Square Enix Reveals Kingdom Hearts III For Next-Gen Consoles

Last night, during Sony’s E3 conference, Kingdom Hearts creator Tetsuya Nomura confirmed that Kingdom Hearts III is in development. Square Enix has revealed a teaser trailer for the upcoming game, which can be watched above. So far, the game has only been confirmed for release on next-generation consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but let’s hope Square Enix announces a Wii U version.


      1. People have just been waiting for FF15 and KH3 for so long and with almost no footage or info to go off on, and to see them both was amazing


  1. Oh come on! the XBOX One? Seriously? What the shit Square Enix? It should have been the PS4 and the Wii U, and not that other crapfest. Seriously, the XBOX One is a fregin’ cable box. And not to mention the series has only been on Sony and Nintendo consoles. It’s bad enough they already sniped us with it being on next gen consoles. I would have just settled with PS3.


  2. Cant see why people are getting overly butthurt as to why its on xbox one.
    FF13/FF13-2 was on the xbox, FF15 and kh3 are bound to be.


  3. Im so angry that im just dont care i will not buy it for anything even if i have the consoles that the game is goin to be released.


  4. PLEASE COME TO WII U SO THAT MY BROTHER WOULD WANT TO GET A WII U AND I CAN GET A WII U!!!! (my brother kinda a like a CEO in terms of what console we get)


  5. get me right
    i dont care is not on WiiU, but it fucking pisses me off that a crap like X-Done, which is not made for jRPG to get it, it is just an offense to our true gaming community


  6. I was a little surprised that it was coming to Xbox One and not Wii U. Nintendo has a history with Kingdom Hearts, Xbox has none at all.

    I expected PS4/Wii U not PS4/Xbox One.

    Welp, at least it has finally been announced. I’m happy for that. :)

    I just hope Square Enix doesn’t string us along like they did with Final Fantasy Versus XIII and release it the gen after next. D;


  7. It’s occurred to you guys of course that the Wii U may not be powerful enough to even play Kingdom Hearts 3. And no, we will NOT stand for dumbed-down ports.


  8. seriously non of the next-gen systems PS4, XBone, Wii U have really put the current gen systems out to pasteur visually. I believe Nintendo made a good judgement regarding their specs.


  9. My Nintendo News shouldn’t even report this unless there’s concrete information that it will come to Nintendo consoles, instead of posting a “hope” for it.


  10. Xbox One? I don’t mind it being on PS4, Sony is where it all began anyway, but this series has no place on Microsoft consoles.


    1. Why? The point of a software company is to release it to as many audience as possible. SE would be doing their shareholders a disservice if they went Sony only on this one.


  11. I had no idea it was announced for the Xbox One, to be honest I think it should really be exclusive to the PS4, they’re gonna lose a lot of money since a KH game has never went to the xbox in the past, and people hate the xbox one now, hell even the xbox fans hate it.
    By the way, thanks for the nintendo news!


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