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Resident Evil: Revelations Demo Hits The Wii U eShop In Australia, Europe


The Resident Evil: Revelations demo has today arrived on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U in both Europe and Australia. The free demo requires 619 MB of free space to download and has 30 limited uses. The demo is expected to hit North America tomorrow, May 14th. Resident Evil: Revelations will be released this month in North America on the 21st, Australia on the 23rd, and Europe on the 24th.

154 thoughts on “Resident Evil: Revelations Demo Hits The Wii U eShop In Australia, Europe”

  1. 3DS greatest game console ever. It has Chrono trigger, Luigi’s mansion 2 on the same machine. Monster hunter 3 ultimate and fire emblem awakening. Mario 3D and harmo knights. All debate stops here, resident evil revelations a true Res being ported to last gen PS360 and next gen Wii U. Haters trolls and confused Sony fans bow down. Jelly bean, aldarazz and neutron am talking about you three.

        1. Really? Holy shit man, didn’t realise that /s

          Why are you still stalking me by the way? It’s creepy.

          1. How do you know its the same person? Anyways revalations seems pretty cool, i might just get it.

            1. Well an anon guy has been stalking me for a long while now, well really, it’s just an assumption but it’s more than likely that guy.

        1. Actually, I was being serious. Since number 4, the series in my opinion has gone waaaaay down hill.

              1. Obviously, you have never played the phenomenal Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles on Wii . That game was amazing and only a butthurt Sony drone could hate it.

                  1. It’s the sequel to umbrella chronicles, same gameplay. I thought they were really fun games to be honest. Over all I’d agree that it has went down hill, but the demo of revelations seems more like RE:4. I would love it if they brought back the stationary cameras though huge part of what made RE great Imo.

          1. ah I see. well you should play revelations. I played the 3ds one and it realy went back to the roots. now 5 and 6 sucked. revelations is where they should have branched off from because it was the perfect mix of everything RE has to offer. you should get it on your 3ds if you havnt already. but if you don’t like it who am I to tell you otherwise.

            1. I have revelations on 3DS. It just didn’t do it for me. Not saying others can’t enjoy it, I just don’t like it.

      1. Revelations was fucking awesome on the 3DS. I don’t think it will have the same impact on consoles though. It might seem less impressive on consoles. but it blew me away on 3DS and I’m sure it will be great on Wiiu also.

        Okay the story gets a tad cheesey in places and the Ooze are annoying to kill and Spammed , but other than that it’s What Resi fans deserved since 4.

        1. The one coming out on console is just a money grab by Capcom. If they don’t put effort into it, I’ll lose all respect for them.

            1. God of War? Yeah probably, Ascension was kinda meh.

              Gears of War? They should of left it at 3 games.

      2. Its not as good as the early ones yeah.. but atleast they are better than5and 6 , spooky narrow areas, and sometimes jumpscares, i just wish there was actual zombies along with the creatures in the game

    1. Why are you calling them out? I agree it is one of the best portable device but not the greatest game console ever. Heck your opinion and my opinion doesn’t really matter. Of course trolls going respond to anybody regardless you are Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, Apple, etc fanboys. Not everyone like Luigi’s Mansion 2, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Harmo Knights, and etc. Heck I don’t even like them but I do love my Fire Emblem Awakening and Super Mario 3D Land. If they don’t like them doesn’t mean they are “idiot”, “haters”, “trolls” and etc.

        1. I feel like posting this all the time: *Put up “Do not feed the trolls” sign* I mean everyone want arguments on this site for some reasons.

          1. The only person I’ve really seen to do that is probably the worst offender for feeding trolls on this site haha

        2. I called you out Jelly bean cause I missed you, Aldarazz and neutron. “If I wanted fights to break out, I would point out how unnecessary the Vita is. Since losing monster hunter, Sony machines are all but irrelevant.” game on my friends :).

          1. Cause you missed me? Whaaaa?

            I dunno, played the Persona series? They have me hooked at the moment (I think it’s a port of a PS2 game though). But yeah at this stage, apart from Soul Sacrifice, Vita has nothing really coming out. Apparently there is a big amazing game coming to it or something, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

            1. it is a port of a ps2 game but it doesn’t make it ANY LESS AWESOME!!! one of my favorite rpg’s on ps2. probably in top 5 or 10 of all time.

              1. I swear the only other handheld games to have me addicted this long have been Pokemon & Kid Icarus, this game is just so awesome!

                1. lol add me on 3ds so I can fucking destroy you on kid Icarus. (yah that’s right im talking shit though im probably gunna lose)

                  1. Lol I’m at work at the moment, but I’ll add you when I get home (Note: I suck at the MP so you’ll probably easily beat me :P)

          2. Just having a spot by the way. Sony provides great competition for nintendo. Hope the release the last Guardian on PS4.

            1. Sony just gives me my JRPG fix. Nintendo could do it, just they need to start localizing more! Bravery Default I’m pumped for.

      1. Point noted. Got a 3DS again. Had to sell my initial one to buy a Wii U or something else. My nintendo set is complete now. How is 3D Mario and fire emblem awakening? Great? Monster hunter 3 Ultimate has me so involved I need a break. Maybe I should await pokemon X and Y.

      1. Resi rev Jill’s ass is the best ever to grace gaming.

        I finished the game on 3DS somehow by looking at her ass all the way through!

        1. You need help.

          Step 1: Get out of your soiled underwear and put on some decent clothes

          Step 2: Comb your hair and brush your teeth

          Step 3: Eat something other than the week old bag of Doritos beside your bed

          Step 4: Open a window and breathe in the fresh air

          Step 5: See that thing walking down the street? That is a real girl! Only a few months of therapy and counselling for you and you shall be able to talk to one without stuttering and spitting all over the place.

          1. lol , who you trying to lecture mother fucker ? Can you see me ? do you know me ? no.

            Honestly I live the exact opposite lifestyle to your stupid bullet points.

            1. On saturday , I went clothes shopping and spent £200
            I also have loads of other really nice clothes and donate my old clothes to Charity

            2. I Have extremely short and un-combable hair. I also Brush 2-3 times a day with Sensodine and Whitening toothpast. I also use Mouthwash a few times a day.

            3. Ewww. Week old Dorritos ? no….

            4. My apartment is well ventilated and My mother lives by the Sea and I visit her regularly.

            5. I’ve had a variety of girlfriends throughout my years . And am fully confident in the way I speak to women , they be the ones stuttering to me ;)

            Sounds to me like you just described yourself because you hate yourself lol.

          2. He said her ass was attractive, which is true. It doesn’t imply that all he does is wank to fictional characters. Also, even though she’s 3D, Jill is designed to look like a person. I don’t know about you but for most humans it’s normal to be attracted to people.

  2. I’m almost, ALMOST, tempted to re-purchase this, but I don’t know if there are any differences between the 3DS version and the Wii U version, aside from updated graphics.

        1. I don’t know about story because you are limited to selection of weapons in 3DS version. I am debating whatever if I want this version but I am stuck in “Hard” story and “Abyss” stage 15. So I kinda want to finish my 3DS version before getting this one but I am stuck…

      1. Mr. Yoshi Anubis guy is right. You get 30 tries. But c’mon.. are you even going to use it 30 times??? Demos get boring fast. 💋

        1. Unless everyone play Wii U at his or her house. Not only that we sometime show demo to our friends and stuffs. In other word, its kinda add up.

        2. Lol I thought I was going to run out of tries for the monster hunter demo but then It came out lol I got 6 tries left xD

  3. Im glad the wii u is getting a new demo. i dont even think the eshop has even 8 demos. Nintendo is slacking heavy to try and convince us owners to try out different games. I remember when the vita launched, it had more demos than the 3ds

  4. Can’t wait to play the definitive version of Resident Evil: Revelations in glorious 1080p 60FPS on the PC!

    1. cool bro. I’m glad your hyped. ill enjoy it on my wii u like I did my 3ds and we will all be happy :D

    2. Can’t wait to play “advanced” versions of year old games?

      Sounds like you should buy a WiiU.

      Also a gaming PC, because you definitely don’t have one.

    3. yeah but you dont have a gamepad … too bad lol… have fun pausing the game to change equipment or check your map every 5 mins.

  5. Here is the real question; Why are YOU on a site for Nintendo news when you clearly hate the company? Do you real find joy in putting sadness and despair in other people? Get off this site, you prick!

  6. Tony Lane has friends on Miiverse, online and in real life. As do I. You on the other hand… Are a Sony dick-riding loser! Get off my dick, trick!

  7. What happened to talking about the article? All I see is a bunch of idiots insulting each other for something ridiculous. I can’t wait to try the demo tomorrow!

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