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Nintendo Wins Appeal To Keep Selling Wii In US


The Federal Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington has told Nintendo that it can continue selling the original Wii in the United States. Motiva had claimed that the Wii had infringed two of its patents for a system to track a user’s position and body movement. Three judges stated that Motiva’s main motive was to win damages or a settlement, not to license or make products incorporating the company’s patents.  A lawyer for Motiva said the ruling was unfortunate, but they will take the claim to a district court.

“Motiva’s litigation was targeted at financial gains, not at encouraging adoption of Motiva’s patented technology. There is simply no reasonable likelihood that, after successful litigation against Nintendo, Motiva’s patented technology would have been licensed by partners who would have incorporated it.”

– Circuit Judge, Sharon Prost

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30 thoughts on “Nintendo Wins Appeal To Keep Selling Wii In US”

  1. people are pathetic scum sometimes. lawsuit laws really need to change cause too many fucking retards think it’s a quick cash in to sue for the most stupid reasons.

  2. I can’t believe this is even taken seriously the dam thing has sold a hundred million units for god sake I think it too late at this point to be taken seriously.

  3. Where do these assholes come from?
    Seriously, pretty sure Nintendo PATENT their ideas.
    Do Nintendo sue Sony for doing move? No?
    Know why? Because aside from it being stupid, the tech designs are different.
    Same with the 3DS’s tech. It may be surprising, but creating a screen like that is kind of only possible in that way, so no shit if 2 out of 7 billion think of the same think.

    Get the fuck over it, you jealous assholes.

  4. If a federal court tell you that you dont have a case you are prety much screw everywhere else so why go to a district court?

      1. Could be some of those lawyers that only gets a share if they win or some shady busines behind closet doors.

  5. so whats next? someone will sue nintendo again for patent “infringement” on the wii u gamepad when there is no others like it? these people who want a quick buck on gaming companies should have their brains removed and even if all patents are “similar” each do it their own way

    1. people do actually.. but that’s not the point

      the point is that they would have been able to claim damages for every wii ever sold

    1. that does not mean they should not defend their own products. Be real these people are only in it for money.

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