David Wise Developing Soundtrack To Donkey Kong Country Returns Wii U


Veteran Rare composer David Wise will be composing the glorious soundtrack to the newly announced Donkey Kong Country Returns: Tropical Freeze which is coming to Wii U this November. Wise developed the soundtrack to a number of acclaimed Rare games including the original Donkey Kong Country games on the Super Nintendo. Donkey Kong Country Returns: Tropical Freeze is being developed by the revered Retro Studios.



      1. I second that motion. ^_^ I was disappointed to hear Retro’s secret three year project is another DKCR game and not Metroid, Star Fox or whatever new IP I’m hearing about. But after reading this about the legendary David Wise doing the music, I’m giving this game a different opinion. :)


    1. Dude, have you ever played the original DKC trilogy and heard David Wise’s musical work? His soundtrack is legendary and made the game incredibly memorable and atmospheric. You show the man some respect. I too was letdown to hear that this is Retro’s big project but knowing David Wise, a great star employee of Rare, is composing for this game, DKCR2 is now in even better hands and judgement. :)


      1. oh come on dkcR was way different than the original 3 heck they didn’t even use the same (nostalgic) enemies. besides this one has Viking penguins and Dixie kong! whats not to love? plus it’s made by retro and retro has not made a bad game yet


  1. Wise is a downright genius and a musical rolemodel for ‘most everybody. I hope he creates some new classic DK Jamz for this one… as much as I loved DKCR, there was a bit too much recycled old stuff and the newer stuff, while serviceable, was not on par with Wise’s masterpieces.


  2. Whining? Again?
    Guys, common sense. How many years since the last game from Retro? You really think DK is the game we are waiting for? No!!!!
    There are 2 teams at Retro. Just wait a little more. Nintendo will drop the bomb this year, in future’s Nintendo Direct’s.


  3. This honestly made that news good to me…David Wise composed some great tunes. Diddy Kong Racing’s soundtrack was so upbeat and catchy it always put me in a good mood to play. I might have to get this game now.


  4. No unified accounts……I played DKC on Wii, beat it. I am now playing the same game on my 3DS, about to beat it. The last thing in the world anyone wanted was another DK game. In no way is that going to help to turn this failure of a console around. This Mario game looks dated and doesn’t appear to have any online coop. The only games that look good are almost a year away. My god. I hear Retro just WANTED to make Donkey Wrong instead of Metroid. Fail! Fail! Fail! But at least I can pay for Megaman again on the Wii UVC. The knife in the gut was SSB. Looks like crap and they are adding Wiifit girl SMHSMHSMH………..Fucking Shit!!!!!!


  5. Now that the initial shock of not getting what I wanted from Retro is gone I’m starting to look forward to this. I’m a sucker for good video ge music :)


  6. I’m excited about this game! DK needed some love!

    The Wii game is very challenging (anyone noticed how they added lots of help on dying on the 3DS?)


      1. the original mode is the only real way to experience dkc. hope they dont make it easy for the stupid kids now days like in every other game now!!!!! its ok it took me 10 years to finally be able to beat banjo tooie and completely too. so deal with hard games.


  7. really this shit is awesome. this is good news.

    this is so atmospheric. your in the water, drowning….. but there is light swim towards the light, (breath of fresh air) splash!!!!!!


  8. if this was a 3d dk title like 64 I would have been all for it. its too similar and too soon to be released right now. wii u needs something that you cant get anywhere else. nit an expansion on dkcr or Mario 3d land. at least wind waker and Mario kart still seem to be amazing still


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