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Here’s A Brief Clip Showing Watch_Dogs Gameplay On Wii U

Above you can watch a brief clip showing actual gameplay footage from the Wii U version of Ubisoft’s open world video game Watch_Dogs. The clip was taken from Nintendo’s E3 Nintendo Direct broadcast, and it gives us a glimpse of how the Wii U version of of the game will look during gameplay. Watch_Dogs will be released in November on multiple consoles, including Wii U, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

94 thoughts on “Here’s A Brief Clip Showing Watch_Dogs Gameplay On Wii U”

          1. What are you talking about Xbone Fangirl? Are you feeling less of a man knowing your favourite console is nothing but a pile of shit that the Wii U and PS4 are beating the shit out of? Lol, you just made kid

            1. There are healthier means to expressing yourselves. If you are bored, and the trolls/troll bate are obviously young and bored, take your acts of aggression/angst/boredom somewhere else.

              And naw, bro, I’m not mad.

              1. I never asked you if you were mad , I’m no troll nor am I angry I’m just giving the trolls the response they deserve.

    1. That’s likely due to the video encoding. Even if it’s not, your aren’t gonna be able to do much with that touch pad lol. It’s meant to be used like a laptop track pad, quick swipes, maybe for changing weapons or something, you’ll still have to go through the rotation.

        1. Capture cards are sometimes unpredictable

          It could come out grainy or with artifacts

          P.s. Owning the Wii u as well the other 2 consoles of this gen. The game pad on the wii u isn’t FHD or HD it’s close to 720p though.

    2. funny how this IS the PS4 version you’re looking at :)

      just hilarious that people actually don’t really notice the difference..

            1. you obviously care or you wouldn’t keep emphasizing that this is running on 3 cores even tho it’s not.. it’s not even running on wii U

              1. Oh I’m sorry. The title said it was Wii u’s version yet you say it’s ps4. At the end of the day, I don’t give a damn. Graphics for this sucks for 8 core. Have a seat.

                1. The only reason the graphics are not the best on the ps4 and Xbox one is the apu is the bottleneck The CPU is slow the glue is decently quick

                  Expect the wii u version to suffer from this as it has 4 times less ram

      1. Actually you can see Wii U buttons being shown in the video so really this is the Wii U version. It doesn’t look too bad but it could have been better seeing how the Wii U does have a lot of power hidden away for just such a game.

    1. PS4 version looks more brighter, the textures look slightly more clearer and the polygon count is better.

      Wii U version reminds me of GTA 4 graphics but still looks awesome. I’m getting it for both Wii U and PS4 anyway so my brother can play it on the Wii U and I can play my version on my PS4.

  1. Wish List? Idk, it just feels like time for a Wish List:
    TOP 10 (From what we know about)
    1. X
    2. Smash 4 (Wii U)
    3. Mario Kart 8
    4. W101
    5. Batman Arkham Origins
    6. Super Mario 3D World
    7. Deus Ex DC
    8. Loz: The Wind Waker HD
    9. Watch Dogs
    X. Custom Robo X Mega Man ;D …no?

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    1. and before you start wondering: yes this is an xbox button layout
      the PS4 devkits are just PCs with PS4 specs.. they can use whatever controller they prefer/is supported

  3. You can’t even tell the fucking differance. 3 Cores display visuals what 8 cores do!!!! That is so FUCKING NEXT GENERATION!

  4. PS4’s version, Xbone Version, Wii U version hell it could even be 360 version. How the hell am I’m supposed to know. But I know this, the Wii U’s cores are strong enough to be compared to PS4 ánd Xbones. 3 Cores!!!

      1. How would I know that? If you can’t say, “PS4`s graphics knocks Wiiu’s graphics out the park” that’s how I fucking know!!!

        1. true i cannot say that.. because i have never seen the graphics of the wii U version of watch dogs.. and neither have you
          this is not the wii U version

          1. But you seen Wii U’s games on Nintendo Direct!! Don’t play dumb with me. You know damn well PS4’s graphics are not earth shattering for an 8 core console! Same for Xbone too!!!

            1. it’s always difficult to compare graphics of 2 different platforms when on one platform you’re seeing mostly comic style graphics and on the other you see graphics trying to look more realistic
              best way to compare is a multiplat title.. like watch dogs

              i’m not going to judge anything yet but it does stand to reason that the PS4 is quite a bit more advanced from a technical standpoint .. so to expect wii Us graphics to be on par with PS4 is a disappointment waiting to happen

              1. Are you really trying to be proud of ps4’s version of watch dogs? For 8 cores that looks pathetic! You think that’s really realistic? A jaguar 8 core inside and that’s the result. 8 cores are supposed to be EARTH SHATTER RING according to the wiiu haters- prove it? All I’m doing is holding you idiots to your words. so far nothing I seen is mouth opening!! 8 cores suck!

                1. Very funny good comment m8,i heard 2 of wiiu cpu cores are almost equal to 4 ps4 cores,and the core with edram cache is like 3 and a bit of ps4’s cores so in the end wiiuls tri core cpu is only a little less powerful than ps4’s…

              2. Does ps4 have an A buton ?? at the 7 sec mark….plus for all u fanboys ps4 uses 4 cores for gaming,wiiu has edram cache on the cores very powerful so different architecture X developer is happy with cpu so work it out,this wiiu version looks identical to ps4.

  5. Wii U’s 3 cores shut up kehool!!! Unless he wants to say the sentence i posted and sound like a dumbass!!!

  6. Besides Kehool, I know you seen Desu Ex and Bayonetta 2 or even Splinter Cell for Wii U! So why would I give a rats ass if this Watch Dogs Video is on either PS4 or Wii U. All I know is for 3 Cores, Wii U put out some amazing graphics!!! Too bad I can’t same the same for the 8 core consoles. I would have expected more from the powerful consoles.

    1. Your right but your forgetting IBM’s new edram cache memory on the cpu cores triples the power easy ?? it’s said to have 3MB shared on them 3 cores ??? basically with edram you need a small system RAM to get huge performance….

  7. Wii u only has 5 cores less and a casual person can’t tell the differance. That’s sad!!! Sad for the PS4 that is.

    1. Trust me, you will see the difference…… you can tell the difference between Xbox360/PS3 and PC, and now, you will see the difference between Wii U and PS4/XboxOne/PC

      1. You don’t get deSSy2724!!! Why the fuck isn’t the 8 core consoles smoking Wii U’s graphics!!! That’s what the haters said it was going to do! But it’s not happening is it? After all you still did not say the sentence I told you to say… did you?

  8. Yeah, but did you see that game made by Monolith Soft? That was an impressive looking game. Sadly, it never had its own article here. Shame…

  9. Doesn’t look too bad. Definitely one of the games I will be getting for Wii U this year. I will be buying Splinter Cell Blacklist, Game & Wario, Assassin’s Creed IV, Rayman Legends, Super Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Batman Arkham Origins, Deus Ex Human Revolution, The Wondeful 101, and Watch_Dogs. You know, now that I think about it, the Wii U isn’t too starved for games it’s just really jipped of other games that other platforms are getting.

  10. For the idiots who say this is the Ps4 version, watch the video in HD and you can clearly Xbox/Nintendo buttons. After 15 minutes of careful analysis regarding the use of the X,Y,A buttons in Nintendo and Xbox games before this one and comparing them to their individual use in this game I got the following results. In Watchdogs the X button is used for the disruption and hacking of the devices. This is an action button and the main action button for both consoles is the X button. Now the Y button was used to enter the car, so it must be the main interaction button in regards to items/personal. Sadly Y is a main interaction for both consoles because when games ported from Xbox come to Wii U they tend to keep the same button layout. Based on The previous software reel at E3 2012, I conclude this is the Xbox version becase last year they advertised their 3rd party sizzle reel using Xbox 360 footage.

    1. Actually I change my final statement. Seeing as so many people say this version matches the Ps4 version it could mean they upgraded the Wii u version visuals to that of the next-gen version. Xbox 360 can’t pull of next-gen graphics, so, because the Wii U is stronger, since it looks so close the the Ps4 version then it must be Wii U. Also, the Ps4 and Xbox don’t just use 8 cores; they use 8 sucky cores, and the only reason their CPUs are better than the Wii Us is because of the sheer number of them.

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  12. About the above comment, it’s true that the 8 core AMD CPU is weaker than a stronger 4 core CPU (or rather around the same)

    Look at newer AMD 6-8 core CPU’s compared to i7 CPU’s, they are roughly the same performance. So more cores aren’t always better.. they are cheaper though.

    Until we see a game that is optimized properly and 2 versions, Wii U and PS4.. then we can judge how good Wii U is compared to next gen.

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