Capcom,Activision,Bathesda,Square Enix and all the other BIG 3rd parties have more than enough money to make big budget next-gen games. Nintendo could well aford making a powerful console, just that they didnt because they thought cutting down power for some stupid gimmicky tablet controller was a good idea…Which it wasn’t.

        1. Is this the only gaming site you visit? Capcom.have already said that games releases will be down because of production cost square enix is not happy with the sales the big budget games get even tought it sold millions activision is beingon caution mode. The only ones left is ea and ubisoft and ea has already fire lots of his staff.

        2. Yeah….and considering how much it’s gonna cost to make those games for the PS4 and ∞, they’re gonna start pricing games at $70-80. No one in their right mind would pay that much for a game.

              1. shit i wish the u.s could have games and stuff be more expensive in exchange for a better economy, money being worth more, better pay deal with it.

          1. Sony, since revealing the PS4 has already revealed that the cap will be $60 USD for games – the same as it is now for PS3, 360, and Wii U.

            They’ll range from F2P, $.99-60 according to official Sony statements.

            I’m sure the next Xbox will follow suit since most of the games will be the same.

    2. “Obliterates”.

      If they “obliterated” the Wii U, then no one, absolutely NO ONE, would be making ANY sort of game for both Wii U AND the other two systems that are coming out.
      The fact that it can be done means that the gulf in tech between them is a manageable one, not one that anyone who is not an elitist or tech/pixel whore cares about.
      The graphics are satisfactory and the games will be up to that point soon for the majority of people that aren’t absolutely blind haters of everything Nintendo.

      1. Tell me a game that is ONLY coming to PS4/720/Wii U and doesnt have a current gen release. tell me.. come on, im waiting… It certainly isn’t Witcher 3 :)

        1. Being made for current gen systems[PS3/360] isn’t a negative. If anything, it’s a positive that shows the flexibility and skill of the devs.
          With that firmly in mind, instead of trying to use it as a BS way out…
          Watch Dogs.
          It’s not only coming to two of the current-gen consoles[PS3, 360], it’s also coming out on all 3 of the next-gen systems.

          The fact that Ubisoft is good enough as a developer to make the game for the Wii U right alongside the PS4 and Nextbox shows conclusively that it’s not far enough behind in specs to be considered incapable of handling next-gen games.
          If the Wii U couldn’t handle the game, then they certainly wouldn’t be making a version of it for that system, let alone for past systems.
          And yet it’s still considered a perfectly good example of a next-gen game.

          It’s also getting other good next-gen games like Wonderful 101, Rayman Legends, Bayonetta 2, and much more indie support than any troll would ever want to admit to.

    3. the gpad obliterates ds4 box 3 controller the wiimote burns everything and the u will be more powerful when u look at price

    1. The CEO is also someone who decides which system the games are released on. So this right here is pretty much confirmation that the Wii U isnt getting any insomniac games now and in the near future.

      1. And bad decisions by a CEO also cause companies to liquidate and go under. Playing favorites isn’t going to get it anymore. 3rd party studios are going to be FORCED to make games on all three platforms if they want to make money.

        Exclusivity is a thing of the past unless that console developer owns a piece of the software developer i.e. Retro Studios/Nintendo, Naughty Dog/Sony, 343/Microosoft, etc.

        1. Companies made games for ps3/360 and not the Wii and they just fine. and 3rd party games barely sell on nintendo systems.

          1. Tell that to poor thq and midway also square enix bad finacial position is thanks fault.of the ps3 and the 360.

            1. The financial problems those companies are experiencing stem from bad decisions rather than poor sales. Nice try at slandering the two relevant consoles.

              1. Hahaha the 360 and ps3 had seen more companys go bankrupt than the IRS. Also thq made his money on Nintendo systems and the lost it on sony and Microsoft fact. After all they did very few fps.

      2. Who the fuck cares? It’s like Retro saying that PS4 sounds like shit, and that they prefer the Wii U, they’re just praising the system they are getting paid to make games for, and bad-mouthing their competition, it’s down right immature.

  16. The resistance games suck anyways. Insomniac has never been a top notch video game company. He’s just another moron bashing a system he will never make games for

    1. They also made the old school Spyro games which is one of the best platformers ever made. Even if they made some bad games, its always good to have them on board the system.

      1. how are the old school spyro games, i played every sony 3d platformer. nintendos 3d platformers kicked them in the dust imo. i always thought spyro looked really fun though.

    2. Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time is one of the best 3D Platformers this gen
      I think Super Mario Galaxy 2 beats it imo

      1. why does every one like the first galaxy didnt think it was that good. i went into the second when in a meh feeling but havnt had that much fun in a 3d platformer since i played mario 64 or banjo

  17. i think Wii U will do fine, but if Nintendo can be the first to upgrade the specs of Wii U go aheadi will buy it.

  18. >Hasn’t made any serious effort to make a game using it
    >Forms the uninformed opinion that the system is in the same gen as the PS3

    Yeah, okay buddy. You just lost any credibility you had going for your opinions towards the system.

  19. well he’s right. wiiu is current gen. the ps360/wii are last gen. the ps4/nextbox will join the wiiu as current gen.

    1. Like D2K said, this guy wasn’t using the term in the same generational sense as the PS4, therefore he was looking down on the Wii U as being in the same system gen as the PS3/360.
      He’s obviously still under the impression that the PS3 and 360 are still the current generation, and anything coming out before their successors, is still a part of the “current gen”.
      He couldn’t be more wrong, though.

  20. I guess with the news of the Wii U CPU ‘possibly’ being 3.24 GHz per core some doofus had to try to being back the whole “underpowered” argument.

    The guy make a clear and obvious separation between the Wii U and PS4. No need to play semantics. He was saying that the Wii U is underpowered compared to the PS4 and is not in the same league. Who cares. Some people still think the world is flat too.

  21. Anyway they never made a single game on Nintendo platforms lol
    Also they need to realize that a generation is not about power but period of time.

  22. Weekly news from Sony and opening up things for Indies??? I think you have it backwards cause thats what Nintendo and the Wii U are doing. I havent heard ANYTHING from Sony since the PS4 reveal awhile ago…And he is right though. Wii U is CURRENT GEN BECAUSE THE 8TH GEN HAS STARTED. XBOX 36 0 AND PS3 ARE LAST GEN.

    1. The “last gen” consoles are getting more and better games than the next-gen (yeah right) Wii U.

    2. That’s probably because you don’t follow news from Sony that much. He was barely exaggerating when he made that comment. For almost a year now, maybe even more, Sony has been announcing new indie support on *almost* a weekly basis.

      Having spoken with many, many, indie devs, I have found that Nintendo is getting better with indie support, but they’re not quite at the level that Sony is both in assistance and accessibility these days; Especially post Vita launch.

  23. Well, he completely glossed over the fact that Nintendo is already doing the exact same thing with Indie that Sony is going for.

    Also, that FUSE demo sucked. Then again, Resistance wasn’t all that good to begin with either so I’m not surprised.

  24. It’s passing bizarre that we see all this chatter about indies on PS3 and yet Nintendo has gone waaaay the hell out of their way on this front, to the point that thehy’re handing out *free* dev kits, and you don’t hear any ‘atta boys’ from the media or industry in general on them considering there is virtually NO barrier to entry on U if they’re handing out kits.

  25. Sometimes I feel that developers and critics praises the “Next-generation” console because of its power, not by its innovation and creativity.

  26. While the Wii was successful, Nintendo did not make any games that can either technically or artistically compare to Uncharted 2, Halo 4, or GTA 4, etc. even during the GameCube era, Nintendo games were cutting edge technically, artistically and gameplay. But during the Wii generation while the gameplay was cutting edge, Nintendo first party games were not as advanced technically or artistically. Nintendo fell behind on the video games industry. Today Nintendo struggles to make HD. Nintendo certainly struggles to makes the graphics, the open world games, the cinematic story driven action adventure games. Nintendo is boring. My Wii U is boring. I liked NSMBU, but I coulda played that on the Wii.

        1. And people went off at me for calling you a basement dweller?

          Shit! Nintendo fans must all be perverted losers.

          1. Your comment suck too much. For me you are like the larva .. coming out of the fucking hatchery. Or the fucking peon taking the gold from the mine. You just suck too much :)

  27. I really don’t care what this guy has to say. I have no clue who he is and the term “generation” is used in so many different ways by so many different people that you really can’t take these considerations to heart. 💋

      1. So suddenly they’re “fantastic”.
        Yeah, and if they went all-in with Nintendo you’d be right alongside all the other haters, spending your time bashing it on sites like this, because your own sad-sack life, with no one of consequence paying attention to you, is such a dull fucking drag to live through.

      1. Hey clown ! Have fuck with your share button on your PS4 controler. Everybody on youtube will be able to see how much you can suck at videogames lol.

      2. Ohhhh, that game with the dozens of sequels that don’t change very much mechanics-wise between them.
        So you love this, yet you hate on Mario.

        Well! I guess there’s no doubt about it at this point; your opinion is as warped as your hatred of Nintendo, and there’s no reason to take you seriously.

        Hell, even the Nintendrones make better points than you.

        You’re a disgrace to every real gamer alive.
        Tuck tail and run, you arrogant elitist.

  28. here’s my opinion. I don’t give a shit about what xbox 720 is gonna be like (it’s gonna be for little girls I mean (dumb voice) hey look this xbox live thingy is only 20 dollars. nah waste of money the xbox 720 is and you might have to be on the internet 24/7 and here is 2 friends chatting, friend 1 “hey can I borrow halo 5” friend 2 “sure but it wouldn’t be worth it” friend 1 “oh yeah because the disks are water marked well I guess I’ll get it preowned at gamestop” friend 2 ” you can’t remember microsoft wants the damn money man!”) well there you have it thats my opinion for the lame xbox moving on the ps4…….. is …….. is!………. has!! a nice controller!!! but the only good games are gta and assassins creed. but Wii U is so damn awesome yes yes yes yesssssssss!!! the gamepad is sick and it’s …….. well gonna get endless good games…… HELL YEAH

  29. It’s not a matter of perspective, but rather, a matter of definition. The Wii U is next-gen by every definition of the word.

    1. Well, that’s what happens when the trolls come out to play around by overblowing one stupid comment by one stupid CEO.

  30. Well i consider the All 4 One and the new Ratchet and Clank to be utter dogshit, and Fuse is the most generic boring sell out 3rd person shooter ive played in a while.

    You fell hard, Insomniac…

  31. What have insomniac games made? *checks Wikipedia* oh. They’re a Sony company. Move along people. Nothing to see here

  32. Is this guy a retard?
    Damn, if CEO of a game developing company standards are that low, maybe I should apply?
    Someone point him to this video:

    Ok, anyone who does not understand the definition of “generation”,
    should stop using it. I die little inside, when I see retards discussing about generations.
    And lets remember kids, you are in no way improvement of the “last generation”.

      1. Except his “Opinion” is 100% incorrect. It’s based on flawed logic.
        Quit damage-controlling for the people who can’t get their definition of the term “Next Generation” straight.

        1. His opinion is incorrect? I’m done talking to you. Obviously, you are yet another angry Nintendo fanboy.

          1. It IS incorrect.
            He’s saying it’s not “Next-generation”.
            The TRUTH, is that by the very DEFINITION of a generation, Wii U is a part of the “Next Generation” of gaming systems, alongside PS4 and the Next-box.
            You’re just another damage-controlling troll who falls back on the “fanboy” insult whenever someone points out your fuck-ups.

            1. Also, don’t try pulling that “Opinions can’t be incorrect” bullshit. There’s exceptions to most rules out there, and this is just one of many examples.

          2. The major difference between opinion and definition is, what exactly?
            Opinion: judgment or belief not founded on certainty or proof.
            Definition: a formal and concise statement of the meaning of a word, phrase, etc.

            I’m just sorry, if I cant accept your opinions, when there’s facts of definitions.

            Sure, man is entitled to his opinions, though that does not make his opinion true, just ignorant.

          3. ipod 1st gen, ipod 2nd gen, ipod 3rd gen, ipod 4th gen , did you notice the correct use?… didnt you get the concept?. im gonna powerpoint it to you. Nintendo’s 1st gen (nes), Nintendo’s 2nd gen (sne), Nintendo’s 3rd gen (n64), Nintendo’s 4th gen (gcn), Nintendo’s 5th gen (wii), Nintendo’s next gen (the 6th, wiiU).

      2. Its not matter of opinion, its matter of definition.
        Definitions aren’t up to ones opinions, they’re set facts, accept it.

  33. Nintendo Commander

    Whatever, another western slave that fancies graphics and hype instead of what really matters…

  34. “Wii-U is something I’d consider more current gen – but we’re not working on games for it.”
    What? Didn’t even had the hardware to work with? Lost respect within one sentence! xD

    1. Exactly this. They dont work with the Wii U but know exactly what the hardware is like and put it in a certain category. lol. And the thing with Indies…Nintendo is doing the exact same thing and doesnt get the praise.

  35. 220 comments just cause some company says its current gen??? WHO GIVES A SHIT IF ITS NEXT GEN OR CURRENT GEN?! ITS STILL THE SAME AWESOME WII U THAT EVERYBODY LOVES!


    1. seriously? insomniac makes games for babies?? Most of Nintendo’s games are for children (i have no problems with that). Have you ever played Ratchet and Clank? And stop acting like a fanboy

      1. I have.
        In fact, I owned most of the entries in the series thus far.
        A lot of the things that people use as an excuse to call Nintendo games “kiddie games” are present in Ratchet & Clank.
        Non-realistic visuals, lots of light comedy, a low difficulty curve, and many other examples.

        The thing is, though, the hypocrites who look down on Nintendo games for many of these exact same things have nothing but praise whenever something with the same qualities pops up on a Sony or Microsoft system.

        Double standards.
        Double standards everywhere.

        Me personally, I don’t give a flying fuck if people consider them baby games; Mario, Zelda, Jack&Daxter, Ratchet&Clank, Spyro, Sly Cooper, and dozens upon dozens of other cartoonish “kiddy games” have replay value to their names that many other “Mature, realistic, oh-so-adult” games can’t even come CLOSE to boasting about.

        That still doesn’t make me any less disgusted whenever I see Phony Drones or X-Bots coming in here with the same hypocritical claims of “Nintendo consoles only getting baby games”, as if the systems they play on have never had a game with any aspect in it that they’d consider childish if it were on a Nintendo system.

        Trolls need to go take a long walk off a short cliff.
        Preferably overlooking the world’s most deadly whirlpool.

      2. i guess you are one of these people who just play shotters. does that make you fell grown up???. use your brain with nintendo games and please grown up!!

  36. *sigh*

    I liked Insomniac a lot better when they used to make fantastic Spyro platformers. Looks like they decided to hold to idiot ball for Sony.

  37. how on earth is gamepad current gen /how on earth is wii remote plus current gen (yes available this gen but its 6 x more motion tracking per second than move or cameras or handhelds bar gamepad)

    Nintendo put 34mb of edram in the gpu logic FOR NO REASON and there’s a 1mb sram on board the GPU FOR NO REASON













    1. Tech noob, much? Repeating what others said? It’s not “catch” it’s cache and the Wii U has 32MB eDRAM and not 38.

      1. would u like to back that up noob

        lol wiiboy101 made 250 k uk pounds stearling in nintendo shares GUESS WHO I AM

  40. i love how the fanboys went 32mb aint near enough then ps4 had non and xbox durrango had this esram bull shit agasin 32mb and all of a sudden it was enough

    i call u out beyond3d community and idiotgaf

  41. if ps4 had 32mb edram the whole media and forums etc would be singing prays about it SEE THESE CRETINS FOR WHAT THEY ARE

  42. Sky Grounder [@ Wii U]

    “Lowering the barriers for independent developers on PS4”
    So has Nintendo done with the eShop. I smell biasism. Not only does he go on to praise the PS4, but he also completely ignores the Wii U.

  43. Even your precious Indie developers say the Wii U is not a nextt gen system. When will you finally face it? The Wii U simply can’t keep up with the PS4 and most likely not with the 720 hell right now it’s even busy catching up to the features from.the PS3 and the 360.

    1. You’re just another arrogant spec whore that doesn’t know the definition of “Next gen”.
      Get a fucking clue, imbecile.

    2. show me a ps4 game rigth now. tell me where is your house and im gonna go so you gotta show me. wait, you dont have ps4?

  44. I don’t understand why people don’t consider the wiiU powerful. It actually is really close to the power of the ps4. The ps4 has a gpu that is 50% better than the wiiUs,, and a cpu that is either slightly better, or slightly worse than the wiiU’s.

  45. the Wii was underpowered compared to the X360 & PS3 & i tend to agree that it is underpowered compared to the PS4, the X720 will be on par with the PS4, maybe the WiiU is not current gen (X360/PS3) but halfway.

  46. so its current gen because they didnt wait a whole freggin year to release it like the other 2 companys? also its funny everyone is like oh its so underpowered umm its more powerful than a ps3 and a xbox 360 and is going to be running games that a ps4 and next xbox can run how it this current gen again? thought so…

  47. this is another company i am not going to buy from and their portfolio is pathetic any way resistance 2 is the only one which was slightly good but other than that they make a load of rubbish. this tit sounds up his own ass who cares

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