Amazon Lists “New Super Luigi” For Nintendo 3DS


Amazon has put up a listing of “New Super Luigi” for the Nintendo 3DS. The game the online retailer is referring to is actually called New Super Luigi U, and it’s not a Nintendo 3DS game – it’s not even a full game; it’s downloadable content for people who own a copy of Wii U-exclusive New Super Mario Bros. U. When New Super Luigi U is released later this year, Luigi will be able to traverse through levels that were specifically designed for his abilities.


      1. yup i dont get why people say “nintendo release same game every year”.
        people lets be honest and hear me out, ONLY ONE 2D Mario WILL APPEARED IN ONE PLATFORM.

      1. It has, if you played through the first New Super Bros on DS and then the Wii. You’ll notice how slowly the fun factor is diminishing from the later installments. I dont even wanna buy the DLC after the disappointing New Super Mario Bro for 3DS. Im playing the WiiU one right now and i’m breezing through the game like its nothing.

        1. Still a opinion the only way that something can be a fact is if everyone agree and there is evidence that cant be refuted.

    1. I’d have to completely disagree, for a series that doesn’t stray from the path much (even at all) it’s consistently one of the funnest games of the year it’s released.

    2. Really, how isn’t it… It’s the best in the series in my opinion and I’ve played Mario since 1988…

      1. Super Mario world was the best( of the 2d), I’m sure I could get many to agree with me

          1. God of War 4 console game and 2 handheld games. How is that milked? Jealous because God of War: Ascension looks better than anything on Wii U?!

            1. No it’s because Ascension wasn’t very good. Multiplayer is decent but the campaign wasn’t very good and there are better looking games on Wii U like Need For Speed Most Wanted(not a port it was remade for wii u to look better)

            2. 6? Can you even count?

              God of War
              God of War II
              God of War:
              God of War: Chains of Olympus
              God of War Collection
              God of War III
              God of War: Ghost of Sparta
              God of War: Origins Collection
              God of War Saga
              God of War: Ascension

              More rehashed than Zelda. The only difference is GoW is a shitty series with not a single decent game for those of use above the age of 13. This childish “edgy” series needs to die already.

              1. God of War
                God of War II
                God of War III
                God of War Ghost of Sparta
                God of War Chains of Olympus
                God of War Ascension
                The other ones you listed were HD Ports, those don’t count.

                1. Okay, but God of War has 6 games (not including HD ports) in the span of 8 years. Mario for example has had only 16 main games in the span of 25 years. Admittedly, recently the NSMB has been overdone recently, but still… that’s 3:4 vs 16:25

                    1. I know you were
                      I was adding on to your point also
                      Sorry for the confusing :D

                1. But no one was talking about new the topic was milking and hd ports brings on the milk.

            3. Hardly.
              GoW got milked quicker than Mario because it has less entertainment value going for it.
              The better a game is, the more it can spread out.

              1. marios image is milked, not his games, actually the new series is milked and its dull, but 3d unless its another galaxy its not milked, same with paper mario, they all play different. im sick of fanboys, you could say some sony stuff is milked, all microsfot games are milked all ready, halo is the least milked and still hold up wich is sad because its the oldest.

    1. Ignoring that All Stars tried milking Super Smash but failed. Also ignoring that Mario is the face of Nintendo and Sony is and still can’t find a mascot.

      1. I think you mean copied, not milking. Even then, I’ve wanted a SOny version for a while, the character line up was quite crap though.

        Sony has a face in Japan (It’s that cat thing) Not sure about the west though, I don’t pay enough attention.

      2. That is actually quite true. Every time you turn around, Sony’s using someone different as their mascot. Who’s the mascot now? Nathan Drake? Kratos? If it’s Kratos, great mascot, by the way. And since Sonydrones are too stupid to pick up on sarcasm, that’s exactly what that was. Kratos should not be the mascot of… anything.

    2. I think you’re the only one milking around here Nova, and I mean that in the dirtiest way possible big boy. ;)

    1. Do we need more stupid people who dont know that Nintendo should not drop his guard?

  1. And what will you say when they reveal this game for 3DS at E3? Will you admit finally the shitty “journalism” that is rampant in this site?

  2. For all we know, Nintendo might announce NSL 3DS in their next Nintendo Direct, it is the Year of Luigi, is it not?

    1. I’m starting to think the next Direct could be this week. All the recent Directs happened about this same time for the past few months.

  3. What if they’re going to make a New Super Luigi DLC expansion for New Super Mario Bros. 2?

    1. they are, thats all theyve announce so far.

      New Super Luigi U.

      this is either Amazon Fucking up and putting up the wrong info (even though i dont see why Amazon would put up DLC up for Pre-Order)
      Amazon Leaking that the same DLC is making its way to the 3DS in physical media.

  4. We know that Sony milks God of War & Ratchet and Clank. We all know Microsoft milks Halo. We all know Ninty milks NSMB. But we all like milk right?

    1. Nintendo doesn’t milk NSMB. There have only been 4 games in the series, spanning over 4 consoles. They are nothing when compared to God of War, Ratchet and Clank, and Halo. There have been several games on just a single platform. Halo is being MASSIVELY milked. It wasn’t fun to begin with… nothing more than a mindless shooter…

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