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The Sun Names Nintendo 3DS As The Best Console Ever

nintendo_3ds_XL_PikachuA UK red-top tabloid has named the Nintendo 3DS as the best console in video-gaming history. The Sun’s columnist Derek Brown has given the grand old thumbs up to Nintendo’s handheld, and he’s stuck his neck out by saying it’s not just his favourite handheld console, it’s his ‘favourite console full stop’.

Considering The Sun’s aversion to the console two years ago, this is a bold statement. In 2011, the tabloid printed a number of stories reporting that the console was making ‘gamers feel dizzy and sick’, and in a follow-up report by games journalist Lee Price, he concluded that children should stop playing and pack it away after two hours.

In his report, Derek Brown says that although the hardware was seen as a ‘gimmicky cash-in’ within its first year, it has now emerged as an ‘essential’ piece of gaming hardware, which lies within the eShop:

“It’s in the eShop — the 3DS equivalent of the Apple App Store — that the machine is making its biggest strides. Full-price titles such as Fire Emblem (my 2013 game of the year), Luigi’s Mansion (excellent) and Monster Hunter sit beside brilliant budget games like Fallblox (best game ever for a fiver), Mario Minis On The Move, VVVVVV and HarmoKnight — starting at a fiver.

“None of the games are of the throwaway 69p variety on your phone. They’re proper pieces of software worthy of your attention.”

Though Brown is quick to own a sudden change of heart for the 3DS, he also takes the opportunity to slam the Wii U. He adds:

“So here’s the bad news for Nintendo — I am the only person I know who has a Wii U. 
Even the most ardent Nintendo fan would have to confess that it’s been a pretty duff six months since the launch […] Whatever the reason for its lack of sales, it’s a big problem for Nintendo.”

Do you believe the Nintendo 3DS is the best console ever? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

103 thoughts on “The Sun Names Nintendo 3DS As The Best Console Ever”

  1. Pitfall near your door

    I love my 3DS! I believe the Wii U will have healthy sales though this year once the 1st party titles comes out.

  2. a newspaper which promotes itself by having a naked woman on page 3 with her tits out,this papers opinion is irrelevant

      1. You are stupid if you have to buy the newspaper for tits. It is free on the internet and the sports too:P

  3. The DS and the PS2 are the best consoles so far.
    3DS is still early days, but it is shaping up to be a contender

  4. The 3DS and GBA SP stand on a mountain to themselves. I’d defintiely agree with this. I’d like to add the wii U is the only console I’ve bought that I havn’t lost interest in a few months after purchase.

  5. The 3DS is a great system, but not the best ever. The NES, SNES and Gamecube wins that title.

  6. “the 3ds is my favourite console ever,” this just further prove an opinion that u can’t take a UK gamer seriously, console? Its a god damn handheld, UK should stick with there FIFA and oh wait I guess UK Nintendo fans have got nothing as ea the little shit won’t stop crying and chucking a tantrum cause nobody wants there online supporter

    1. Fuck you . That’s pretty much Racism and offensive.

      Every country has good and bad people. The UK has real gamers and fake gamers so does America , so does every other country (except Greenland) .

      UK Nintendo fans will just play Fifa on the other console that they most likely own. Or they won’t play it all. Prick.

      1. Look I didn’t mean too offend no-one, I mean 3ds is still an amazing now all it needs is a facebook Twitter YouTube app plus miiverse oh yeah Nintendo make a 3g model. No no kuni has to come only that will make the 3dscs diamond down complete

        1. ”this just further prove an opinion that u can’t take a UK gamer seriously”

          I find that not only offensive , but ignorant and quite frankly wrong.
          You’re generalizing an entire Nation of people. Games like CoD and Fifa are popular all ove the fucking world not just in the UK.

          There is barely any difference between the UK and other European countries , America or Australia in terms of game taste.

          Like I said , sure the UK is full of casual FIFA loving teens and idiots. But the UK is also full of real gamers. The sought who play games like Luigi’s mansion 2 , Ni no Kuni , Bioshock , Monster Hunter , etc.

          If you don’t want to be offensive , then don’t.

    2. Coming from a person in a Country that allows children in Beauty Pagents and have more overweight people than Austrailia.

      Your argument is so much invalid its funny

      1. An Australian having a dig at the state of UK gaming ? Now i’ve seen it all.

        *watches the episode of top gear where the Australians are made to look like idiots*

      2. That’s even more laughable, seeing as YOU’RE OUR ANCESTORS!
        And you wana make stereotypes, when you’re Australian?!
        Lets put a shrimp on the barbie!
        Fuck you, we won the Ashes
        How’s Fosters?
        Did dingo’s eat your kids?
        Are all your ancestors convict rapists?
        All of that, is fucking retarded, and ignorant, isn’t it?
        So assuming that everyone in the UK, just plays FIFA, is also fucking stupid.

        1. Swearing isn’t gonna solve anything now will it, and I wasnt saying FIFA is the only game I’m just saying any UK reality or anything there either playing cod or a sports games

          1. Who gives a shit about reality tv shows?!
            Reality tv shows are designed to bring in the most moronic people possible, everyone on a reality show, 95% of the time, is a fucking idiot.

    3. Somebody mentioning a fact about the majority of UK gaming community, and everyone rages crying out loud, attacking one person who just pointed out a concusion of multiple articles posted at N4G and MNN, which are about sales of games and actually show what UK plays. How about some constuctive critisism instead of “F*** U”, how about it you so gentle uk fanboys? EXAMPLE: what ur saying is true for most, but not for eveyone, so you shouldnt go into biased conclusions and generalize for all of UK. Also the fact that a 3ds is a handheld doesnt exclude it from the console party, its even more powerful than old gen consoles, ive played some of my favourite experiences on it, so i can call it my best console. geez myninendonews comments is a nightmare sometimes…

  7. You mean the newspaper that a while ago had that embarrassing “Why WiiU sucks” article, including such exquisite writing as “Wii + HD = LOL?”.

    They only care about 1 thing. Sales.
    Fuck off, poking your nose into shit you have no idea about, until you money boner spring up.

    1. I buy the Sun for the Sport and the titties quite often. But I sure as hell do not read the first half of the paper (except the titties).

      Skim read the sport , look at the boobies , put it in the bin.

      1. It’s still a dumb paper, in fact, pretty much all papers are stupid, but at least to my knowledge, when it comes to games, their either clueless as fuck, or the most overcritical bastards ever

        1. Papers have the worst and most irrelevant opinions and reviews on games. That’s a fact.
          In England the papers are either too Stupid (tabloids) or too clever (broadsheets) lol.

    2. As for best system ever? Meh. I dont really have one anyone.
      I just care about the damn games, of which many have gems of their own (some older ones a little more overrated than their legend lives up to be)

  8. It’s on track to become my favorite system ever , I’ll say that much.

    I mean Pokemon , Link to the Past 2 , Animal Crossing , SMT 4 , MH4 , Bravely default , Project X zone , Mario and Luigi Dream team , And just an endless slew of amazing software lined up for the system.

    Not to mention the absolutely amazing games it has out now.

    I love the 3D myself (when its used right) so yeh , I think Nintendo knocked it out of the park with its character-full 3DS , even though it has some minor issues. But they’re completely overshadowed by how great it is.

    It’s definitely the best Handheld system ever made and it has about 4-5 more years to make that even more certain.

    1. ^ This.

      Plus, if it can strengthen it’s VC library, it will have NES, SNES and 64games.
      honestly, I think it could run GameCube ports. If Nintendo put’s N64 games on it, amazing.. If they put a game cube on it… It wins.

      1. I dont think they will put n64 cause of the lack if buttons. But if they remake them then Yes . Also why capcom havent give us a old resident evil 2 and 3 on 3ds is beyond me.

  9. The Sun Times Namea “Wii U one of the Best Consoles of 2015 with Amazing Titles such as Super Smash Bros Battle Royale ( my dream name for the game) Mario Kart U, Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD and thinks 2016 will be the best next year for Wii U yet!

    Tell me in 2 years ill be wrong “Get N Or Get Out. :)

  10. Wow, the Sun has taken a U turn on this… as usual i guess
    in 2011 they were reporting all kinds of slanderous stuff on it, saying their reporters were suffering headaches and high blood pressure after playing with the system for 30 minutes.
    Like most UK newspapers.. they just go with that they hear at the time.

  11. Yes I fell absolute in love with the DS but since I have a 3DS i love it so much more. The best thing at the 3DS are its games. Absolute agree from me :)

    1. Only overpriced rip-offs with all of fifteen minutes of gameplay that Apple are intentionally taking their time taking down.

    2. That’s a fun game my friend. There be some dungeon crawling and Farming needed, but it’s a great game for the money.
      I’m stuck, actually.

  12. I wouldn’t say its my favorite. But its definately ONE of my favorites! It’s a solidpiece of hardware with some escellent games and some great features! And some great apps like Colors! 3D! But it can’t be my favorite until it can play halo.

  13. I agree with this! 3DS is the best console I’ve ever owned. Too bad Nintendo can’t make quality TV consoles anymore :(

    As for Nintendo Consoles:
    3DS>N64>>>>Wii>>>>Wii U (Wii U will beat Wii over time, but right now it IS a disaster.)

  14. But I thought Nintendo was doomed, since the only thing they make to make money off of is the Wii U and its not doing too well? Oh wait, some people just don’t understand multiple streams of revenue.


  16. The Sun? That’s like Carpet Warehouse reviewing cars. It’s obvious from the previous bad review some years ago that they are just going with the flow and popular opinion, without a single original thought in their heads.

    As for best console ever? No that would be a bad statement to make, it’s still very new. I play it a ton every day and enjoy a great deal of it’s game library but it’s got a long way to go to beat the sheer awesome game library coupled with the nostalgia goggles of the gba or the ds. In time it will get there, but it’s a pretty broad statement to make now.

  17. wether u like it or not, PC is the greatest console ever because it has the most top rated and fun games

      1. yeah thats what i thought too when i wrote the comment, so it is a bit ironic. I had in mind that consoles are game dedicated computers. So what is it that makes a console… a console? The games? Exclusive features? Its audience? I think that above all its the purpose of he machine. meaning that a gaming pc is in that sense a console, and my busness pc is not(well, most of the time :p)

  18. That’s hardly slamming the wii u. I also am the only person I know who owns one. Everytime someone comes round to my house they say “what’s that wii thing by your tv?” and I have to explain its a brand new console. Nintendo’s advertising of the thing has been pitiful in the uk.

  19. If it wasn’t for the 3DS, I wouldn’t have anything but a memory from Nintendo. The console does have a LOT of room left for improvement, however:

    1. Wifi N & dual band wifi support
    2. support for multiple (not just three) wireless connnection profiles
    3. improved screen resolution (both screens)
    4. increase in variety of accessories specific for the 3DS-XL
    5. applications for youtube, hulu+, garmin, etc
    6. and of course MORE rated M games that are not only engrossing but enduring and entertaining

    1. well, it all comes to your expectations. i am fine w/ my 3ds because its actually better than i expected. as far as resolution is concerned, its already abig leap from ds and satysfying compared to screen size.

  20. The only reason that I don’t play my Wii U as often as I should do is that I am unable to afford any new games. I only have NintendoLand and New Super Mario Bros. U. I did have Call of Duty but sold it as the campaign was boring. There are plenty of games I still want, including eShop titles.

  21. Only when Smash Bros. and a port of The Windwaker is released on it will I consider it as the best console…Maybe some Left 4 Dead too.

  22. The 3DS is an amazing console, but I wouldn’t call it the best. Just counting handhelds, my favorite is the GBA, then the DS, then the 3DS. It’s still a great console though.

    As for the Wii U…I can’t blame him. Everyone that I know has also opted to pass on buying the Wii U (For now. Some plan to get it on Christmas once more games are available) Currently I only own Nintendo Land for the Wii U, and after beating all of the games several months ago…I haven’t played my Wii U at all. I think we definitely need some new Wii U games to shake things up. Til then…I’ve got my 3DS to play!

    1. so you want more games to not play? wtf did i just read. you dont have a single game bought and youre ecpecting more games?

      1. Right now, I’m waiting for the selection to increase. The only games I currently care about for the Wii U are Mario Bros U and Avengers. I will be getting loads of Wii U games in the future, but most of my favorite type of games aren’t on the console yet.

        Like take the original Wii for example. I had a field day going to various gamestops and buying loads of Wii games (For a buy 2 get 1 free deal) I ended up getting 21 games (7 of them free) because the Wii has a great selection at this point.

        Aside from the big games, I like cash ins as well. I make it my policy to buy games that get negative reviews to see if they are truly bad. (Likewise with really positively reviewed games) Some of the Wii games I got for around 5 dollars. So, for the Wii U I’m just looking forward to the next batch of games a lot, but I will buy a lot of them in the future

        1. Hellstrike(from my wii u)

          i see your point, and i think its fine. did about the same with my wii. but the truth, and what i want to point out, is that if your only going to get nintendo land for start then most probably its a better option not to get a wii U from the very beginning and wait until the games you expect come out(what most ppl wait for, explaining low sales), because at that time you can get wii u cheaper or in a good bundle. that was my plan, but, oh well, im a nintendo fanboy so im stuck with nintendo land and mario for now. but they are still great games and i have a lot of fun, just not as much as with my 3ds, lets say… but yeah its gonna get better and be worth every penny when our favourite exclusives come out!

          1. You are right that it would have made more sense for me to have waited on buying the Wii U, but I just couldn’t help myself. I’ve bought every Nintendo console (Starting at Super Nintendo) around launch date. It’s just so fun to open it for the first time and experience your first Nintendo memories. Plus, like you said if we all passed on the Wii U at first, the sales would hurt. Now I can say that I did my part to help the Wii U. I think that the 3DS will end up being better for me personally, but I still am happy with my Wii U

    1. what? the 3ds IS THE BEST. and one of the reasons is nintendo is giving it alot of attention. the kind of attention they also should be giving Wii U.

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  24. Though I gree with his initial statement thatthe 3DS is te greatest console ever. I have to say, I believe his reasoning is all wrong. The 3DS eshop(while it is awesome and great!) is not the success of the console. It is all te anazing games that have come out for the 3DS. It has awesome exclusives and great first party games. 💋

  25. He couldn’t connect the 3DS to the Wii U…history repeats itself. Wii U may be in a bit of a drought but its far from in trouble. I have put 100 hours into Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Monster Hunter will last me till Wonderful 101 and Pikmin 3 come out.

    1. Hellstrike(from my wii u)

      i know right haters gonna hate wii u gonna succeed NINTENDO 4 EVAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I’m going to quote my post last time someone called the 3ds the best console ever…
    Right Now: “The Wii U is a failure it has no gamez nintendoomed”
    2 Years from Now: “OMG OMG This is the best system ever!”

  27. More proof that The Sun is simply garbage.

    Why? Because this is the same ‘news’ outlet that printed lies and slander against the 3DS when it launched.

    British media is pathetic.

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