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Wii U Developer Direct – Mario Kart 8

In the above Wii U Developer Direct, Mario Kart series producer Hideki Konno talks about Mario Kart 8. Mario Kart 8 defies gravity; players will be able to drive their karts on walls and ceilings. It has been revealed that the game will feature both traditional and motion controls. Mario Kart 8 will be released in spring, exclusively for Wii U.

32 thoughts on “Wii U Developer Direct – Mario Kart 8”

    1. Why do you need a level editor???? Lmao…….get your miney mouse Kingdom fag shit game and go fuck yourself

    2. this game is way too graphically advanced for a simple level editor. u want a level editor go play little big planet cart racing, cause those games compare nothing to that detail.

    1. Doesn’t the Wii U gamepad have the same buttons as the pro controller?

      It’ll be common sense not to leave out a mode where you can use the gamepad’s buttons instead of its motion control.

  1. How can 3 core hardware handle graphics like this? According to Nuetron, Wii U is weak. Yet, I have seen some games from Wii U, looking THIS close to Xbone and PS4’s press conferences.

    1. i have never seen nothing in my life that graphically impressive… nothing from frostbite3, unreal engine 4, cryengine, fox engine… nothing that truly beautiful or colorful. the smoothness, oh my god… this will sell 30million consoles in 1 month alone… Nintendo is going to kill it this christmas, and early adaptors are going to be like i fucking told u so. if onlt Super Mario 3D World had 4 player online…

  2. I guess the Pro controller works too, even though they didn’t mention it?! It even works for Super Mario 3D World and NSMBU, so “it’s only logical”.

    1. Yeah it should be able to work, Mario Kart Wii had 4 controller options so I can see 8 having the same. Minus the Gamecube one of course.

  3. If they wanted twisty tracks, I would of gone for an F-Zero game. But I’ll still get it, can’t beat local mp.

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