Famitsu Teases A “Long-Awaited” Announcement In Next Issue


Long standing Japanese gaming publication Famitsu is teasing a huge announcement in the next edition of the magazine. Details regarding the announcement are scarce, but the publication promises to reveal “That news the world has long-awaited announced at last!” What would you like to see revealed?


    1. SHENMUE 3, great minds think alike trainer black. Exclusive to the Wii U, being developed by nintendo’s retro studios and SEGA, with nintendo publishing it.

      1. that will be epic it be like the announcement for bayoneta 2 all over again. i was thinking images if nintendo help capcom to make a megaman game for wii u this gen as a exclusive. if nintendo do these two games they will be swiming in money.

        1. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate has sold and is selling beautifully. Mega man produced by Capcom and published by nintendo would be wonderful. Imagine if it’s OKAMI 2 with Wii-mote, Wii U gamepad, 3DS controller options. Imagine the greatness and money both Capcom and nintendo would make. Money enough to start work on monster hunter 4 ultimate Wii U edition.

          1. i would love okami on the 3ds idk why capcom won’t do that it make perfect sense

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  2. since xbox1 announcement it’s seems the wii u bashing drop dramatically. all over ign & gamespot seem people sticking with wii u/ps4 this gen.

    1. Some healthy completion never hurts. If Microsoft drops from the console market, Nintendo is going to need step up their graphic power(about next ps graphics) and a more mainstream controller

      1. FYI I love the game pad it’s just that I feel next gen it will be vital for Nintendo to stop being different

        1. Being different is what sets our Empire apart from the rest and why we have thrived for over 100 years…

          And we will exist for another 100 years if we continue along that path…

          If we were to copy everybody else, there would be no point in having a business at all because we would fall faster…

          1. Not the exact same, similar control design (ps4 design)with unique features that nintendo is good at

            1. Well there is always room for improvements so I can agree with you there…

          2. Nintendo commander adds his words of wisdom. Nintendo now have to advertise like how Christmas is supposed to be, everyday celebration. Microsoft just handed over the American frontier to our empire on a platter. Sonyans are still overflooded with tears after making money for once in year after yesterday stock jump. While blinded by seeing green, we who have had it for years can humbly now make STARFOX.

              1. Your region nintendo commander is receiving first release on coming games. With yesterday VHS release high command is no longer playing around.

                1. True but my main region is heavily infested by Xbots soldiers everywhere…

                  And many of these are hardcore lojal ones…

                  They are that stupid indeed…

    2. Hardly surprising.

      All the rumours turned out to be true.

      Internet required.
      Mandatory kinect.
      No used games.

      Each one, a huge reason not to get it. All 3 together? Absolutely no chance of a purchase from me.

      Sony said the PS4 doesn’t require online, but they’ve yet to confirm whether the playstation eye is required or if used games are blocked. Sony now have the chance to completely wipe the floor with MS. We’ll see what they do.

      Wii U/PS4 looks likely for me, unless Sony follow Microsofts mistakes.

      1. i doubt sony will follow since the backlash the community have towards it. sony right now is in the best position to win this gen with nintendo at close second if not first if nintendo wake up & put the game face on.

    3. Yeah, I noticed that.
      Which is why I’m refraining from bashing them or making fun of them at this point.
      I know how it feels to be insulted for something I like and support; I’m not going to play the low-brow neanderthal by doing the same thing those types did to me.
      I’m letting the details of the One speak for itself; X-Box fans are undoubtedly disappointed enough without me adding fuel to the fire.

      1. yea i can understand it like microsoft spit in there face for being loyal to the company. if microsoft is smart they try to fix this before its to late there not much exclusive like on sony/nintendo on the xbox to justified the purchase & once they move on to something else it maybe for good.

  3. mistwalkers new game…… or me poius posing on the front because they cant get enough of the great one of the darkness!!!!! stop…stop im blushing. the crowd is going crazy ‘screams’ its just such an honer to be here on famitsu magazine.

      1. awaited announcement = brand new announcement. mistwalker in japan = retro in america. thats seems like a pretty good fit and even if there making shitty phone games, there next game is teased to be a last story kind of thing.

  4. a new zelda with mario appearance which we control sonic moving with pikachu on luigi’s hat while riding an r wing with kirby as the boss. O-O

    1. Uh what? Just when I thought caffeine could not jolt a brain anymore. Great thing is you dare to dream :).

  5. There’s no guarantee that this will be a title for a Nintendo console is there? The only thing I’ve been waiting for is Pokémon snap 2 for Wii U!

    1. omigod please god please! im sorry i just NEED Pokémon Snap U! i dream about it- i kid, but still i really want it to happen

  6. Lol Famitsu? They’ve teased many things that didn’t even get reported because they weren’t worth reporting. There won’t be anything exciting in this next issue.

  7. Its obviously about the Wonderful 101 or Bayonetta 2. Kamiya told me they would be in game magazines next week.

  8. I’m pretty sure they’ll announce Final Fantasy Versus XIII as a Xbox One and PS4 launch title (or even as a PS4 exclusive).
    I’d love to see it available on the Wii U, but that probably won’t happen.

  9. Is clearly kingdom hearts 3 or final fantasy versus 13 coming exclusive to xbox VCR… hahahaha not even that will help them in japan.

  10. Oh, seems I wasn’t the only that though ‘Kingdom Hearts III’, but if I remembered, the creator who is suppose to be working on that hasn’t completed his Final Fantasy project as yet. It could still happen though.

    1. Oh Christ, if they did that, I would love Square again. And I’d forgive them for teasing us for TWO WEEKS leading up to a simple iOS port.

  11. They are going to announce the exclusive Nintendo “gives your money back” program. WiiU basic dissapears and Ambassador program for WiiU Deluxe early adopters.

  12. Either a Final Fantasy 7 remake or….. Actually thats the only thing I can think of :S

  13. I think that it’ll either be Final Fantasy VII remake, Majora’s Mask 3D, or quite possibly MOTHER 4.

    1. That would imply Square has respect for their fans. I think we can expect an iOS port of that really obscure FF12 sequel.

  14. The day Professor Layton V Ace Attorney worldwide localisation announced?

    Lotsa folks really would love that, for sure!


  15. I’m hoping for either Chrono Trigger 2, The World Ends With You 2, Okami 2, Final Fantasy V+VI+VII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, The Last Story 2, or Kingdom Hearts III.

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